Neptune In Pisces: Mass Delusions & Mass Clarity

pisces“Astrologically, I think it’s Neptune Pisces. 13 years of mass delusions.”
– Mermaid on The Collective Is Increasingly Sociopathic

This comment seems accurate, to an extent. I read another astrologer who believes Neptune in Pisces is the primary cause of all our ills at this time – period. I’ve associated it with Widespread Addiction and continuing, Collective Delusion which I feel exploded, with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, circa 2009.  But this only tells the half the story. In short, what about the other fish?

There’s a duality to Pisces and while we do suffer/enjoy mass delusions at this time, the veil is also very thin, or so many imagine this to be the case.

Now whether it’s thin, for real or thin, for fake, many are able to see through things that had previously had them fooled for their entire lifetime.  I suspect the veil-dropping is deliberate and orchestrated, but there’s no telling where the line might be.

I think this the nature of Neptune.  Now you see it now you don’t, but then you see it again. After that, you can’t un-see it, as they say. But you actually can un-see it, when you forgot you saw it or when the people around you can’t see it.

A person may opt to ignore what they see, for any number of reasons.  It’s like gaining weight. You can focus on it, but you can also not focus on it, or just tell yourself, you will address the situation, tomorrow.  Bam! Your fatness leaves your consciousness, or seems to.

Neptune-y things are fleeting. Like, bliss for example.  You can experience it and be overcome by it but you can’t remain in that state, on this plane. Neptune is in it’s home sign.  I feel this is positive but I read other astrologers who ignore the placement.

In my reality, the collective is being shown many things that were (better) concealed, ten years ago, or even fifty years ago.  They were still there; they were there 100 years ago and more, but the veil was thick!

My point is that we are suffering mass delusions but we’re also suffering mass clarity. Further, different things are revealed to different people. Further, individuals, believe and then don’t believe, various things that are revealed.  And example of this is all the illness and the cause. People swear they know the cause.  They next day, they’re not sure. This is textbook, Neptune in Pisces. Clarity is fleeting and it looks just like delusion, when you’re tricked!

A lot of astrologers thought we’d be toast on Easter and/or the Aries eclipse.  Were they deluded? Or were they tricked by the fabricated information, we swim in on a daily basis?

It becomes exhausting. Some turn to avoidance to avoid being drained.  It’s a Saturn in Pisces defense which seems appropriate.

Are you aware of the duality of these times? Or do you feel you have a grip? Or are you just swirling?


23 thoughts on “Neptune In Pisces: Mass Delusions & Mass Clarity”

  1. WOW!!! Thanks for expanding on this, brilliant article Elsa!! 🙂🙂

    I think you are right about mass clarity, which has become quite apparent with the very recent Mars conjunct Neptune aspect, it felt like a cutting through the disillusionment and fog, seeing things for what they truly are, for many people I noticed.

    Neptune will reach the 29th degree this week and will be suspended in animation there for 4 whole months, as it stations retrograde at 29°56′ – a hairs breadth away from Aries. I will be intrigued to see what unfolds.

    1. Normally with the 29 degree you can feel the energies of the planet interacting with the following sign, so we will be able to pick up a sense of Neptune in Aries, which is quite exciting 🙂

      1. It could be that Mars conjunct Neptune gave us a heads up on what Neptune Aries could potentially feel like.

        We had Neptune in domicile in Pisces, with Mars in the domain of Neptune.

        The next conjunction will have Mars in domicile in Aries, with Neptune in the domain of Mars. Flipping the script as it were!

        It does feel very much like Mars/Neptune heralded the start (Mars) of the end (Neptune). It enters 29° this Friday.

        With Neptune at the LAST degree of the LAST sign of the Zodiac, we could see a major dissolving, falling away, ending a phase, the final surrender, or simply a feeling of exhaustion.

        Also, all the things that disappeared during Neptune’s long stay in Pisces, could be the Big Reveal, reappearances made, rendered visible again, finally exposed. The fog clearing to reveal a brilliant blue sky clarity!

        1. Its like the Alpha and the Omega swapping chairs. Neptune is transpersonal and Mars is personal. It could be about transpersonal changes linked to a specific person. For instance, Gorbachov was a native Piscis. He dismantled and destroyed the Soviet Union which is no more. It could be a coincidence… Now, in Spain, the piscian globalist president Pedro Sanchez is under heavy preasure for publicly and internationally having supported the Palestinians. Misteriously, some secret informations have been sent from France to the General Atorney and the press concerning the corrupt activities of the President’s wife. Obviously a cover for the president laundry money itself. It could be the end of an age in Spain. But it could be a coincidence.

  2. Im super curious whats gonna happen when neptune gets to 29gedrees. Project blue beam? A fake messiah? I cant help but feel like we are herded towards something.

  3. also once you start noticing its hard to stop. but am i noticing only because they allow me to notice? i truly dont know.

    1. It could be. Consider the information that you can observe locally both from people, things and nature as an element of your judgement. And intuition too, of course. Does a place smell badly, feels stressing or hectic? Dont be there, and so on.

  4. I am in the avoidance camp. Avoiding any arguments, either in person or on the internet.

    It’s interesting about Neptune in Pisces and mass delusion. That’s part of the reason I don’t argue. If the other person is sold out completely to a delusion, there’s really no point arguing logic or facts, right?

    Now I have to go contemplate where I myself am lost in delusion…

  5. After 13 years of intermittent Fog in my 2nd house, Neptune will conjunct my 1° Aries Mercury and square my 12th house 0° Cap Mars when it leaves Pisces. I can’t even imagine what that means!

  6. I was shocked to hear a Spanish female astrologer speaking about Neptune. She seemed to be truly frightened and visibly moved. Contrary to the common belief of Neptune as a benevolent planet, she claimed it was the worst, most evil of them all because as she put it, you can never know what it will do. For her, there is no defense against the influence of Neptune, which action can be fatal and final. Neptune should be disolving a whole age in its Piscis exaltation. Piscis is the 12 sign of the astrological cycle. The End, as Jim Morrison put it. But the end of what. It could be the end of the western hegemony over the world. And Saturn freshly out of its long and painful exaltation in both Capricorn and Aquarious is not in a position to stop it. Pluto has destroyed the state power, which is now an empty shell in the hands of shadowy financial mafias. Davos if you like, but not only. What is Pluto going to destroy in Aquarious? As usual, something which is no longer vital, worthy or valid.

  7. I feel like I have a grip, but I have mars neptune. Smoking lots of joints to keep my grip LOL.
    All kidding (?) aside, I have entered witness/observer mode the last couple years. I have heard a lot of people as of late saying “stay curious” and I finally get what that means. It’s allowing my self to not know, and being okay with that. It’s not necessarily “have an open mind” cuz there’s a lot of fools and forces that wanna put stuff in our minds.
    I don’t know where I’m going with this… but neptune as a clarity bringer is not something I hear about in astrology often. I remember asking my alcoholic friend 20 years ago.. why he drank so much and he said “clarity”. He wrote beautiful poems that cut to the core of the human condition when he was in that utterly intoxicated state.

  8. If you think about it, the mind or mental functioning is inherently a delusional system because in order to create a sense of balance, it tends to ignore the existence of many chaotic emotional and instinctual forces. For me, rationality, in its extreme but also in many mundane situations is actually delusional. If Neptune unwinds a non- emotional rational emphasis in a collective population and encorages reconnection to the body, heart experience (through the mind as a channel) then that is positive progress, but to do this Saturn/form is also needed. We must have got pretty rigid and cut off from ourselves to require such a strong Neptune phase!

    1. Thank you Sophiab, I agree. Worshipping intelligence as defined by IQ leads to the most horrible Ideologies.

  9. Avatar
    Shimmering Light

    Agree with the mass delusion under Neptune in Pisces. Personally I have dubbed this time the age of victimhood and entitlement. As for mass clarity I can’t see it myself.

    1. To be clear, you don’t and you won’t see it, unless and until the veil drops. Prior to that, it seems there is nothing there to see.

  10. I guess I’m a rare Neptune girl! I have loved the Neptune in Pisces. I do understand all the shadow and delusional sides, though. However, after decades and decades of working out my Neptunian soul (I am a Pisces with some big-time Neptune in my natal chart, and lots of water) I now joyfully live the beautiful creativity of this transit. That is after years of learning the hard way. Of course, I keep this life very private to outsiders and have lots and lots of boundaries, after years of no boundaries. It’s possible. Very possible. Plus the trick is surround yourself with lots of earth signs, stable people, astrologically supportive souls. However, I am quite aware of the collective and the trauma this is causing. It’s heartbreaking because Neptune can be so beautiful in its best place. I have learned to live my life successfully, slipping in and out of situations that other souls would have trouble dealing with. It’s possible.

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    Kelly Thompson

    Just a week ago the veil lifted for me on the diabolical nature of social media. I may have known this in a way but suddenly the veil dropped. I see it as a tool for control of our minds which has increasingly progressed to an evil degree as powers that be spew propaganda in their quest to control the narrative. Freedom is my highest value so this is deeply disturbing to me. I was raised in a cult and my life has been spent freeing myself from all the conditioning of the cult as well as society. I am self reflecting on how I engage with social media going forward. I am habituated to it as it has been a powerful tool of personal growth, community, and expansion for me to date. Now it’s feeling empty and malicious.
    My eyes have been opened regarding the occupation of GAZA and our country’s role in it also. I don’t give two sh*ts about the identity politics of it ; killing and oppressing people is unacceptable no matter the justification. Apartheid is wrong. My eyes have been opened not to choose a side or position but on behalf of all humanity, period.

  12. Avatar

    I think i have a grip. But that is irrelevant when i am surrounded by people who do not have a grip.

    It feels, to me, like we have been mis directed. We are all focused on the wrong things, frivilous things, instead of focusing on what is essential to survival, health, well-being.

    The story we have been told is not the story we will be living in very short order. Lots of warnings have been given about what we will be faced with but no one is willing to give up their place in the musical chairs of haves and have nots. Sadly we all become have nots by living the story we have been told.

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