Is Astrology Too Revealing?

I looked at my progressed chart, then I looked at my husband’s progressed chart.  I shook my head, thinking, “This is more than I want to know”.

Deciding to write this, I clicked off the chart. But I was drawn back, like an idiot to some kind of vortex.

I should not look again but I probably will. Like after lunch, maybe, or later tonight.

Have you ever looked at a chart or a series or combination of charts and deemed them to be too revealing?

18 thoughts on “Is Astrology Too Revealing?”

  1. yes and no. usually the revelations occur after the relationship has run its course, and i’m brooding/stewing/nursing a wound. i am unsure if i have the clarity of vision to look unbiased on charts of those with whom i posess a deeply emotional attachment, if that makes sense.

    i will say that i have managed to spot ‘trouble’ on the horizon, especially looking ahead at some people’s progressed charts. it only becomes hazy when i add myself into the mix.

  2. Yea, sometimes I’ll wait until I see how the charts play first and leave my mind open. I’m going to have a Pluto opposition to my Sun and Moon when my parents are elderly. Although it may not be literal, the odds are in favor of the literal interpretation. It suggests it would be at a ripe old age, but I don’t think I need to know!

  3. Yup. I worry (not really, but sorta) about my head exploding, so I too step away from the charts for a bit. ::phew, head spared once again::

    A nonastrologer friend said, “Anyway, whatever the astrology is, my stars are aligned because… (and named the events and new projects represented by those chart features)” Funny how that works, huh?

  4. If it concerns me I always want to know what’s going on: whatever it is: come with it.
    At the time I did not want to know I paid very high prices. When I think back on that. I get stomach ache!

  5. Sometimes. But I’ve learned that a chart can only reveal the potential of a person and the choices they can make. And it’s interesting to compare the life experience of a person to their chart and see how much of that they’re fulfilling it.

    For instance, I have a friend who has a powerful chart but isn’t fulfilling her full high potential. She’s grappled in insecurity which isn’t represented in her chart. It is still a matter of free will and taking action. She’s beginning to see that now. Astrology reveals but it doesn’t dictate.

  6. Please tell more about asteroid Sappho! Most astrologers don’t know what to do with it. Asteroid Juno is also quite controversial.

  7. Absolutely. I mostly find these insights unsettling. And yet, It’s as if I have to know. Scorpio/pluto, I suppose.

  8. Yes. I looked at a friend’s chart and saw Pluto in tight opposition to her Sun, and mentioned that it was often a sign of childhood abuse…..uh oh…

  9. My ex had Venus square Neptune and Neptune square Mars – in one chart. Neptune was smack dab on his DC.

    I didn’t see it before the relationship was over and it was a total eye-opener. How come I didn’t see it? I think I didn’t WANT to see it. So… Neptune in my 11th house closed my eyes…

    I searched this site for this aspect and it all started to make sense. Also, his sun is quincunx Pluto. A bit of projecting never hurt anyone – or not in this case with the above aspect and Mars in his Libra detriment, close to Pluto. In the 5th house even. My oh my. All that repressed rage….

  10. Kind of… I looked at a chart recently and it became clear that the other person is more in command of themselves or intense, or something that means they are likely to be the dominant one in the relationship in a few years. (Synastry, one sign was a personal planet aspecting more passive planets, that I don’t have too much conscious control over of).

    This goes against “traditional gender roles” and I wondered if I needed to know that.

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