Sex Therapist: Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and the 8th house

Zodiac castilloI wrote this for a client:

“…You have a stellium in Virgo, and a stellium in Pisces that involves the 8th house and Pluto. You’re a sex therapist, walkin’! You have compassion for this man, who can’t get it up. You’re willing to sacrifice yourself in service.

You also have Neptune at the base of your chart…in Scorpio no less!”

Can you relate to this?
Have you ever sacrificed yourself, in a sexual way? What did you get out itl? Anything?

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  1. Nope. I had bad sex for 7 years in the hopes that he’d suddenly be receptive to my gently given requests. Never happened.

  2. Hmmm. South node conjunct Pluto Virgo in the 4th house and 8th house Sun, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn. Mars and NN in Pisces. Actually long before I learned about astrology, I was pretty sure I had “provided healing arts” of this sort in at least one past life. : ) Given the south node placement, I don’t think the results were necessarily beneficial. Certainly, certain “skills” in this life feel as natural as breathing, however, strangely (?) spent quite a bit of time in reflection about how to move from the skilled/service/sacrifice mindset to one of magic and romance and letting go of desire to please – in my opinion, integrating lessons of Pisces NN and much more soul satisfying.

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    Venus/Mars in Virgo in the 8th house. Sex always seems like some sort of sacrifice and it has gotten me into trouble many times.. but I’ve always gotten something, tangible or intangible, for it.

  4. Chiron/SN in the 8th house Taurus, opposing NN/Venus/Uranus in the 2th house Scorpio. And, oh yes, Virgo Mercury in the 1st house. Do I need to say more? I think being some sort of a sex therapist goes with having any kind of a relationship, for me. If not sex itself, it’s some underlying issue the guys are working through by having sex with me.

  5. Yes, I know the pangs of the “SEX Therapist” My stellium is as follows: Sun, moon, mercury, pluto, and mars all in Virgo in the 8th house. Last but not least I have Jupiter in Libra in the eight house. Finally great sex with a lover later on in life. Always listened to guy friends growing up and their sexual pangs.

    1. Oh yeah the irony, I have a Master’s in Psychology. I wanted to be one ever since I was 8 years old. Been studying astrology forever.

  6. Yes because despite what I want to believe I need to connect with sex. The sacrifice is worth it. It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. I have the Virgo stellium, Neptune in Scorpio. Nothing in the 8th, but it’s in Aries. So I guess I get “me” out of it.

    1. Wow…me too. Stellium in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, and nothing in 8th which is in Aries. And okay…I do seem to have always had these skills and understanding. Had a couple of guys in my life with whom this sort of applies, not that they couldn’t, but other stuff in life had affected them. Holy shi?te. Bringing guys forward from basic blah to something more. I did sacrifice a bit for awhile because they were sweet… And nothing really surprises me, I was the prim girl hardworking who always had a sense of all this. Looking back now….wow.

      1. ..and I am the friend who always gets asked for my advice on this subject…how strange I never really thought about it. Until now.

        1. Wow! I never even knew about what Elsa talks about in the article. I would really really like the guy and then he had some issue but why should he be denied? It’s not pity, it’s genuine.

  7. Oh my wordy lordy yes!!!

    I have a stellium in Pisces 12th/1st House, and Scorpio is taking up my 8th house.

    Literally two weeks ago my best friend/pseudo significant other was telling me about his erectile dysfunction, and i had to take on the role of sex therapist, which is very…practical hehe.

    i honestly have no problem when it comes to this sort of thing in relationships. its not that i see it as service, but rather i get off if my partner gets off. though if i was straight and was with a woman itd be a different story. lol. two different requirements. but with two guys its just like, yup we both have wangs. both must be up hahahahaha

  8. Yes, I can empathise with this – and my take on this is the sacrifice is worth it. It sometimes looks and feels like spiteful control, but in the long term (and it can be long term [and deadly serious])with Scorpio /8th house it’s more like deep cleaning the relationship, purging the hidden elements that are jeopardising the depths that the relationship can reach. ‘Tests’ can be depriving, but I think they can be viewed rather like the vine tree, which needs pruning back now and again to ensure a more abundant harvest. Love reading these posts Elsa, so much chew over and share. Much love Jimmer

  9. Venus Pisces trine Pluto Scorpio
    Venus Pisces sextile Neptune on IC

    Sex therapist… I could be. I have always been the martyr in bed. It’s weird because when I have sex with people I can access and feel their issues unspoken deep down in their psyche. I know the stories, the places, the scenes, the frustrations, the fantasies, etc, and then I would go along with that and do some role plays on a psychological, verbal, or physical level and hopefully by the time of climax the satisfaction is acquired and some issues released or healed or whatever. When the sex is over, I pull out (no pun intended) and the access to the other person’s psyche and issues is ‘disconnected’ and that’s how it works for me. It’s really weird. It really does feel like doing therapies for other people. I can start a session, access their issues, try to help them with the issues through sexual acts, disconnect from their psyche when the sex is over, and when it’s all over, I’m still me. I don’t take on any of their issues personally and make them mine. But of course when the person and I have sex again, I already know their ‘stories’; I know what that person likes and what can bring the most pleasure to that person or what can best help the person out with his/her issues. When the sex is over, he/she has to deal with them on their own, but when we’re having sex, I can be attentive to them and help them out with their stuff. Sometimes I think I can almost consider this as a real profession. LOL

  10. Virgo stellium in 10th Pluto, Uranus and Moon on MC, Mars in Cancer in the 8th, Venus conj. Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th. Jupiter in Pisces on the IC. Sex is always fleeting. It’s not something that is constant in my life, yet it is what I think about often. When it’s good, I am joyous but has been very inconsistent even in my marriages.
    Male friends always seem to express their deepest sexual desires…. perhaps because I am accepting of most things. Even the most conventional men do think obscurely about sex. It’s fascinating really to uncover that so many men have such a wide variation to this sense of pleasure. But how most cannot verbalize it to the closest women in their lives.

  11. In our composite chart, have Mars, Venus and Sun in Aries in the 8th house with Mars opposite Neptune in Scorpio. He is Pisces sun and Scorpio Moon. When the sex was good, it was very good. but inconsistent especially with stresses and hormones. I forgot men have sex to connect even when you are fighting which is not when most women want to have sex. At times I felt he only wanted me to service him when I wanted sacredness.

  12. Not me. I’m a Scorp sun with an 8th house Cappy Mars. For me, it’s “let’s get down to business.” 😉

    1. Yup, I can agree w/ this: getting down to business. my husband and I, we just won’t go “there” if it’s not going to be extremely good. Just don’t even bother. it’s all or nothing.Nothing half-assed.

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    James Slattery

    This sort of hits home with me. Pisces Asc, Pluto in Virgo right on Desc., North Node in 7th, Neptune and Jupiter in the 8th in Scorpio. Sex has always been of major interest even before puberty. I’ve read/watched everything I could on the subject and am not judgmental in this area. I’ve had a variety of partners who have each had a major issue I’ve had to deal with and nothing shcks me any more! lol

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