The Upside Of Harsh Aspects

cancer girl moonReally, I’m bored.  It gets this way sometimes, when the planets are sort of drifting along. It’s not that I don’t enjoy peace or a calm period. I do enjoy those things but this is not that kind of time.

There are a lot of people remarking about how they fell they’re in limbo or a state of suspended animation. One guy put it this way: “This apocalypse is taking forever!”  I concur! I noticed long ago, people hate waiting for the shoe to drop. I’m a person, so me too!

You may know, I love Lunar Returns.  They are good for short-attention-span people, which I can be at times.  You only have to deal with the chart for a month!  If it’s good – run with it. If it’s not; blink and it’s time to turn the page.

Sick of the status quo, I pulled out my upcoming Lunar Return, because I know it will bring a change in my situation or the scenery or something.  I saw a beautiful and very lovely T-square dominating the chart.

I don’t usually consider T-squares to be attractive, but in this case, hey! I don’t usually consider four-dollar-a-gallon gas attractive but if I saw some today, I’d be glad!

Sometimes you need a catalyst.  I know this so when I saw the harsh aspects, I was literally, thrilled because I know I will be moved at that time.

Can you relate? Do you also watch your Lunar Returns for clues as to what’s ahead?


4 thoughts on “The Upside Of Harsh Aspects”

  1. Our gas 7&/gal. Yikes, hungry for solid traction
    Must be from outside influences usually ok
    Being a jellyfish, think because of summer,
    Starting to feel like an outsider looking in
    Praying for close real connection
    Hint of it , ??, trying to not
    Obsess my brain has that sliding trap door
    Think time to wear the heels , just to hold me still

    1. @Raerae
      “Starting to feel like an outsider looking in
      Praying for close real connection”
      I can relate Raerae! I’m in a totally different place and know no one here. Today is the 4th of July and it’s just my partner and I-getting on with what needs to be done, but feeling like Strangers in a Strange Land.
      Waving and trying to connect😊👋

  2. @Elsa How might Saturn in Aquarius maybe effecting all this feeling of Apocalypse? Or is it a minor factor here? I ask because there is so much turmoil with humanity going on. What are the lessons we need to be learning?

    1. I think it has to do with Pluto in Capricorn, actually. Deep doom.

      Saturn in Aquarius sq Uranus in Taurus in 2022, I expect to be a financial deal.

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