Pluto Transit Through The 12th House – Mine: Tapping The Collective Unconscious

vintage zodiac tape dispenserI have been meaning to send a postcard on this and figure now is the time since Pluto will turn retrograde next week. That means the planet has slowed to an even slower, slow crawl then usual and effects are very potent if you tap this realm.

It’s such a long transit but I am committed to writing about it because there is so much scare astrology out there on this. Basically I am to die a disgusting death from syphilis or the like which I seriously doubt so I want to put something else out here for people to google upon now and in the future and you can click the tag Pluto transit 12th to read the posts on this topic.

Pluto is now fairly deep into my 12th house, it is no longer flirting with the cusp. I wondered some months ago if I would lose track or consciousness of the effect of the transit but this has not been the case. In fact, it’s been exactly the opposite.

I am acutely aware of being able to tap the collective unconscious in ways I have never been able to before but actually, that is not quite accurate. I think I may have had this ability before but I’ve not been conscious of it which means the transit has increased my consciousness which has surprised me.

There is a downside. The collective is of course, gross in some ways but I think it’s very minor in comparison to the gain. I am not sure everyone would feel this way though because if you don’t like the shadow… well with Pluto in the 12th you can’t avoid it.

There are no boundaries in the 12th house so what happens is you absorb all the dark energy and I can imagine this really bugging people out but being as it’s me, I am very comfortable and have to say it looks as if this will be the best transit of my entire life. Strange, huh?

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  1. Seeing as how I’m so often scared by the shadow side of Pluto, I soak up your writing about it, probably because you paint a full picture. Dark, light, ultimately affirming..

  2. Having a natal 12th house Pluto, I can tell you the tapping into the collective un/consciousness is definitely a gift, although as a child it didn’t feel that way.

    It made my childhood feel extremely unsafe, and in fact it was. I learned through my teens either the energy would take me or I would have to learn how to go with the flow as well as how to absorb it without it killing me. I know that sounds rather extreme but it actually was.

    Learning how to ground and applying psychic shielding was also a life saver. It is good you have such a positive attitude with the transit, as well as the life skills Elsa, because from my experiences it is like trouble or turmoil will find you. It most assuredly can play out as the scapegoat among other things. It is like having some beacon that just draws stuff to you. You already have the ingenuity to deal with that but with the transit it may come in spades.

    The positives are like gold though, defeat is never an option after you live through that stuff.You know how poetic the words seem about rising like a phoenix from the ashes, well I think I grew a second skin of asbestos. I may get knocked down but no one can ever keep me there.

  3. I think this year, and next, Pluto will be hovering on the cusp of my 3rd house. So far it has not been anywhere near as traumatizing as it was when it transited my 2nd house. My next 12th house visit will be when Saturn enters Libra – am a little nervous about this.

  4. I second Toni! Holy mother of crap! Pluto will be retrograding in my 7th house. In a positive light, maybe it will give me a chance to hone my people skills. I’ve been dealing with Pluto in an angular house for five years now, though. Go ahead Pluto, throw me a curve ball! I can take it:)

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    I actually think I’d prefer the 12th house transit of pluto. I am more familiar with that house. This eighth house stuff is scary! It’s just coming barely past the cusp and I am .. well ready to die at this rate.

  6. Retrogrades back onto my 2nd house moon at 1 degree of cap- more transformation of self esteem through scary experiences. Previously has been painful relationships but am NOT going to let that be the case this time!

    Good for you making the most of your transit Elsa. I think we all benefit.

  7. I have natal Pluto in the 12th house it is now in the 10th house conjunct Sun…transitin my 3rd house in natal chart…I guess I am now living out loud what was subconscious?

  8. Seeking clarification. What do you mean about the collective being gross? Or is it Pluto in that house that makes it gross. Sorry if I misunderstand– this interests me esp because of my moon pluto aspect

    I’ve had pluto in my 4th for so long I would just like it to move along already!

  9. “{What do you mean about the collective being gross?”

    I misspoke. It is the shadow of the collective. Like turning up a rock and all these slimy things crawling around + termites and whatnot. πŸ˜‰

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    Elsa – look at it like a kid….. Aren’t those slimy things crawling around cool? Look at that slime trail. Goodness their avoiding those other crawly things. I didn’t even know that shape existed.

    WHAT is it eating?!!!

    πŸ˜‰ (from a kid who loved the underside of rocks, pond mush and all that good stuff… I know it was an excellent analogy and I got swept up with the idea of exploring)

  11. I am seriously scared of this transit… :S
    pluto just came out of a conjunction with my 1st house moon and is at the exact degree of my 2nd house neptune. Now its going retrogade!!!
    and i have 12th house natal pluto…:S
    …anyone has any advice?
    Elsa, when will it go direct again?

  12. lotion – relax. Pluto retrogrades April 4 – Sept 11 so about 5 months. It only moves a couple degrees in that time. If you have survived the conjunction to you’re Moon, you are looking GREAT! πŸ™‚

  13. still hanging around at the back end of my fourth. all the yearly prognosis are acting like its in fifth already… πŸ˜›
    but i’m cleaning out the trash, still. finally feel like i’m getting it figured out. and i’ll have to leave, again, soon. but finding my way on my own the past few months have been like burning out the last of the abandoned cobwebs in my head…

  14. Elsa, thanks for the words of encouragement! that moon pluto was nasty. good thing there is only one of those per life, max.

  15. Wow, I can’t argue with daemonness. I have it natally too and that is pretty much how it works for me. Especially the “trouble magnet”-ness. I’ve been a chaos magnet since age 18, and while it started to die down two years ago, it’s still a recurring thing.

    (I am really sick of picking up everyone’s FEAR lately. I wish there was some way I could shield my ears from hearing it in work meetings, dammit.)

  16. Dorothy- Reply to #4- I have all the aspects you mentioned as well. Weird.
    2nd house moon/pluto was nasty indeed for me

    Natal Pluto in 12th- I hardly notice it, or I’d be more helpful. I do know I’m interested in figuring out what’s in people’s shadows.

  17. I know a mother and a daughter who both have Pluto natally in the 12th and they are both excellent card readers. They get images and go into detail and present the shadow responsibly.

  18. I turned over a rock a couple weeks ago and one of these guys was under it. Pretty:

    (or gross).

    Pluto is healing and regeneration (speaking of salamanders) too, don’t forget.

  19. Pluto is transiting my twelfth now……initially it was tapping the collective unconscious….now all of sudden its an abrupt drop in consciousness …… if the whole world has fallen apart.

    Has somebody experienced anything similar.

    Hope my consciousness returns…perhaps this drop is to discover some underworld issues.

  20. Pluto is still in my 11th and working its way towards my 12th. Little nervous because of impact of others but thankfully this will be pluto/pluto trine time. Already haev the power house orgs from 11th andbeing I am aged..I haev a lot of intuitive/investigative mind aspects. Now I know things more so. People cant fool me. I wake up in the midnight and go Dreams, astro-travel metastuff on one side/power moves people on the other but I am ready.
    I asked God for advise before I slept.
    I recieved seeing a baseball park with all the bases and a full stadium. I was in a room and someone handed me a glove. The glove jsut slid on and I walked out towards the field..
    WHat I got is, ok old lady..this is what you have been waiting for. Now you have your chance to make a posative mark on the CAN do it.
    Pray for me..I know what is coming.

  21. Pluto is in my 12th, and has been so since it was 24 degrees of Sagittarius. I just came out of Pluto squaring my 29 degree Virgo Moon. I can’t really distinguish the effects of the 12th house transit, I think, because natal Pluto squares my Venus and Mars, so similar themes are recreating and I am used to them?

  22. hi Elsa
    i am experiencing some stressful situations. Wondering if it is Pluto. Pluto is transiting my fourth house (cap) now and is natally in my 11th house (virgo) I have been reading about pluto square pluto and hope i have passed that ! last year was fraught with trouble. started a new job and the accountant stole the payroll- hadn’t gotten paid for nine mos. then a co worker left and with that has spent the last nine mos making horrible accusations against my/our employer that just arent true. My employer and myself are both pisces with libra ascendant and we are hoping that this year will be better. anyone have any words of wisdom>
    Many thanks

  23. Hey Merideth, Sounds more like your Saturn transit than your Pluto. Look at the times frames and see where Saturn was. You will see.

  24. i checked the transit of saturn beginning 1/26/09 and it was transiting my 11th house in virgo. not sure what that means,, but it sure was a whopper of a year…and not in a good way!

  25. Pluto has been transiting my 12th for many years; I can attest to it being able to tap into the collective unconscious, and it isn’t pretty.

    Because of this, I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes, seeing the ugly truth exposed where others can’t see it.

    It’s gone over my mercury but is creeping back (retro) and I don’t know what I will do when it hits the third time… when it goes direct it’s then going to hit my sun in a few years and then my ASC. Yuck.

  26. ive gone through a lot in the past and till now everything is still painful no matter where i look. i care less about pluto retrograding because i think there’ll be no diferent at all.

  27. collective unconscious.
    I have looked this up and I am still having a hard time understanding it. Pluto is now at 5 degree, my moon is 7.16 my 12th house cusp is
    9.49. It will conjunct my moon on March 2011, again in Dec. 2011, almost hits my 12th house exact in April 2012, hits my moom again in august 2012, still 11th house, 12th house ruler, hits the
    moon again Oct 2012 then zooms in my 12th in Dec/Jan 2012.
    I feel like I am being prepared for something, insanity? j/k
    Esla can you or anyone else give me some feedback on this.
    I have always lived with fear in the background, Saturn and jup in 12th also. Jup in Aqu. I feel like the perpetual slave, hard worker- no recognition. When pluto moved into Cap it leveled me-seriously. have been unemployed since. Natal pluto 7th house.
    Any feedback would be appreiated.

  28. Pluto transiting conjunct moon at 4 Cap, opposite my Uranus. I am a little — ok, quite — afraid of what will happen when Uranus reaches 4 Aries…

  29. Lee, remember that saturn has also been squaring your pluto moon now with it going back into virgo things should be a little easier for a while. you did not say if you were a 12th house cap. Go back and look at what was going on when pluto went into cap and start following your own personal cycle. That opposition is telling you something. I could speculate but this is not my site. Your theme seems to be moon and cancer…think about it Hope this helps

  30. Diana, Thank you for your thoughtful response! I have Libra rising. Although my moon is in the 3rd house, Capricorn rules the 4th. So it’s a career/home thing, like so many women have. My husband has a stellium (sun, moon, uranus) in Cancer, opposite my moon, so he has also been hit! What is most amazing is that, possibly as a result of all this planetary turmoil, he decided to pitch in, and for the first time in his life, is cooking — not just any cooking, but channeling Julia Child! At the same time, I had some surprising recognition at work. I am only scared because, you know, with a Capricorn moon, i expect there will be a horrible price to pay down the road…

  31. Diana, I reread your posts about yourself. With Saturn preceding Jupiter in the 12th, it sounds like you are your own worst enemy, but your hard work and preparation should enable you to meet the world with faith. Of course, there may be other overriding aspects in your chart…

  32. Lee,
    Thanks for the reply. As for your pluto trans the 3rd/4th my sun went through that and it TOTALLY tranformed by home life, like a bulldozer but he has saturn/juno conj in the 4th in sag. Legal problems Kazoo, I could have choked him. he also was disabled due to a car accident as well. ( Virgo Rising Sun)
    It is interesting to see how one transit plays into another or the enxt. I love following my transits.
    Yes, I am my own worst ememy and caps also help.
    Cap at 25 12th and Jup in Aqu 2, Asc 4 degree. I seem to get tunnel vision, Saturn kicks my butt then upiter pulls me out, it is like having a built in Gardian angel. I also have Altair conj my Jupiter. PHASE 302 (AQUARIUS 2Β°): AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM, that about sums it up and I can usually feel it coming.
    I was thinking about your cap 4th, look at your location where you live. Could you relocate or make your home else where? With your hubbys chart there seems to be a connection there, look closer into both of your charts together.

    I ahve seen huge success from people with oppositions because we strive harder to achive, just need to make sure the achievement is in our best interests. s for the moon, I ahve talked to people and seen the loss of a mother or mother figure.
    At the time pluto got closer to my mom I was trying to reestablish a relationship with her but that is impossible, I tried though. I migth try again but also get hurt in the process. I have merc ops my moon so distant mom. Wow, libra saturn sure did bring out the females not out for my best interest for sure.
    I would love to see your chart, hard to make a impression with one aspect and of course prior history takes play.
    DO try to and look at your family chart as a whole not as indivdually and I think you will be quite surprised at the dynamics that takes place between one another.
    I am own worst enemy.. hoestly I am trying to clip my wings a bit and go along more-humble myself, working on it.
    back to your hubby..I think what ever he is doing he will do really well and this will be good for him. Dont forget to fidn the chart of the location you are in. I might be able to assist you with that depending on local. Capricorn-china-Haiti and I beleive Mexico will have a really hard time. Western US will take a hit this year.
    Talk soon I hope,

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