Pluto Transit the 12th House (Mine) – Under the Scorpio Moon – Dispatch From The Deep

scorpio_dollThe other day I met these two gals for lunch at noon. The restaurant is close. I told my son I’d be home around one. I left the restaurant at 2:45.  We got to talking?

I got to talking mostly. I told them some stories and some secrets. I do this with anyone I feel is trustworthy, genuinely interested and able to understand what I’m saying.

I came home that day and talked to another friend, at length. I talked to a fourth gal, before I went to lunch. All these conversations were satisfying.

But some days later, I found myself in a very different place. It had nothing to do with these interactions. It’s the Pluto transit, aspecting my natal Mercury.

People were talking to me – just shooting the breeze, as the old-timers would say. I found myself sinking.

I’ve mentioned before on this tag (Pluto transit 12th), I feel like a swamp thing, or a submarine at this time. I can’t stay on the surface, indefinitely. So I start to sink and the people I’m talking to don’t notice. Next thing you know, I can’t hold the connection.

I can visualize them, talking to me from up there on the surface, unaware I’m drifting downward into the weeds. After awhile, I just can’t hold on. I feel bad about this, but I think I’ve come up with a solution.

I meet the lunch-women, once a month. Twice a month would be too much. I feel they appreciate me.  I inject energy into their relationship by giving them something new to think about and talk about.  Neither of them are confused or put off by me and my unusual interests, so it’s nice for me as well.

I definitely want to socialize and commune with people, but I realize I need to surface less frequently. I have so  much going on that no one can see. I’m weighty, and I can’t keep up with people speeding along the surface.

Visualize it. You have a jet ski dragging a submarine.  No you don’t!

It reminds me of when I was a kid. I went to school and that was it. It was all I could do, in more ways than one! I had a Pluto transit then too.

I want to make sure that clients understand I am not talking about them. I enjoy my work. If you’ve worked with me lately, I’m sure you’re aware of this.  I am definitely ON. It feels good to come up, make the contact and go back down.

When I do come up, you’re guaranteed substance. I think it will be enough.

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  1. I can almost imagine this. I have a Pisces moon in the 12th so while I can seem light and very sociable (lots of Gemini and Mercury emphasis) I take an awful lot in and have to limit the amount of time I spend socializing or even just talking with anyone. I can usually remember entire conversations because (I think) I process them so much and mix everyone’s stuff in with mine….this almost makes it sound like I’m no fun at all.

  2. I have a Moon in Pisces too conjunct the Midheaven and Chiron and my South Node. Not easy by any stretch. I’m exactly the same way about people. I can write and relate bc I have a Gemini Asc with Cancer Sun and Merc in the first house. But in person the Gemini Asc can only be phony for so long. And the Moon, just makes me want to hide.

    But I also have Venus in Taurus in the 12th house, once it moved into the 1st house, I had a serious relationship materialize and I got away with whatever I wanted. But when Venus moved into the second house, it was all gone.

    When Pluto makes that move into the first house from the 12th, I’ve seen this, you’ll transform into a whole nother person. Deeper, more powerful and you’ll have a major impact on people, perhaps even, on the world. That’s my two cents. Lol.

  3. I guess the fun part of it for me is when I start channeling and riffing on the silly things I find in the field of 12th housy clairvoyance ; ) ….something like that. Thank goodness for every bit of silly Gemini in me!

  4. I feel like I’m in the weeds at the near the bottom of the ocean floor. I am sorry if people don’t like it…or if I don’t like it, it’s where I am.

    If you check this tag from the beginning, there’s been an obvious descent. I think I have further to go…I am sure I have further to go.
    But I also think I can stay connected to people, I just have to honor this transit…and I don’t think there is any say in the matter too.

    I really feel like I am slowing sinking at the motor-craft speeds along the surface, and of course the line snaps!

    Much better to come up on my own volition, lol,. So I have this calendar and I know where I have to be and what I’m to focus on. This works really well.

    I am not at all depressed. I look forward to the “events” on my calendar, and chances to interact. I enjoy it immensely. I just can’t stay up all the time – the weightiness and complexity of this transit is just too profound.

    @Gio I agree with you. I will be an old troll at the end of this transit and I’m ready for that.

    It’s a really strange place to be. That movie, Defiance. I thought it was going to be like that (for me) and it is.

    With a shift like this, you have to adapt…obviously – adapt or die, is how I see it.

    1. What richness you bring when you do surface. I don’t know much about you, Elsa, so forgive me for my boldness. I had a long period of agoraphobia (brought on suddenly by a trauma) so coming to the surface and maintaining minimal contact with the rest of the world was something I had to do with lot of discipline (counting, measuring, structured settings, calendars etc.) and gradually increasing the commitments I made with others. Communicating like that was so foreign to me. Counting, outlining and having your calendar around which to arrange your surfacing sounds like you’re working well with your Saturn but I can hear how difficult it is.

      1. No, it’s not difficult, unless I try to keep up with people who are light and flitting at this time. Be bop. Be bop.

        I think this akin to “choosing your battle”. A couple weeks ago, I went to a meeting and people were bitching, repetitively, about minutiae. I left there thinking, never again!

        I do mean that to denigrate the people doing that. I just realized this was no time for me to try to deal with it. It was not entertaining?
        I think at another time, it would have been entertaining and in the future, I’ll probably feel that way again, but right now, I want to get down to business…or just study…try to figure things out / find my way through the corridors or however you might describe it.

        One problem I had, is people can’t see me. It’s the story of my life. how else can I walk in a bar and get a job as a bartender at 15?

        My hologram is profound.

  5. Thanks Elsa.

    Growing up with a Grand Trine Kite Formation though was an amazing and wonderful thing. But now with all these squares and the Grand Cross – am ill prepared for dealing with it. Strange, that I was born with that chart and these transits are, literally, beating me up. Again, I just get spiritual b/c I didn’t know how to deal with difficulty in my youth. Meaning up to my mid-40’s. Now everything is too too. I’ve become more of a recluse than anything else. But thanks to the kite – am a recluse sitting by the pool facing the ocean sipping Pina Colada’s if I wanted to. But this is NOT where I want to be. It just is. Guess my Mars/Pluto conjunction in Virgo on either side of my IC is the reason for not enjoying my circumstance. I just can’t wait until this is over. Sigh.

    Again, thank you.

  6. Understand this Elsa, have Scorpio moon and have experienced similar goings on. I am beginning to realise that what’s going on up there is resonating with me (and many others) down here in quite a deep, strange way.

    Best wishes, Kate

  7. Wow, this is my life all the time. Really enjoy interaction when I’m “up there” but down in the depths the rest of the time. It’s not depressing, there is a LOT happening down here! Sun/Merc/Neptune in Scorpio.

  8. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I can relate — Pluto is also transiting my 12th and approaching AC, just finished Saturn Return in 9th and over MC, Jupiter approaching DC and SN, Uranus hammered Aries Mercury and is slowly approaching Aries Sun in 3rd, Neptune in 2nd approaching opposition to Virgo Moon in 8th. Mired in confusion, burning daylight, impatient but inert. Any and all guidance welcome!

  9. @ arachne,

    Check out and go to Free Horoscopes, enter your birth info first though. An amazing astrologer in NYC recommended this site that works out of Switzerland. It is in English though. You’ll find a lot of answers there, in a superficial way, but still valuable. Otherwise, I’d definitely do a reading with Elsa though. It’s a great price and, as you can see, she’s really good at applying your situation to the current astral sky. Am sure Satori is too.
    Hope this helps you and everyone who might be blogging for more answers.

    1. Thanks Gio. 🙂 It’s kind of you to take the time to type all that out. I know my chart but can’t pin this to one thing. But it’s not a problem feeling this way. I’ve had a lot of practice! Thanks again.

  10. I had a big pluto transit when i was a child also. Same thing. I felt like ‘cousin wednesday’ from the Munsters. I couldn’t interact well with the other children. Life was sureal. I was lucky that alot of the elderly relatives asked to spend time with me. They liked my company. We would have a cup of tea, and talk about death and all the very serious deep things in life. As they were approaching this time in their life, they said they found me very comforting to be around.

    There isn’t anything you can do. Enjoy the the limited times you come up for a breath. Make it count. Connect solidly. As they will be missing you. Then submerge, as you have to. I’m glad to hear your going away and spending time with your family. That is important.

    I would say you have always been ‘deep’. Just that a time went by that you ‘coasted’ on auto pilot in between when you relieved yourself of the heavy considerations. Probably when you did the most damage. Sub conscious auto pilot is where most people operate from all their lives. I think you’ll find that not the case for yourself. You might have done a 10 year sprint where you coasted and just reacted, acted joyful, silly, thoughtless, and just plain too busy for the contemplation you usually travel in. Both ways are important, because we cannot find the middle way without the experience.

    It doesn’t matter when your done being a submarine. This is who you are, now. You will be done, when you are done. Not sooner nor later. There will be people who have no clue what you are going through, and others who knowingly glance your way, and say a few words of comfort, or stop to connect on a profoundly deep level for a little while.

    After my transition, transformation, i wouldn’t have it any other way. The only crux is that there are so many others who are just plain..silly and stupid. I love them. I understand they know no better. But geeze (rolls eyes). I just leave them to their shenanigans. No hope of communicating anything of value to them, they don’t have the capacity to comprehend. There are many people who do. So i just connect with them. I stay fairly elusive from the average unskilled people.

    Have a lovely holiday Elsa.

  11. Oh.. one thing of interest. Have any of you noticed the ‘time warp’ associated with the pluto transformation?
    Time travels differently? Submarines merged and creeping through the murky water at a real slow, timeless kind of warp, while everyone else is zipping about with fundamentally shallowness.

    The universe tends to support this time warp slow down too. Things, events, jobs, relations..all disapear or alter to make space for the time difference needeed to travel as a submarine.

    Just a thought of curiousness.

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed the time warp for quite awhile now. Time is just really a concept ? But it’s what all our technology runs on.

  12. ST will go through this, starting this year when Pluto hits 13 degrees. What makes me nervous is that Pluto’s going through my first house now. Can a relationship survive with one person underground, while the other is not?

  13. Another wonderful post, Elsa. Pluto left my 12th house in January and is getting ready to conjunct my moon in the first house in a couple of weeks. I have no idea what this could bring up or mean. Need to tie up some loose ends now and batten down the hatch. I’m still invisible and forgettable and that’s not a bad thing!

  14. Wow. Elsa’s description of how she feels with Pluto hangin’ around in her 12th was something of a relief to me. I have natal-Pluto in 12th, conjunct natal-Sun. n-Moon is in Pisces in the 8th, enlarging my comfort zone for deep sea frolics.
    I especially liked this from Elsa’s posts: “… right now, I want to get down to business…or just study…try to figure things out / find my way through the corridors or however you might describe it. One problem I had, is people can’t see me. It’s the story of my life.”
    Nailed it, Elsa. I feel that way pretty much all the time, not just right now. 🙂

  15. OMG….I am getting goosebumps reading all of this. It reminds me! Pluto through the 12th…. maybe any outer planet through the 12th just sucks! But hey I lived through it ; ) All the astrologers ask me how was your Pluto transit to your Moon and Sun? I would have to say nothing I can put my finger on. I was young. Whatever happened it wasn’t terrible. The square however gave me problems to each of these luminaries.
    I have the opposite problem in description of being seen. I have Jupiter quincunx Sun and Venus close to the Ascendant. I can’t hide. Whenever I walk in a room, It’s obvious …. I am there! I’m 6 feet tall and I smile & laugh a lot. I’ve had people approach me and say I noticed you from across the room and you seem so pleasant. I am not talking about the guy that wants to score. I’m talking about the little gray haired ladies. Or women my age. Or just about anyone. No fire in my chart except for my North node. When I was younger, I was mortified. Just wanted to get smaller and hide. Now, I’ve learned to except what you can’t change. I’m usually the the one smiling, laughing, being loud and slapping my knee. People call me inviting. But seriously, I just want to fit into the crowd. They haven’t made a size large enough for me to do that yet. People call me cartoony, larger than life and over the top, I’m just being me…
    However, with Saturn sitting on my Ascendant/Venus I feel like I can’t smile and people seem like they don’t really care if I am there or not. It has happened to my closest relationships as well. My kids haven’t even noticed me much. I mean it is so profound to me. It’s such a different feeling. I want to feel normal again, my normal…. it’s too weird. Elsa is correct…. we have to go through it. There is nothing else to do. Rather than fight against it. Work it so that it has a time and place in your life.

  16. Six or eight months ago, I used to write about what I thinking about and reading about. Sin-eating and funeral customs and stuff.

    Then people told me I was morose.

    Far from it!

    What they really mean is that I am not the way they want me to be.

    I even had a gal write a rave review on my book…and then take it away when I did not agree with her that I was not morose.

    Crap. It’s like there are sanctioned things you can think about and if you think outside those lines, even the least little bit, you’re in big trouble.

    That’s what I like about those two women. They are a mixed race couple – they know all about taboo. But their studious.

    If I say, X is happening in Y industry, one of them told me that it happened in her industry (nursing) which she left, ten years ago.
    They’re ahead, see?

    So we can meet at the veggie restaurant and while I make beef jerky, I grew up with, Henry, so it’s easy.

    It’s nice not to be punished, I’ll tell you that. On that level, this is a great relief.

    I’ve sunk down low enough, you can try to harpoon me, but my guess is you’ll be nowhere near. I just don’t think it’s dangerous for me right now.

    It’s dangerous for my husband though, and my son.

    Tonight I realized I could be made to live for 40 or even 50 years, without my husband.

    Are there words for that?

    Probably not.

    1. I loved all those posts Elsa. Totally up my alley. I was going to do a big response on a funeral custom I find profound but I censored myself. It’s the taboo thing I guess. Yes a lot of it is beyond words.
      It’s bewildering to me that others don’t find that depth fascinating. But there you go.

  17. Hi Elsa, it sounds like you’re in a mystic experience. It seems a bit spooky however.
    I hope it is not dangerous for you and you will not be drifting too far from the solid world.
    Maybe your going under the surface is self-protection, maybe you have been too intense and exploring too much, too much in contact and it is draining you.
    So protect your health, take that break and let your spirits go on vacation. They work a lot too.

    1. I am squarely in the solid world! I have to get my kid, here and there on a daily basis, do the taxes, and manage without my husband – have him come in once a month with 3 weeks dirty clothes…be organized enough to clean everything, enjoy ourselves, maintain my marriage and send him back out!

      I keep up with the content here, my house is relatively clean, I’ve missed two astro appointments in 25 years, and I go to the dentist, get mammograms and eye exams!

      I could go on and on and on and on…I garden, I can food, I dehydrate food, I work on the site…

      I just don’t think I am that far drifted from shore, lol!

      1. I’m sorry if you got the impression that I meant you were all spirit and no body!
        As it is, it seems you are doing so much it could be using you up but I’m glad you have a strong grip on all your whereabouts.
        That is reassuring, but still… LOTS OF IT! And you go diving!

  18. I consider it part of taking care of myself. And pluto is not in my 12th. Although I am on slight reprieve until transiting pluto backs into opp with natal moon. It’s actually kind of amusing once you get used to it. And the good thing is, I definitely don’t feel the pressure to entertain people anymore.

    I first ran into this when I was visiting a friend in a faraway city. Someone who knew him approached and we had like a half hour discussion. When the person left us I made a comment about something we were speaking about and he told me ‘I couldn’t hear a word he was saying.’ 😀 It struck me odd at that time but no more.

    Gonna rent the Yellow Submarine movie real soon. 😀

  19. Transiting Pluto conjunct north node now. My body has revolted and I have been laid up since Jan 10 with back problems. My full time job has been to find out what’s the cause and how to fix it. Took five weeks to get someone to give me an answer. For two weeks I stared at the ceiling and boy did I have some revelations. I completely agree with not wanting to be around the people who bitch and complain. This has given me a whole new sense of life and who can still be in it with me. My partner has been magnificent while two of the people I thought were so important simply said they did not have time to help me. WOW. I know never want to ever be thoughtless.

  20. Wow, you guys are blowing my mind. I already had Pluto transit through my 12th and Pluto over my Ascendant (at the same time that Saturn was transiting over my Midheaven) and now Pluto is transiting through the 1st house and I still haven’t figured out what the hell I’m doing or what I want or why I can’t relate to anyone or anything. I guess I’ll just keep reading your posts about Pluto transits and try to find some meaning for myself. Over the last few years, all I could see was how inauthentic my life had become. I dropped all my friends because I couldn’t relate to any of them. I stayed in a job that I hated for way too many years, faking an interest in it just to have a paycheck. The bosses knew I hated the job and they let me go (called it a “layoff” so I could save face). I was 62 and didn’t even bother looking for a new job. Then my building was sold and I had landlord problems to deal with. Then I was bought out of my lease by the new landlords and started looking for an apartment. But I didn’t’ know what I was doing (I had only lived in one place for my entire adult life), so I went to live with my brother for awhile and had another big “shock” when I had to come to terms with what he was really like (unlike the fantasy of what I thought he was like). I moved to my own place but I still feel unsettled. I don’t like where I moved, don’t like the apartment, no job, people bore me, I have no interests. I don’t know WHAT the hell is wrong with me. I was always the girl who was into so many things, that my friends and coworkers couldn’t wait to find out what I was up to, what new thing I was into. Now I’m 63, on social security and trying to figure out how to start a new life. Unfortunately, health problems caught up with me, so that’s my main focus for now. Elsa and all you other guys — thanks for posting about this crazy Pluto stuff. Even though I haven’t found my answers, I don’t feel like such an outcast.

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