Where Did You Get Your Morals? Venus Aspecting Neptune

Venus is what makes you attractive and desirable. Neptune rules music and merging of energy to the point where the lines disappear. Here is a graphic example of my Venus Neptune in action…

Some years back, HQ asked me where I got my morals considering that Henry aside, I pretty much come from an amoral family. It was an interesting question and my answer surprised me. I just rattled it off, too.

“Oh, from music I guess. I heard songs and the people in the songs who were attractive, I became them. I just took on their characteristics on the spot and this worked out for me.”

He was listening.

“For example, I kept my pants on for the most part. Oh, I had lots of sex. I had as much sex as ten women probably but I always had a boyfriend. What I mean is I didn’t sleep around but I might have if I’d not heard this song. But I did hear this song.”

“What song?”

“Fat Man In The Bathtub.”

He laughed. HQ is 10 years younger than me, so he has little awareness of the music of my era.

“Yeah, there is some girl in there; she’s got all the men chasing her. She’s got them begging for a date. They beg and she says, no, no…. and then they beg some more,” I said with a chuckle. “She tells them that. They ask her for something and she says no. No, but come back Monday, or come back Tuesday and then I might!”

He was amazed.

“Yeah, I liked her. And so did the men and the reason was because she kept her pants on. She was not a pig, so I took on this persona. I was tending bar see, so men would ask me out all the time and I would say, no but don’t quit askin’!”

We both laughed.

“Yeah, I would say that so much people would bring people to my bar just to hear me say it. They’d bring some guy in there and tell him to ask me out. Go on, ask her. Wanna go out with me, the guy would ask. I’d look at him like I was sizing him up, trying to decide if I was going to go out with him or not and then I’d say my line and the whole bar would laugh their ass off.”


“Yeah, well this worked out for me. I don’t think men really like sleezy women and I can thank Lowell George for making this very clear to me… I was about 19 when I heard this song and I’m not kidding. I became Juanita on the spot.”


“The girl in the song. Her name is Juanita. Sweet Juanita that is. See, she’s the object of desire. Anyway, Lowell George, all his songs are super sexual. In this era, not so common. He definitely liked to screw so the music resonated with me. I wanted a man like him so I figured I better be Juanita, but actually I already was Juanita. By my nature, I was just like her but I didn’t know it until I heard that song. See, you can be sexy and moral, is the thing. Freakishly sexy for that matter and I can tell you for sure that the combo is deadly when it comes to men. The kind of men I like, that is and who cares about the men I don’t like?”

“Spotcheck Billy got down on his hands & knees
He said “Hey momma, hey let me check your oil alright?”
She said “No, no honey, not tonite,
comeback Monday, well you comeback Tuesday, then I might…”
Lowell George

Where did you get your morals?

15 thoughts on “Where Did You Get Your Morals? Venus Aspecting Neptune”

  1. i just had to check him out so i went to You Tube and looked at a Little Feat gig of Fat Man on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test… can’t say i remember the song, but i get what you mean about Lowell. the music has this wonderful earthy groove that is very erotic to my ears anyway. thanks for the tip.

    as for morals, er i need to think long and hard on that 😉

  2. Yeah, violet, I like sex in my music. That or clever, funny and super original and daring. Come to think of it, I like the same in movies.

  3. books. my best friend. my father. his family. books. and books. i learned a lot from music, but a good 80% of that i had to kick right out of my head again when exposed to actual experience.

  4. i was raised in a crazy family, books were the only place where values were consistent and i drank them in — sometimes, now, i bump into a person who was influenced early by the same book or another. it’s like finding a lost relative.

  5. To be honest I wish I’d learnt this lesson earlier. The FREEDOM to choose a man, and that it makes you attractive too, now I’ve only just figured that out. By the way-have just watched your latest vids. They are looking good.

  6. Like Satori, from books on my desert island. But also very much from 60s music & the music of my era, the 70s. (BTW, the 70s music that I listened to had LOTS of sexual content- part of why I loved it then & love it now!)

  7. I dunno, really, because my morals don’t match neither what I was taught by my family nor what’s standard for our culture. Now I’m gonna hafta think on it! (“Heh heh heh,” says eighth-house moon.)

  8. I’m with kashmiri — my own internal sense of morality, courtesy of Cappy Moon. Not to say it doesn’t have some serious lapses sometimes…

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    Dylan Bickerstaffe

    Great to hear that Lowell George has such influence – I just love the joyous sound that Little Feat made.
    I think your morals are formed by the balancing of lust, and compassion…and fear. There are people who are so busy defending themselves, they don’t care if they wound others.

  10. I take it from the categorical imperative. and just build on that. at least i try to. when i discover that my morals do not comply i try to change them so they do

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