Pluto Transit The 12th House – Your Life (And The Collective)

deep currentsPluto entered my 12th house in 2007.  There wasn’t much info available. I decided to fill this void. This is long, deep transit. I’ve made a point to write about it, a few times a year, at least.  (tag Pluto transit 12th)

I’m about half way through this transit. I’m clear in 2020, but I’m not sure how the rest of this is going to work. It’s possible that I’m at maximum depth, now.

If this is the case, it would mean that Pluto enters a house and you’re taken deeper, until you cross the midpoint of that house, at which point the energy would begin to, ever so slowly, show up in the next house.

Seeing as this is the 12th house, I think it’s possible that I go even deeper, and stay at a very low level for four or five more years, not bothering to surface until Pluto is nearer my ascendant. I couldn’t tell you today, which scenario is real.  But it’s something I am thinking about.

At this point, I no longer have any superficial relationships.  This was not by design or by desire. It’s just what happens when a person is operating in very deep water.

I don’t mean this in a snobby way.  I’d much rather be frivolous. I’d rather frolic, tell jokes and gamble (Jupiter), but it’s just not happening. I may as well be locked in a room, charged with cleaning it up…and don’t come out until you’re finished!

Not that I feel like I’m being punished. I don’t feel that way at all, but I’m definitely being moved by deep currents, that can’t be seen on the surface.

Here’s the funny part. You’re being moved by these currents as well!

How could this not be the case? How could you not be affected by these outer planets squared off the way they are? Of course you’re affected.

The difference is that enmeshed with the currents, and unable to maintain the veneer of a normal life.

My family has decided to move early next year. I’ve been in Colorado for two decades. I intend to leave everything behind.

You can see how this would separate me from people. I can’t meet anyone in my new city, when I’m not there yet. Meantime, I’m not likely to embark on a new friendship here.  If I have a depthless relationship with you, I’ve already let go. If we are truly connected, we’re both sad, because it’s like a death.

When you drive down my block, you can’t see that I am preparing to move and in this process, I am giving everything to my next door neighbor.  It’s easiest for me, and she can sell the stuff and keep the money. It’s something she likes to do.  But I’ve lived next to this woman for twenty years. There is going to be a void.

What I wanted to say here is that I am undergoing a deep transformation…and so are you. Even if you can’t see it. Even if you’re denying it.

Hopefully the new version of you (and of me) will be a lot wiser then the old. Believing as I do, that the universe conspires in our best interest, I suspect this will be the case.

Do you have Pluto transiting your 12th house?  How far along and how’s it going?

34 thoughts on “Pluto Transit The 12th House – Your Life (And The Collective)”

  1. I’ve had Pluto through the 12th & I agree with everything you’ve said up there. Since he’s been in my 1st, he’s squared my Moon, so I haven’t had much air at all for the longest time!

    I’m not saying this to be sinister or gloomy, but I am changed for life. You shed a skin or two, during this. Layers of me are gone, I can’t see that I’ll ever get back to who I used to be. Some of that’s good & some bad- it’s just how it is.

    1. Completely agreed on that. As an Aquarius, Pluto has been in my solar 12th since ’08 and EVERYTHING has changed for me. Mostly, not the better. Money, living space and , mostly importantly employment, has all but evaporated.
      I’m hoping that I can pick up some of the pieces of my former life and get back to being an adult again.

      The worst, I thought, was when my progressed Moon was in the 12th for 2.5 years. REALLY bad. But that’s for another article.

      Thanks Elsa.

  2. Pluto won’t transit my 12th in my lifetime. More like 2185, which is blowing my mind. But reviewing my life events in the 90’s and 2000’s, Pluto has affected each house it moved through, whether I had a planet(s) in it or not. Pluto is so, so deeply powerful.

  3. Pluto entered my 12th House as 2008 began. The Moon is in that house natally, so the digging is multiple (wide as well as deep). The world as I knew it began 2008 is being transformed as I discover what ‘being sensitive’ means at all levels. We built a tiny home on wheels in 2008, and what could fit in it was left behind. My relationships and my role(s) that don’t fit have been left behind as well, but, the new and developing connections are more solid and less based on seduction or pretense. Practice and integration will take more time. This is my second half of life, the years of elder-building and that is exciting. I have new teachers, who, as it happens ‘teach me’ from the other-side of the veil.I’m getting used to that sort of perspective and figure there are at least three more years of deep before I cross my AC. Life’s a mystery though, so I go with your belief as well Elsa: the Universe does conspire to shower me with good. One of my favorite recent gems of good is this … “Instinctual magic … begin a foolish project, Noah did!”

  4. Should be clear in time for the holidays, Asc. 10 Cap 27 degrees. It has been rough as I am a Gemini with Aquarius moon. My thoughts have been maddening on certain days. My old relationships are hanging by a thread but in my knew ones I learning to be quiet and not such a know it all. My husband of 41 years, a Cap with Scorpio Asc and Pisces moon is steady at the helm. 2008 we left Phoenix/pilot life, to move to our cabin in the woods at 8000 ft Rocky Mountains. We are thinking we might be ready for a vacation next summer :-)).

      1. I should tell you about this neighbor because you mentioned being happy in the depths and we talk about co creating in horoscopes. These last two years my neighbor and I are now become comfortable in just giving each other a call. Examples of her calls are; I have a bear cub in my back yard, he was playing in my bird water bath but now is sleeping, or Rocky, the ground squirrel is Roxy because she looks to be nursing, or a deer shed one of his horns in the oak brush nearby. I brought only one houseplant with me on my move and wasn’t sure it would bloom in this new place. When it did, she hosted a neighbor party at my house for all to come see and congratulate me. Point being, when it was time to begin resurfacing look what the universe provided. Well worth bobbing up for. I would also like to mention at the beginning of this journey it was the year 2000. Also, in just one year all three of my children married. Yes, three large weddings in one year. In like a lion and out like a lamb.

        1. I don’t think I was clear about the neighbor, but I thought I’d gone on long enough.

          I was thinking about how the connection between has become deep, over time, but it’s not really visible.

          1. Nope, no depth with my neighbor. I am in the depths on my own but I feel her random calls are interesting. I think she has come into my life to remind me I need to come up for air and note some of the beauty going on around me. For a time it seemed all the messages were to keeps to the depths, I was enjoying myself there, but now towards the end of this journey, I have this neighbor who keeps calling with the message ” have you looked outside”.

  5. Pluto moved into my 12th recently and will be there until 2025. I am finding Life more solitary, though not in a bad way. Not pursuing friendships where I’m doing most of the heavy lifting so that’s one change I’ve noticed. It is possible I think, that when Pluto moves across my ascendant I will be out of here!

  6. It’s transit through my ex’s 12th has me concerned for him, particularly as I prepare to move 10 hours away to the home where we met. He doesn’t discuss emotional material, so I watch from my distance across town. The recession in the building industry hit his business very badly. He’s had to re-contour his focus, let crew members go, stop paying us regular support, etc. He sucks it up. He’s grown his hair out ~ a real Samson thing. He was never a long-haired hippie. He’s very closed down.

    My daughter asked me what she thought Daddy would do once we move. I told her I think he’ll spend a couple of years thinking about it (Sun conjunct Merc’ in Taurus), then come back home himself. His ASC is 28 Cap’ conjunct SNode. Pluto’s not quite half-way through his 12th. It’ll take him some time to move towards that Cancer NNode at the DSC … but he will.

  7. I have my Virgo Pluto in the 12th natally, conjunct Asc; I wish I could figure out how that shapes me and then pass along that info to you to interpret for the transit.

    Then too, the Cardinal Cross and U-P square energy has been pushing on my natal 1H Libra Sun opp 7H Aries NN for a while now…so it feels like life has always been this hard and unrewarding, and always will be…isn’t it like this for everyone? Of course I know it isn’t; I see plenty of people around me reaping rewards and doing just fine; I simply don’t know how to join them.

    Actually, you seem pretty Plutonian to me, in the sense of no-BS and of pushing toward transformation without fear. I just read you as someone who can totally handle the deep dark rumblings with aplomb, if not with ease.

  8. Yes, for the past 14 years.. it’s nearly done I have another year of it.

    It’s tough, my adult life has been tough. I went down a completely different road compared to my friends.

    I felt like I was walking down road filled with riddles, that only I could solve. It was tough; still is.

    But now, I’m reaping in from the painful experience, real sense of wholeness.

    Now I have to get over there ascendant.

  9. I’ll be in my 90s when I have Pluto in the 12th. Which sounds like good timing to me 🙂 Pluto now is in the beginning of my 9th house which is a huge transformation. I love it! Its very interesting, as the 9th should be! I’ve dropped all religious teachings yet became about a million times more spiritual. Funny how that works.

  10. “Meantime, I’m not likely to embark on a new friendship here. If I have a depthless relationship with you, I’ve already let go. If we are truly connected, we’re both sad, because it’s like a death.”

    we are not close, but I feel sad knowing your leaving and it is just not the same.. am afraid you will be busy and and have time for us…crazy to feel that way huh?

    1. WATERGAL, thanks. But I am committed to this blog for 25 years. I have 12 to go and will go longer, most likely.

      I don’t really need TIME to write. I need energy, which is hard to come by here, because I’m so isolated.

  11. I experienced pluto through my 12th house as a small child and through high school. There was some deep and disturbing drama with my father during that time which shaped me forever (probably related to past lives — pluto!) and left me feeling betrayed and unloved — but also, I think, empowered me to trust and depend on myself — which I’ve done pretty much throughout life, and which has brought me to a wonderful place now, in my later years. As a child I played by myself in my closet. That seems pretty plutonian now. I didn’t like parties or groups of children and only had one close friend. In high school I spend most of my time alone, although devoted to music and studies, and really didn’t want to socialize, except for the pain of “not belonging.” I’m only just musing about this now, thinking that Pluto in the 12th through those formative years made me who I am in this lifetime. I was thinking today how much I enjoy and prefer being by myself — and that I trust myself implicitly. There’s power in that. I’m very happy with who I am, so thanks Pluto.

  12. Pluto transiting through the 12th def. was disturbing. I closed off to many things at that time. In my case, I felt a lot of dread. It was a daily feel. Hard to come to terms with. Still it all is as it was meant to be. It is a place of the moment…. and yes this too shall pass…. hang in there Elsa!

  13. Natal Pluto & Uranus in Virgo conjunct in the 12th house. I can’t even begin to tell you how awful this placement truly is. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING EVER GOES right. Ever since conception. Mother/father split while she was pregnant w/me. That is how ALL of it began…

    Past 6-7 yrs have not had steady income nor home. Now I cannot find work for 7 mos, I lost a place to live, can’t have a love life, healthy sex life nor a long-term relationship of any kind. My life is at the fate of some unforeseen effed up hand that is CONSTANTLY pulling the rug from underneath me! Mind you, I am a Cancer and this does not bode well for my psyche (plus a natal Saturn in Aries square in 7H addition to all that)! I just can’t seem to get anything going for me! Please help me. My chart is getting annihilated NOW w/the ongoing Pluto in Cap square Uranus in Aries in ALL 4 MAJOR houses in my chart (1H, 4H, 7H & 10H). Not a single year where things EVER were in BALANCE in every area of my life. NEVER. Even with this Jupiter in Cancer transit. It hasn’t done much of anything but served as an emotional buffer, to swallow the brutal pill of blows that will continue for me for many many years to come. I HATE Pluto.

  14. Interesting to read different takes on Pluto in 12th. On some level (a deep one, haha) it feels right and correct for this to be happening to me as I move towards the final part of my life. The aloneness for me, is where we have to go. I have natal Pluto just inside my 7th house so instead of inviting the Pluto from others (that “tell me, tell me, it’s safe with me” on my forehead) I now have to go in and just sit there with myself. I am content with that.

  15. Pluto’s in my 12th. My ASC is at 5 degrees Aquarius, Neptune at 5 degrees Capricorn.

    This transit has been an intense period of genuinely wanting to be isolated, though not always consciously. At the very start of this transit, I lived with 2 friends. The next year, I decided against moving in with my girlfriend, and decided to live alone. It was an almost subconscious decision I didn’t understand at the time, and constantly–painfully–second-guessed. In hindsight I see that I required space to just brood, pick my psyche, dwell on dreams and fate. It sounds dark and deep, and its 100% the truth. It had to happen. I quite often felt I was subconsciously sabotaging myself, but I eventually stopped kicking and screaming when my mind wandered into the depths.

    Reviewing journals from the past few years, they are dripping with themes on fate, dreams (entire notebooks of just dreams), death, regret, longing. It’s been an often painful and lonely period, but it has also offered up valuable revelations concerning those most fatalistic elements of life, and allowed me to find unknown wonder in impermanence and finality.

    Pluto in my 12th has coincided pretty closely with me graduating college and moving in with my parents. On one level, this made me feel rather worthless, because on the outer level I should be advancing socially and professionally, not regressing back to living where I was when I was 10. On another level, this allowed me to continue to lay low, continue to pick at my psyche, shut up in my room and study astrology, philosophy, psychology, incessantly.

    I’ve kept very few friends since Pluto’s entrance into my 12th, save a few I’ve known since I was a child. They’ve been a necessary outlet into the world, providing islands of levity and connection.

    For me, it’s been a transit of “not-knowing”, coming to terms with how much I don’t know about the world and other people, and especially myself. Most thankfully, Saturn’s transit across my 10th–natal Sun and Pluto included–has given me a solid structure to stand on, while Pluto still lurks across the 12th. It’s been an interesting public world/psychological world dichotomy, and it always feels like the stakes are high.

  16. Yes I have this transit coming up next year. I have my sun nataly in the 12th house, so I am comfortable with this placement. I work in a 12th house job, which I am sure takes up alot of this energy. Interestingly enough my 12th house sun is progressing into the 11th house as we speak so who knows. Hopefully I will handle it as well as you have Elsa.

    1. I’m 0″ capricorn, my sun is also in the 12th house and work in a 12th house job. there are times when i would feel so all alone and unappreciated. eversince pluto in cap my life was an upheaval. my bf left me. has to go to another country for work and when i get there everybody i like conspiring to bring me down. the people i work with has the same nationality as i am. i learned to be indifferent and to just go on and on… im now in a new facility with helpful people… i hope this will go on and on. thank you elsa

  17. I’ve acknowledge with PlutoRx on 12th/1st house asc with a stellium to shoot in Leo/Aquarius. Ahaa…In todays world, freedom is life’s basic condition, free of ill-health/flip-flop, and until life/we learn to live with that freedom, and learn to live by ourselves and with ourselves, we are denying ourselves the possibility of finding love/happiness/balance with someone else. Love can only happen through freedom and in conjunction with a deep respect for ourselves and the other. Is it possible to be alone and not be lonely? Where are the boundaries that define “lust” vs “love”..and can lust ever grow into love? When you’ve arrived with this agenda; a amazing book by Osho called; In Love, Freedom, Aloneness” you will find unique radical, and intelligent perspectives on these and other essential questions. For the Age of Aquarius we have a golden opportunity to redefine and revitalize the very foundation(cancer) of conscious life. Have a chance to start afresh with self/other, a fulfillment for society as a whole.
    “It is beautiful to be alone; it is also beautiful to be in love, to be with ppl. And they are complementary, not contradictory. When you are enjoying others, enjoy, and enjoy to the fullest(when Pluto allows)and there is no need to bother about aloneness. And when you are fed up with others, then move into aloneness and enjoy it to the fullest.” Osho

  18. Oh my. Yes. You know I am a huge Pluto, fan? It just occurred to me, not that I am trying to slough off the ownership of my hostility towards you at times…Pluto? 12th house? Interesting. But in all honesty, I owe you a debt. I am generally not ugly towards people in person, even when I disagree. You helped me see an ugly side of myself or rather how ugly I can be. Pluto’s influence? Just life? Don’t know.

    1. You are ugly to me as a matter of routine, and it’s never been warranted. People remark on the nasty things you have said to me over the years. They think you’re a dirtbag. So how that matches up with your offline life, I have no idea. But if you don’t want to be seen as a dirtbag online, then you might want to clean up your act – trying being a decent human being.

  19. Ok. Pluto through my twelfth was scary and horrendous. I was drowning for most of it. It culminated when Pluto crossed my ascendant. I hit rock bottom. I had finally found the bottom. Looked around and discovered that it sucked. There were two choices for me. Death or life. I chose life. I also think I found hope there. It was like a sliver of light beneath a door.

  20. Not to be contrary or anything, but I doubt Pluto’s transit to your twelfth house had anything to do with you hitting rock bottom or having a decade or so of having a life that was scary and horrendous. Astrology and life do not work that way. These issues and tendencies are found in the natal chart.

  21. This has been on my mind – to add whatever I can to the Pluto-in-12th-house files – for a long time. Pluto transit to Mars (now 🙂 ) seems to be having a dynamic effect. I finally sat down with an ephemeris..
    Pluto went back and forth over the cusp of my 12th house starting when 1 was 5 years old, unil I was 7. I was 19 years old when Pluto settled into my 1st house. Natally, Pluto is in my 11th house, in Virgo.
    I was too young, in the early part of that transit (plus, 12th house being murky – difficult to quickly, clearly illuminate) to know that the wrenching, irrevocable process in my world, was… ultimately, overall, simply life, progressing. I remember knowing that my parents’ relationship was sliding more & more toward breaking. I have Pallas, conjunct NorthNode & Juno in 12th house: so, before I had any way of saying it, I was perceiving: this can only lead to disaster. Which, in a way, it was. The foundations that were struck by earthquake-type change were bigger than simply “breakup of a marriage”… Our extended family, and our community, was (is, still) Catholic. And the larger, Catholic, community, was in the upheaval of coming to understand: if, in a marriage, one spouse ceases to act as such, increasingly, continuously so, then, no matter what anyone else wants that to be, the marriage is thoroughly dead. I’m not trying to enounce anything grand, or definitive. Simply saying, I perceived – and felt – witnessed, something that, while ugly & awful, we all (we adults) can find words to say, more easily than could the Pluto-in-Cancer generation, going though Pluto-in-Libra breakup.
    My natal chart is weighted toward the houses 8 & 9, so I can see the silver lining (9th) and the valuable gift (8th) since the awful nameless terrors that I felt, then.
    Oh, also. All of the “childhood” diseases, mid-1960s, (except, not polio) struck us kids. Mumps & measles concurrently – imagine, my poor Mom, heroicly, coped anyway.

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