Pluto In Virgo Generation & Divorce

Virgo SpiritI’m working with an observant Scorpio who is headed into her first Saturn return.  She’s noticed a lot of people from my generation get back together with people they dated when they were young. I’ve done this myself and know many others in the same circumstance. I have a theory as to why this is happening.

Pluto left Virgo for Libra in 1971. It stayed in the sign until 1984.  This was the period when my generation was coming up.  It’s also the period when people started getting divorced in droves.  Love (Venus/Libra) discarded like trash. Betrayal. Pluto in Libra pretty much killed marriage.

Consequently, people like my husband met each other but failed to merge. Had we met twenty years earlier, we’d  have married for sure, because this is what people did in that era.

If I’m right, this phenomena will wrap up.  People coming up now see the devastation. They don’t want to repeat whatever it is their parents did. Smart!  It’s common now, a young couple has four (or more) sets of parents.  Good luck having your wedding with all these parents at war to whatever degree. It’s stressful to say the least. More often it flat-out tragic.

But younger generations will also be misled. They’ll make mistakes too.  But I think the divorce rate has probably peaked. Time – Divorce Rate At 40 year low.

Have you noticed anything that’s particular to the Pluto in Virgo generation?

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  1. Divorce has declined, and so have marriage rates…Millennials are poor, and many are saddled with student loans…That’s another reason why the divorce rate is down, people are too poor to indulge in such extravagance. Pluto in Capricorn is revealing the harsh truth that real incomes for working people are lower than they were 50 years ago…

      1. Perhaps the “extravagance” means that weddings have become very expensive and there’s a lot of pressure to do things a certain way. So, couples are delaying marriage until they have the money for a wedding. In the midst of that delay, there’s more time to break it off or reconsider.

      2. No, divorce is extravagance: it implies arranging a new life, a new home. For all this substanstial finances are required (we have established that the young generations, even if highly qualified, don’t make big money). If they have small children, then it really becomes an ‘extravagance’.
        So, perhaps as a consequence, they decide to work on their marriage instead.

      3. Avatar
        Hildegarde's Girl

        Divorce is extravagant. Averaging 15 grand. Plus the hassle of dividing the spoils. Extravagent timewise. Usually taking 5 years of your life.
        Gemini7 is bang on.

  2. Virgo Plutos are analytical, practical, can become obsessive. They are interested in new approaches in holistic medicine, spiritual healing, nutrition.

  3. I have Virgo in my 8th house. It just hit me that to truly understand the depth of this house and the sign/house implications would be to read about Pluto in Virgo.

    Funny world.
    I have the perfect lost love who werent’t that perfect anyway. But for some reason my heart refuses to see eye to eye with my brain on this one LOL.

  4. Can this really be accurate? I find that people are hardly getting married these days so it would appear that’s why divorce is down? But who knows. Millennials just don’t see a need for it I think. I know lots of millennials and they don’t want to get married and end up like their divorced Baby Boomer parents. My parents are boomers and have been married for 40 years and it’s their only masticate but most boomers I know have been divorced. Some more than once.

    I’m a generation in between so it’s interesting to observe both these generations.

    1. It might be the millennials stopped marrying which lowered the divorce rater but the follow on generation is wanting to marry and stay that way. I’m reading this and also watching it among my son and is friends (roughly 20 years old).

      Point being, first it slows and then it stops.

      1. Makes sense. I hope so. I, myself, am for marriage. I married in my mid 20’s and I’m almost 40 now and hope to stay married. But in all fairness nobody goes into marriage thinking they’ll get divorced.

        PS- I meant marriage not masticate above. LOL

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        Hildegarde's Girl

        OMG Me too Elsa! My son is a lifer too. Thank God for this generation! Is there an astrological reason you think?

        1. He’s a Taurus with Saturn conjunct his Sun. Libra Moon and rising… so Venus-ruled, anyway you turn it.

          But Sun Saturn in Taurus would want a solid relationship. It’s an investment!! 🙂

  5. anonymoushermit

    Is it because we’ve also become more narcissistic-like? Our society? It’s hard to marry, or even be in a relationship in a society that teaches narcissistic-like behavior.

  6. My daughter, a pluto in Libra held on for dear life to her marriage of 20 years even amid multiple affairs on his part .Her sun is in the 7th house. Even through all that she so wants to be married again.

    My son, a pluto in scorpio has no desire for marriage or children for that matter. Sun in 9th house.

  7. That’s interesting,have the Pluto Virgo (& cSaturn return 2 now), an’t think of anyone myself however iso happy for you two, Also thanks for article,

  8. I wish I had married the man I was supposed to at 21. I got scared because my own parents divorce was heated up and I was barely coping. He’s happily married to a different woman going on 25 years so I keep my corpse head down. I tried to keep my marriage together, but ex wanted a younger, less tied down version a marriage. Of course, I have Venus/Neptune, so I am sure my illusion of love is twisted. I do think you are right, my kids don’t want to deal with divorce at all, they seen too many complications.

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