Pluto Transit the 12th House – Mine – Lupus Bruising

Lupus bruisingPluto went into my 12th house in 2007. I’ve been tracking this transit since.

I took this on because when I searched this transit back then, everything I could find was horrible and frightening. I knew that couldn’t be right.

The “internet” said I was going to be a leper of sorts. And that I was going to suffer all kinds of isolation.

The 12th house is associated with prisons and hospitals. Pluto is associated with death and things and people who are repulsive.
Pluto being in Saturn-ruled Capricorn certainly wouldn’t be seen to as an alleviating factor. It really does make you think of being shut away with some disfiguring disease, so the public doesn’t have to suffer your presence.

Here’s my first post on this topic.

Astrology That Scares The Hell Out Of People: Pluto Transit the 12th House

If you like this kind of stuff, you can click the tag and immerse yourself. In whatever case, it’s time for an update.

Many of you know that I have Lupus. Yesterday, I was outside for about 90 minutes. That’s my arm in the picture. I scratched it.

I didn’t scratch it much, because as soon as I did, I started to bleed.  But it did itch, so I rubbed it and you see the result.

People with Lupus bruise easily. And I mean, easily. That’s my other arm on the left. I know the patches don’t look like bruises, but that’s what they are.

The picture on the right was taken this morning, twelve hours later. You can see the bruises changing color.

Lupus brusingWhat you can’t see is the bruises on my legs, but there are many of them.

There are at least 30 bruises on my legs. There may be as many as 50.

Now did I bump into anything? I didn’t.  Let’s say a mosquito lands on me. If I swat it, I will get a bruise.

I don’t think about this and odd as this may sound, it was last night that I realized what was happening.  It’s not that I don’t see the bruises. I do see the bruises! Other people see the bruises, ‘What happened to your legs?”

Occasionally, I’ll have a giant bruise. I recall having one the left side of my back, right above my hip. “Look at this thing!” I told my husband.

“How did you do that?”

“No clue,” I said.  Because guess what? Nothing and no one hit me.

As it turns out, I might grab the waist of my shorts to pull them up or down. If I scrape my skin, there will be a bruise.

So how does this fit with the transit? What would you think if you saw a woman covered in bruises? That someone must be throwing her around, maybe. Grabbing and restraining her? Hitting her with something. It never occurred to me, my legs look like I’ve been beaten with a cane.

I have to say something at this point.  This is for people who have been tracking this from the beginning.

I really have wound up quite isolated and suffering and pitiful if you knew my actual circumstances.  It turns out these dire interpretations have at least some merit.

Luckily, I can transcend pain and many other torments.  I’m actually having a very good day.   And I’m nearing the end of the transit. And Jupiter will join Pluto (and Saturn) in Capricorn, soon. This can only help.

So now I wonder if I should explain the bruises to people when I see them staring. I guess the answer to that is, yes.

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  1. My boyfriend has AC at 24 degrees Capricorn. He’s been dealing with this transit for 10 years. I know him for a year, and from what I can tell his life was very busy and hectic all that time. He’s not been isolated in a true sense of a word, simply because he was working 12 hour days, surrounded with people. But essentially he was alone, with no kindred spirit or family anywhere near. We met when Pluto was just one degree from his AC and his isolation ended. He joked the other day that his life began when he met me.

    1. I am so encouraged by your post Elsa and your comment Ema. I also have a 24-25 cap ascendant and same story as your BF. I think and hope maybe it’ll loosen up within the year.

  2. Dear Elsa
    I also have Saturn and Pluto in 12th with Asc 5 degrees Aquarius.
    My rosacea is getting worse during last two days. I am isolation is deepening and it us partly voluntary due to large disappointments. I am working alone in large place typical 12th house placement, concentrating on serving the ill and hard work.
    I blocked a lot of contacts.lonely witch burning on her face.
    I send you hugs and love.

  3. Appreciate your 12th House update. Been around to remember the discoveries, and the suffering that you let us in on. Pluto began 12th House transit for me in 2008. The isolation and the suffering has been intense, but like you say, I can endure so much and now that Pluto has crossed my ASC, and is newly in my 1st House … I’ve got my first paying job in more than twenty years … doing what I love in a totally unexpected way…at a pace where I can slowly earn enough to pay the rent. The suffering and the humbling has taught me like nothing else could have.
    My illness has not been cured, but the healing is a daily thing. A gift to build life on. And, if Jupiter’s ingress adds some good I’ve be a happier camper yet.

  4. I’m 24 degrees capi ascendant…31 years old. I can say my life feels like I’m on a space ship going somewhere far, and my sleep cell malfunctioned and I’m awake alone for the ride. It’s been hell. Just to name a few things:
    – June 2016: relocated from USA to Uk
    – November 2016, Saturn return started: I lost my job and still looking. It’s like I’m invisible.
    – Oct 2016 Reconnected with a friend who I madly fall in love with, who turns out to be a nightmare. Still living with him due to life trap.
    – August 2017: I ran out of money and got separated from my mum, who I was taking care of. It was a choice between family or relationship and stupidly I chose relationship due to “feelings” for my new BF, so I moved in with him. Also to stay in the uk so I could find work. My mum left uk to be with my grandmother & grandfather.
    – September 2017: grandpa leaves my grandmother after 35 years of life together. Up and leaves.
    – may 2018: grandma breaks her leg and my mum takes care of her.

    Today is may 9, 2019. I’m in a lie of a relationship, the man my lesson in life I suppose. My family is apart, no money and I don’t know even know what to hope for anymore. I feel like I died. I’m completely isolated, home all day, emailing leads with no replies.

    I was close to suicide twice, but my family caught me in time. I’ve moved passed that feeling, yet still it’s a horrible place to be. I just ask every day, wtf happened in these last 30 months? This is not my life.

    So for the past

    1. (((Anonymous )))…your life sounds very rough. Please be kind to yourself and I send prayers you can extricate yourself from your current relationship and find a job. I am sorry all has been so tumultuous. Life has many twists and turns and we just can’t see them at the time. As someone here once pointed out to me when I felt sad or guilty about my actions, life is change and we are apart of the change. Have courage and hope you can make it through this storm.

  5. How do you handle the people though? It’s one thing to suffer and then to add to it people always have questions.

    It’s annoying I’ll bet.

    How does one, say in the case of a disability handle public questioning by strangers on the street without having to relive the memory?

    1. I did not realize this was related to illness. I’ve only been asked in the summer, when my legs are visible. I spend a lot of time gardening and working outside during the summer months. I thought I was just getting banged around, Capricorn-style. Ignoring knocks and such.

      I am not a vain person. I said I must have banged into something and set it aside.

      I once asked a rheumatologist if he would tell a person with a “wolf rash” on their face, that they had lupus, or that they should be checked. Answer – no. Point being, a medical person would recognize these bruises for what they are… and probably assume I know, myself.

      I don’t know why I never asked my doctor. Capricorn, I guess. Too much going on. If I was to run into something, I would reverse, correct my course and keep going, so…

  6. This is very eye opening for me. I am 6th house Capricorn w/natal moon at 22°. The accident that disabled me was May 24, 2017 pluto was at 19°, just 1 degree into my 6th house. For anyone who wants to look birth time 11:03 pm, Nov 16, 1966 Kansas City, Mo.
    So my question is, is it possible I will get “better”, have freedom from my bed when pluto leaves my 6th house?
    Signed Hopeful

    1. I believe I have location of Pluto wrong on May 24 2017 as I didn’t consult ephemeris. Pluto is close to 19° Capricorn that day

    1. Thanks! But it’s actually not that bad in that the bruises do not hurt. I’m always surprised when I see them because I can’t feel them and nothing hits me.

  7. ((Elsa)) I get it on some level I don’t understand very well.
    My natal Pluto is in the 12th ….. 6 or 7 degrees from the Ascendant. I was born into this energy, and have struggled with it most of my life. I don’t know anything else, really.
    I have psoriatic arthritis, most people don’t bother to ask, sometimes young children stare. Recently though I went to a doctor for medical marijuana…..for anxiety etc( a whole other story) anyway this Functional Medicine doctor, touched my arm and said “ what is that?” It was already on the paperwork I had filled out.

    Someone was with me so I was able to contain my reaction. I was shocked this doctor appeared to be so ignorant and somewhat insensitive. The person who was with me was appalled.

    Take care Elsa, I hope this transit is over for you, sooner than later?

    1. I’m sorry that happened at the doc. They seem so specialized these days; their knowledge is narrow and we can only hope it’s deep!

      1. Agree Elsa. They just throw pills at you!

        Yes hope this transit is over soon for you. It can’t be emotionally comfortable to see these bruises on yourself all the time!

  8. Avatar
    Karen Moriarty

    Absolutely! Just say “Don’t think my husband is terrible! These are from a condition I aquired a few years ago”.

  9. Capricorn rules skin and bones, no surprise the body is purging [pluto] through the skin. I too have Capricorn ruling the 12th with sun-moon-mercury. I began having autoimmune symptoms in 07’. I focused on diet and follow medical mediums advice for healing, it’s helping the flare ups. My Mars is in Aquarius con my AC, the flare up last year was awful, I had what looked like perioral dermatitis. I became a recluse for 8 months. My body is under great pressure as these outer guys are squaring my natal Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter. I’m hoping for relief even though I do appreciate the deep DNA purge.


    I just saw this one on the underside of my upper arm. You know. In a place that takes no hits!

    That bruise right there is small, but also typical. I have no earthly idea how it got there. It makes me feel like I am sleepwalking which of course, I am not.

    I do think sun exposure might have brought this on. I am going to be far more careful over theses next weeks and see if I can rein this in.

    Also, I did have my blood checked, very recently. I was able to pull up the test and my platelets are at a normal level. I am also not anemic… which sometimes I am. White blood cells are low which is usual for me. I take Plaquenil.

  11. Pluto transited my 12th during Jr high and highschool. I had terrible skin. I cried myself to sleep every night. Didn’t improve until I took Accutane for 6 months. No scarring luckily.

  12. I thought, when you have large/visible injuries like tons of bruises, you’re supposed to smile and say “You should see the OTHER guy/gal!” 😉

    I often bruise super-easily too and I didn’t know it was a Cap/Saturn/Pluto thing. One summer I had been bikeriding a lot and had bruises all over my legs — not from falling, just from the bike frame or pedals bumping my shins. I had a doctor’s appointment and my doctor actually asked me if I was in a loving caring relationship. Very embarrassing!! (So I said “Yes, I am — just not with myself.” She didn’t think it was funny, but I did.) 😀

  13. Hi, SK. I think mental decline is pretty common at your Dad’s age. Pluto is in Capricorn. You may be facing the dark realities of aging. I’m sorry. 🙁

    For something specific to the mind, I would look at Mercury.

    Good luck.

  14. trying to make sure we give the little girl as normal a childhood as possible, you don’t want to stop and explain the cancer to strangers. but that at least is something people usually recognize and understand.

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