How Does Aries Come Across?

“…With a bunch of planets in Aries and it being Aries time and all, I’m curious about how people view Aries, their interactions with them, etc.

In light of the myopic post, is this something people commonly encounter with Aries? How do people disarm it, and use this energy well? Curious about the Aries vibe at large, and what the ElsaElsa community thinks about it…”

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  1. As far as Aries people go, I wouldn’t try to disarm them without being willing to lose a limb. Charm them, let them pursue me, engage their mind but disarm them never. Best let them leave those weapons holstered.

    Dealing with Mars energy in oneself is pretty straightforward. Do something! Do a positive thing directly before you let it back up on you and come out sideways. ACT on it. 🙂

  2. I’ve always found Aries incredibly sexy, which is funny because I’ve never even dated one now that I think of it. There’s always that frission there though.

    I like their iniative and their get up and go. My friend Blaise (Hahhah I know. But pronounced blay-jah) was a double Aries and he was very magnetic. I think largely because of his get up and go. He always had something new going on and I at least always wanted to know what it was. And he didn’t take shit from nobody, or hold a grudge when he lost a fight. He went all out and then, when it was over, he kept going.

    And he’s what I think of when I think of Aries. Doing what they want, balls to the wall, no shit from nobody, and over it already on to the next thing. Really can you get a happier energy?

  3. I know a man who is an Aries. He doesn’t seem to ever shut off. He affectionately signs all of his emails with the Dodge Ram insignia. He goes 90 miles an hour and to get a word in edgewise you may have to just tell him to shut up and listen. But, I like him. It could be my Leo Moon or my Aries Venus. 🙂 But I like Aries men, in spite of being a Pisces Sun.

  4. Foxxy I haven’t dated a man without Aries sun or Aries moon at the least since my first marriage ended more than a decade ago. Love those Marsy men.

  5. One of my family members is Aries. He’s childlike. Not immature. Not childish. I don’t know how to explain it… very simple enthusiasm. Not simplistic.

    I’m not explaining it right haha.

  6. Hey Lupa 🙂

    Like I said I always find them attractive so I’m really not sure why I haven’t dated one . . I have mars square pluto between capricorn and libra so it could be the synastry always forms a tsquare? I haven’t dated any cancerians either . . Well one. Sort of. And I was jumpy and twitchy as hell trying to get out the next day Must Go! Now! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Hahah Maybe neither me nor the aries sit around long enough.

    I did use to flirt with Blaise to drive my Libra boyfriend nuts.

  7. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I actually don’t know ANY Aries men – don’t think I have since grade 9. On the other hand, I’ve a disproportionate number of Aries women in my life; my Mum has the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in Aries:)

    I think their number one lesson for me is no regrets!;) Number two: Pursue a course of action at the expense of other people sometimes.
    I’m an 8th house Virgo with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto conjunct in Libra. Neptune in the 12th.

  8. I am sort of an Aries with my Aries rising, and honestly, this past week I have been angry. I usually am angry in spurts and then it goes away real fast, but lately I’ve been easily aggravated, and more aggressive than usual.

    For example, I went to a doctor appointment on Monday at 12:00. They kept me waiting for 2 hours before I got in, which made me mad to begin with, and very restless. I had other things to do after the appointment. And then an hour and a half later…still waiting. Grrrr. I stormed out in a huff – trust me I rarely act like this in public so I was totally confused when I saw faces with fear all over them! That actually kind of disarmed me. I don’t want to be scary.

  9. Because of my Aries moon, I understand how Aries people feel. BUT I really don’t want to spend much time with them. I’ve known a few who were very controlling but hid it well. And one of them actually plotted to bring others down because she felt threatened…and there was no threat there.

    My older bro is Aries. I love him and enjoy seeing him. But I couldn’t live with him. Too stressful for me. I like give and take, calm, ease, letting everyone be themselves. That’s just not possible with an Aries.

  10. Once my grandma was talking to a client about her Aries dog. She said “Aries always die in accidents so watch her around the highway!” I always have very strong reactions to Aries and can usually spot them a mile away. Personally, I never got along with the men and neither they with me. There is one Aries I met early last summer. He seemed enchanted by me for awhile but eventually I figured out he was just enchanted with hearing himself talk to me and now he ignores me. That’s been a general occurrence; they wanted me to let them shine and only them and I just can’t do it. I suppose that would be their disarmament, not just allowing but loving to let them show-off. Their cockiness is undeniably sexy but the attitude I’ve experienced was always the turn-off.

    On the other hand, the Aries women I have met have been a heckuva good time, always vivacious and fun and ready for an adventure. They have been more willing to share their energy than blast you with it. As an absorbing Pisces, I guess I appreciate that.

  11. I had a relationship/best friend for 10 years who was an Aries with Aries Rising. It was very difficult at times because she felt she could say whatever she wanted and others shouldn’t get upset about it. She had no tact or diplomacy and was definitely “myopic” to a gross extent. She was also extremely self-centered. She broke up a marriage and then when the guy came down with cancer, and she had to actually help take care of *him* (he was older, it was the typical old man/golddigger scenario) she got resentful and dumped him! Sorry to offend any Aries here but that’s been my experience with Aries. I had another Aries “friend” who stopped calling me, period, when I stopped being able to babysit her daughter. This was so that she could go out drinking with buddies five nights a week! And the reason I couldn’t watch her anymore was because I was pregnant and had an acutely slipped L5 disc; I could barely watch my own son during that nine months of hell. She literally never called me again, not even just to say “how are you” much less to say “I know you’re hurting, can I help watch your son?” They were both just incredibly selfish, selfish people. I ended both friendships in the last few years and have since found more compatible, real friends.

    My brother is an Aries and very argumentative and self-centered as well. I love him and we get along but as someone else said, I couldn’t live with him!

  12. I hate the females. Sorry but I do. I have never had one female Aries friend. Maybe my uber mars can’t handle the competition? I have tried to befriend a few Aries men but they are self-centered twats who think the sun shines out of their ass. Especially if they have air moons. Ugh.

  13. Almost 51 year old Aries, sun in the late degrees here. Strangely, I’ve know lots and lots of Aries, even a half dozen with my same birthday. From my observations, you either learn to channel the energy productively early on or it does you in by the time you are my age –addiction, violence, mental and emotional instability, or just a lack of rootedness and social connectivity. It seems to me the earlier the degree of the Aries sun, the more pronounced the fallout. I would say that our times and our social systems are not very Aries friendly. Now 150 years ago, that was a different story. Elsa, maybe you could follow with some hints for parents on how to help their Aries children?

  14. “I would say that our times and our social systems are not very Aries friendly. Now 150 years ago, that was a different story.”

    So true. We are a Mars repressed culture now but by God, I am doing my part to turn this around!!

    Love Live The Hard On! ::smiles::

  15. I’m a multible Libra living with a multible Aries.We
    both are have Virgo rising, only a couple of degrees apart. All I can say is that Spring and Autumn tend to be strange times at our household, since the transits hit the same houses and make the aspects to the same planets, but have such different energies. Right now we’re both quite energized, ready to take action, but while my energy is nervous – I just need to take action -, things just come effordlessly to my Aries. For instance, Aries probably just had most amazing strike of luck at work today as the Sun passed his Jupiter, while I just got news that may ultimately mean there will be some layoffs at my workplace.

  16. I think some people don’t like Aries’ egotistical side because Aries show off the side that we all don’t want to admit we have. I mean, who doesn’t have ambition? Who isn’t a little bit selfish? Who doesn’t want to have alot of money?

    Aries are as real as it gets. I mean, at least Aries don’t hide in the rivers of denial like Pisces. Pisces are just as selfish, but people are too blind to see it. But I’m not gonna lie though, Aries can annoy me sometimes, they need to learn how to give others the spotlight!

  17. If not for Aries energy we’d have no heroes ya know. Yep. No heroes, no champions, no one comes in first, just everyone line up and get yer trophy.

    ::rolls eyes::

  18. Aires men have always chased me. They’re so direct and relentless in their pursuit. And “cocksure”, literally! I must admit I have fallen for their charms more than once. SEXY. They control the show and I love that. At least in bed. After, not so much. BF is Mars in Aries, I have an 8th H Aries cusp, am a Scorp, so…yeah. I like them.

    Aries women–whatever. All I care about is the men, ’cause to me Aries means SEX. More than Scorp, actually.

  19. Wow, a lot of people don’t like Aries. If I didn’t have Aries rising, I think I’d be lost! My best friends are Aries and Scorpio – I love that Mars stuff. They’re brave and funny and energetic and exciting and don’t let things get to them so easily. I hope everyone runs into a good Aries this week! 🙂

  20. I know Aries fiery nature has its good points, but, honestly, when I think of Aries, I usually think of someone who is very impulsive, reckless, blunt, and very, very annoying– someone who doesn’t think enough before they act. It’s just what usually comes to mind when I think of Aries in general. I wouldn’t doubt my large Capricorn stellium is responsible for this view though.

  21. My hubby is an Aries and he has a temper,lol, but then again so do I. I like the fact that he doesn’t take any shit and if I need an attack dog he gets the job done. Aries women, I find can be a little harsh and abrassive, but I get along with them ok.

  22. I have an Aries stellium, and people get the impression I’m always rushing to/from somewhere. Actually, I’m restless and just like to mooove. Definitely like to be the first to do something new. Aries is bold, happy, radiant energy…yay for Aries 🙂

  23. I’m an Aries Stellium, and I can’t stand to be around other Aries. It literally feels like letting the air out of my tires. They wear me out. I also have an earth grand trine in the earth houses, so maybe I revert to being a totally earth person in their presence.

  24. I have always attracted people who were born in the early days of Aries or last day of pisces. It has been weirdly consistent but makes sense as it makes their sun directly opp mine which is 29 degrees Virgo. Also I have sun conjunct mars. I just love that straight forward all man sexy energy. The last day of pisces one had venus in aries 1st house and another recent sag had aries moon. Aries just always gets in there somehow with me.

    Pisces/Aries is my fifth house. Why do I never attract a Taurus – 7th house cusp? I get Scorpios which matches my rising sign or caps which matches my moon but early Aries is the most consistent every time for attraction. I can even fancy someone in the papers or on TV and they will turn out to be born 20-24th March. It is uncanny.

  25. Well this is very relevant for me today. An Aries woman I work with got fired today. It was a long, sad situation – she is so wonderful at her job (children’s librarian), so in tune with the kids, got kids to come to the library who normally are up to no good. But she unabashedly refused to give in to any type of authoritarian interference. She just fought and fought with the head of the department, and the director, and even though people in the community came to a board meeting last night to say how much they want her, she was fired.

    Look, I am no fan of idiots being in control, but unless you are self-employed, you are going to have to deal with some idiot who is in control. You either play the game as well as you can, or you don’t. And she refused – so, is sticking to your principles all the time worth it, now no job, kids lost their mentor? I really, really enjoyed working with her – she had all that Aries energy, kid-like fun, enthusiasm for life, but that Aries refusal to accept someone else’s power over you – well, she did not win. They suck, but they won – really, really a bummer.

  26. Hmmm. For courage and true strength, I say Scorp or Taurus way more than Aries. Aries manipulate behind the scenes. A lot. Whereas a Scorp or Taurus will just head into a crisis to help, willing to sacrifice for all.

    The last Aries friend I had always wanted to direct our friendship. I had to meet her somewhere or stop in (even if she wasn’t going to be home) and be sure to leave a note to say I had been there! Honestly. The selfishness abounds with that sign in some people who are Aries sun.

    If I were the parent of an Aries kid (male or female) I’d do what Princess Di did….drag them to shelters and street people and ram it into their heads to think of others. That might help them grow outside of their natural selfishness. They have big hearts but they seem to run from them or hide from them, sometimes hurting people in the process. I actually find Aries a pretty weak sign. But then, I’m a scorp who won’t take crap from an Aries ever again. lol

  27. Dorothy that is a super bummer.
    I have 3 women in my life with Aries/Aquarius. I find it a beautiful mix.
    I also find that you can tell Aries ‘this is where the black bear shits’ and they aren’t all quivery offended by honesty.

    I have had a few problems with an Aries woman I go to school with: the minute I open my mouth and something half intelligent comes out she does the whole “YEAH, I KNOW LIKE TOTALLY BLAH BLAH BLAH”
    It only ever happened when I was conversing with someone else. Then I saw her and we were the only 2 people in the room, but when I said ‘hi’ she ignored me! Ha ha ha!
    I basically considered that my get out of jail free card to ignore her forever more.

  28. I have a younger Aries brother that is the consummate ‘hero’ archtype. In our language, his name even means “Protector,” and he is an excellent protector. Brave, fearless, headstrong, angry sometimes, and yes, self-centered, but there are really long periods of time when he successfully channels the energy positively and I just love him either way. He is also very intelligent and intuitive and came into this world with many spiritual gifts. I consider him one of my best friends, even though we don’t speak or see each other often – he lives in another state.

    I also have a younger Aries sister who doesn’t like me. She’s a shy and quiet type person on the outside, but snippy and sort of mean-spirited on the inside sometimes. I love her too, very much, but we don’t speak very much, her choice. And that’s okay. She’s a wonderful mother, an extremely hard worker, and has a crazy sense of humor which I’ve always loved. I don’t know why she doesn’t like me – probably ‘coz I have all that Leo bossy-big-sister stuff.

  29. Peppermint, I “don’t like” my older brother (although I love him) and I am a “shy and quiet type person” (hopefully not mean-spirited, although I may act so around him) so maybe my viewpoint applies (and maybe not, of course.) I think a lot of it is because he never got beyond thinking of himself as older than me/a leader of me (we are all in our 40s now!) At least that is how I perceive it. It can make this younger sibling, who is just as much an adult, feel resentful. But that’s just my hang-up! 😉

  30. loving reading all your thoughts about aries !thanks kashmiri for yours 24 march husband has been impossible today ! The good thing is he ended up laughing at himself . Say little till they run out of fire and start hearing themselves is my only way of getting through. Thing is this man is such fun, my hero so often, and like another member here touched on, child like. our 5yr old grandson capricorn said to his dad, my papa Jim’s big but he’s like a little boy, dad,isn’t it wierd ! From the mouths of babes comes truth eh!

  31. most of my close friends are born at the end of Aries, closer to Pisces. I enjoy their straightforwardness and no bs attitude 🙂
    I have a fire moon, maybe that’s why. I have a lot of fun, but i find that i always tend to stay on the lighter topics when i talk to them. I save the emotional stuff for my virgo ladies 😀

  32. I have an aries sun and mercury – I understand exactly what is being said whether good or bad and understand people have their preferences.

    I have seen both the bad and good aries traits – as well as having those cringe worthy moments when an aries can’t shut up or maybe I have said something that has hurt somebody else – However, as honest as I can be, I have learnt to hold back over the years and also learnt that I should be accountable if I have said something that was too opinionated – I have Pisces venus and believe I can feel other people – This also gives me an amazing amount of empathy for another person.

    It’s not just being aries that can make somebody bossy or hurtful etc….It can be where they are in their own journey – a lot of reflection and learning about yourself makes the world of difference I believe.

    And, yes I mention I a hell of a lot when I write and when I speak so that you know that this is just my point of view and nothing I wish to impose on anybody else –

  33. Dee- I know for a fact Aries people don’t have a monopoly on being bossy, hurtful or any other negative thing. I’m actually kind of surprised at how many people here have had such bad experiences with Aries and can pinpoint it, and the descriptions are surprisingly strongly worded – somewhat Aries! 🙂 I think it’s important to remember that we ALL have Aries somewhere in our charts.

  34. Wow, it’s like one ego stroke after another followed by a good kick! lol

    Aries Sun, Merc, and Venus… All 8th house. Cap moon though.

    I love being Aries, and I love my Aries husband, even if he does have a Cancer moon. My Aries wants to kick my Cap moon out though. 😀

  35. My sister has Aries rising, and this is really inspirational to people given that she’s an Aquarius Sun/Venus. She is a fantastic group leader/boss in every way. She has a Cancer moon (in 4th!) which makes her a PMS bitch at times, but incredibly feeling and sympathetic. Just watch out for her Capricorn.

    My little brother is Sun/Merc Aries and my beloved late grandmother was Sun Libra/Moon Aries. My ex-father-in-law was an Aries I got along with very well.

    It’s official – all my Aries contacts are relatives. Though I like them, it must be that my Libra repels them in the wild or something.

  36. I mentioned my pain in de ass Aries man yesterday, adding how much I love him, and agreeing he is child like ( esp with Cancer rising and Moon), but I conveniently omitted to mention I have an Aries Moon, and as a Pisces Sun, that’s a funny I’m always burning myself or putting out the fire one way or another. The point, which I might even get to here (lol) that some years ago a Libran friend told me I was pigheaded and arrogant, which I took as a great compliment as I didn’t know astrology then and thought of myself as far weaker than that. Aries is in us all, as Dolce mentioned.. and it’s the “search for the hero, get out there and do something” part.. all the signs have something great about them.. it’s the planetary patterns that help us to twist ourselves up and help us shine.

  37. both my best friends, my mother and my brother are Aries! I am a cancer, I seem to get along beautifully with Aries most of the time. I really enjoy the way they call as they see it, and their enthusiasm for all my plans and parties and schemes, and although they don’t always follow through with all their talk, they are fearless defenders of what is right, look out for their own best interest (which I really apprechate) and they are deeply generous compassionate people!

  38. yeah, not very aries friendly… then again, it wasn’t so easy to be an aries woman 150 years ago, either 😛
    (speaking as an aries woman 😉

  39. It isn’t a very friendly time in history for Aries – and maybe it shouldn’t be. Selfishness and self-concern seems to be a big contributing factor to the ways we see Pluto in Capricorn manifest – particularly with financial personal greed and environmental problems which stem from a short-sighted and self-focused myopia. As Pluto began to flirt with entering Capricorn, this blog pointed out the importance of coming together with other people, the strength of togetherness in these difficult times (in the context of posts about Elsa and Soldier getting together). I’m not sure that Aries are capable of that – only capable of being worshiped and followed.
    Aries are showmen who rarely deliver, for anyone but themselves. It is a childish attitude and something we have evolved beyond (or must, if we are to survive as a species). It is an important energy to the extent that all prior phases of evolution are contained in the later stages; it is the initial spark, childish enthusiasm and self-centeredness which helps kick start development but by no means should it be carried through life.

    Individual recognition of merit would still happen, and heroes would still get their trophies – and perhaps even more deservedly so, since Aries wouldn’t be there to hog the lime light, stealing trophies at any cost to satiate their egos, demanding attention and praise or wailing like two-year-olds.

    What can Aries do that Leo’s and Scorpio’s can’t do better???

  40. I’ll chime in. As a scorpio woman I found my aries encounter to be frustrating. He made me angry a lot because he did stupid things and behaved like a bull in a china shop most of the time. He was too dumb to realize that I wasn’t angry with him because I was jealous or wanted more of him, it was because he did the same dumb things over and over and over. The thing that attracted me to him was his apperance and his ActionJackson attitude which I thought would be fun. He seemed knowledgeable but had no capability to use the knowledge and life experience to create and depth or wisdom. His underlying selfishness eventually created the need for me to cut him off. There’s just not going to be enough there for me, a scorpio woman, long term. Would I prefer the scorpio/aries encounter to the scorpio/scorpio encounter (who will kill who first)? YES

  41. Hey Lynn E. my Aries husband also has a Cancer Moon but he has Virgo rising. He has very good intuition about people, and the Aries is not afraid to say what is on their mind.

  42. Aries people even more than Sagittarians are funny. No one can tell a good yarn better. Also there is nothing wrong with their brains. In fact a mercury in aries is one of the best mercs around. Just my opinion.

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