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  1. oh god, yes! plus, the people that are the real powerhouses and worthy of respect don’t need, try or want to put others in their place for the sake of it. they want to pull other people up.

    I understand some are kind of larger than life and don’t have problems with an ego. There’s a difference, however, from a healthy ego and drive to put others in a one-down position.

  2. I have no-one like this in my life. I would laugh out loud if someone started telling me how great they are, and just be on my way.

    I wonder when the transition does (or does not) take place, because humility is a sign of maturity. Little kids brag, and we have no problem propping them up – they love feeling special, and we love making them feel special. I think it might be some social cue, when being part of a peer group is important, when you start to get that no-one likes someone who is “conceited”, etc.

    The thing is, some people really never get it – they are oblivious to others disdain of their arrogance. But I think parenting has to come in to play here too – I remember telling my son, when he was around 10, that he was taking a friend of his for granted, and that he needed to be a little less bossy with this kid, and my son listened. Not sure what others think causes this.

  3. I have Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Capricorn. What does this mean?

    I wonder if it is hard for a person to be humble if they have alot of fire signs in them (Aries,Leo, Sag.).

  4. Capricorns intimidate me just a bit, but I often admire them. They’re witty and usually have learned from experiences. Of course, sometimes there are those who will look at you when you’re having fun and just scowl. There was one I knew who refused to cut the tag off a pillow because of the “Do not remove under penalty of law” tag.

  5. Toni, I have Saturn in Capricorn and I believe it keeps all my fire (and there’s plenty of it in my chart) from scorching others. I’m usually so down on my Saturn/Cap, too.. it’s nice to recognize the upside!

  6. Capricorn and humility rarely go hand in hand, in my experience. Too authoritative and dominating for my taste. I don’t have any planets in earth signs, so it’s not surprising that I feel we have completely opposite views of the world.
    I know this one Capricorn guy who was very promising artist, since very young age. and he was very arrogant. I haven’t seen him for a long time and in a menatime he did not deliver. Nothing much became of him. Now he is feeling sorry for himself, blaming other things for his failure but still no humility…

  7. Ena that’s very curious, I wonder what else was going on in his chart. Your comment makes me wonder if he was ‘living his Sun.’ Capricorns have the potential to be such wonderful leaders, but I agree it is off-putting when the energy is wasted on authoritarianism.

  8. Ena – I don’t mean to be rude but the world population is about 6,706,993,152 and approx 1 in 12 or roughly 558,916,096 of them are Capricorns.

    I can’t believe you can judge that many people based on such narrow experience. It boggles me.

  9. I’ve only got Jupiter in Capricorn…& it’s in the 11th. While I may attract a great number of people, I rarely feel worthy of any friendship. πŸ™

    I love Capricorn people though…both men & women. They are inspirational…

  10. My Capricorn moon is embarrassed of my Leo sun, lol. I do something that brings me attention (negative or positive) and then I cringe and want to hide. I love Capricorn.

  11. Elsa, that’s why I said “in my experience”. I know there are lot of fine and beautiful Capricorn people out-there. I just don’t seem to get along with ones I meet. And those four or five I know, all have same qualities I mentioned. Therefore, I was not judging whole capricorn population, but just few people.

  12. Big lack of earth myself and gravitate to Earthy folk like bees to flowers..Chiron’s in Capricorn in my 11th mind you. so can I join the Cappy club? Pretttty pullleeease? Only signs I used to say I didn’t like (pre studying) were the ones who stir my own “ouch” issues, while those whose charts tickle my easy aspects make me smile. Shell you really made me laugh out loud there saying..
    “My Capricorn moon is embarrassed of my Leo sun, lol. I do something that brings me attention (negative or positive) and then I cringe and want to hide. I love Capricorn”

    Cos I just realised with a blush that my Pisces Sun is embarassed by my impulsive Aries Moon..know what you mean, but wouldn’t have stopped to realise it.Thanks for that! The person I adore most is a 5yr old Capricorn.

  13. My hubby is a sun cap (with mars & mercury there too)and is a pretty humble, down to earth guy.

    Me, not that humble but not a grandiose personality either. I have ALOT of air & fire in my chart. most of the fire is leo and air aquarius or gemini. My mercury is in capricorn, so maybe that’s what tempers the ego?

  14. I like what Shell said too…I can relate for sure.
    My 3 Cap planets (mecury, mars and Venus)often are humbled and remorseful of what my silly 3 fire planets can do/say somedays. (Sag sun, leo moon and jup in aries). I’m all Fire and Earth.
    I’m very grateful for my cap and Earth planets otherwise I’d be just another outrageous ratbag.

  15. I laughed at this too…”My Capricorn moon is embarrassed of my Leo sun”. Too perfect! For me anyway.

    My Aries (fire)moon is always getting doused by my Scorp (water) sun but my Gemini (mental) ascendant goes nuts trying to figure myself out. Honestly, I’m amazed I’ve survived this long. πŸ™‚

  16. “There was one I knew who refused to cut the tag off a pillow because of the β€œDo not remove under penalty of law” tag.”

    LOL-That is SO my sister! She’s the “good”-est person I’ve ever met. She even lectures me when I jaywalk. On a residential street!

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