Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Commonality

Here’s a little Pluto Moon bit I stumbled on today. I know you guys like this stuff though I don’t know why. I will try to figure it out one of these days if I can get around to it (or someone could just tell me) but in whatever case I realized today that my daughter and I read situations (and the people in them) almost exactly the same way. There may be a subtle difference but whatever it is it’s insignificant. Chances are if she meets you and I meet you we are going to size you up exactly the same way.

In contrast my son and I have some commonality but it nowhere near like the situation with my daughter. For example we both are crazy wild for the soldier and we like him in the same way. We like to lay on him or across him for example. His physical presence is very comforting to us and we have a very similar appreciation for his stories and his religion. But that’s about it. When he brings a pal over or if we meet someone in the world it’s very clear to me that his impressions and opinion of them is completely independent from my own. So here’s the Moon part.

My sister has also come up over these last days…. we have similar charts. We also grew up together and blah blah. Same environment and while we had common interests (astrology) we have very different reads on things. For example she loathes a Scorpio Moon – My life is full of them. She loathes a 12th house Sun or anyone with significant placements in the 12th for that matter and again, my life is full of them. I could go on but maybe you get the point.

She’s a Mercury figure in my life (siblings… neighbors). My kids are much, much closer. But here’s the other piece.

My daughter and I absolutely draw the same conclusions about people an at the same rate of speed for the same reasons but what we do based on our knowledge is miles apart and I think this speaks to Moon Pluto. It’s instinct see. It’s instinct and then you act which is a completely different function. I got her out of my body you know.

Who do you have the most in common with?

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  1. While I contemplate the relationships I have within my immediate family, I have a question, and please excuse my ignorance, Elsa: what do you mean by “pluto moon bit”?



  2. Sorry, I completely missed the title “Pluto transit to the moon”. Obviously I need to sign up for your online class because I don’t know what that means.

  3. marianne – if you click the “pluto transit moon” tag link at the end of the story, you’ll develop a pretty good idea what it means in short order. 🙂

  4. I don’t know really. My mum and my sister both have scorpio moons. As I was growing up it was clear that they had a connection which I didn’t have with either of them. Maybe my 2cnd brother? We get along well,(as long as I don’t touch his things-taurus moon) we both work in creative fields and can remember entire episodes of comedy shows verbatim.

  5. All of the closest people to me have always been Moon people – Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising (which all fall in my 1st house). More than one of these people have also been Pisces – I guess because I have strong Neptune.

    Do you and Mosta have a Moon-Pluto aspect? Or is this just your transit?

  6. My Moon is 15′ Capricorn. I’ve always been very close to both my grandmothers, who, being born in the 1920’s, have their Plutos 10 and 15 degrees Cancer. And especially so with my Paternal Grandmother, who pretty much raised me up. We share the birthday, but she also has a Libra Moon that could be conjunct with my Libra Sun/Pluto conjunct(I don’t know her exact time of birth). Also, her Venus/Mars exactly conjuncts my Ascendant,Mercury my North Node/Uranus/Venus conjunct and Neptune my Saturn. Her Jupiter and Saturn too are in a looser conjunct (6 and 8 degrees apart) to my Sun.

  7. I just got the latest edition of The Mountain Astrologer and on p. 24 there is a piece on “Moon-Pluto aspects, notes from a novice.” Novice or no-novice, it’s a pretty darn good little piece! They won’t have published the all of the newest issue mag on line yet unless you subscribe, but maybe that piece is up.

  8. Hey elsa, don’t think it will allow a posting a response to eye in the sky yet today, I think a link might be a little flukey. thanks, loons

  9. What I am saying is that on your post for ‘eye in the sky” that you just posted today, that I cannot respond/reply or comment to it. Instead, when I click comment …to comment on that post, instead it sends me back here. A similar thing happened the other day on eye in the sky. Maybe we aren’t supposed to comment on eye in the sky? Anyway, or maybe it is only my computer, but if not I thought you wuold want to know.

  10. I like this piece. It is SO interesting. To draw the same conclusions and act differntly, that is the heart of individuality, and a really good thing to notice and respect. There is a lot about this post that interests me…. I have to think on it some more.

    Thanks Elsa.

  11. I shared a virgo moon with both of my sisters. I was freer and more easy with my youngest sister who was a Libra sun, virgo moon and cancer rising. I love my taurus sister with her virgo moon and virgo rising, but I am always worried about pleasing her. She was also closer to our libra sister. I am a pisces with a virgo moon and cancer rising. All three of us were very close; we shared a deep intimacy. We were in sync on so many levels.

  12. I’ve wracked my brain and I really can’t think of anyone in my family I have much in common with. My middle son (7 planets in Cappy, poor thing) is a lot like me personality-wise (doesn’t like to talk unless it’s absolutely necessary, hates being the center of attention), but as far as having things in common, such as shared interests, I’m at a loss. We don’t share any astrological stuff either with the exception of his one lone planet (Venus) in Aquarius vs. my 5 planets in that sign.

    The Mr. on the other hand, well I have Virgo rsing and his moon is there, too. We’re both hermits by nature but as far as shared interests, nada there too. He’s the outdoor type, I’m not. His idea of a fun time is camping – really roughing it. Me, I like my electricity and running water, thank you very much! It’s nearly impossible to find things to do that we both enjoy, but we’ve been together 22 years and it just keeps getting better, so we must be doing something right.

    I’m a little bummed out tho, to realize I don’t have much in common with my family!

  13. My Dad.
    His Mercury is 18 degrees Scorpio; my Sun is 16 degrees Taurus.
    His Moon/Mars is 15 degrees Taurus.
    His North Node is 9 degrees Cancer; my Moon is 9 degrees Capricorn.
    His Pluto is 26 degrees Leo; my ASC is 26 degrees Sagittarius.

    I don’t have his exact birth time, but have a pretty good idea of his chart otherwise.
    We almost never argue and we always have a lot to talk about. He trusts me with personal information and we share a love of travel, philosophy, and spirituality.

    We went to India together for 6 weeks during my SR (Leo) and the bonding time was life-altering.

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