Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Dream

subconscious.jpg There is a slight bubble in the linoleum on my kitchen (Moon). Last night I dreamed it was moving. It was sort of bubbling up further and eventually I could see it was someone’s back pushing up from the crawlspace below trying to break through the floor.

As soon as I had that thought, I could see this was for sure the case and further, the floor was so bowed they were definitely going to be successful.

One of my stepbrothers was there… I haven’t seen in 30 years and the guy (it was a man) actually did bust through the floor and pop up among the splinters looking hideous.

I called the police and left the house, my stepbrother had a rope and was going to do something to the man – choke him perhaps?

My stepbrother is a Sadge, known for travel not saving and protecting and in whatever case, pretty soon the thing, which I took to be my subconscious was outside looking for me so I just started talking to the thing while noting it’s physical characteristic (It had 2 gross teeth) so I could tell the police.

But soon I realized the police were irrelevant in the situation because I was just talking to my subconscious / a part of myself and I got out of bed thinking this was a pretty good start to the day considering.

5 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Dream”

  1. I had a dream about my mom and I trying to run a plastic knife over my wrist and sliding it back and forth. I remember in my dream I was telling her, “go ahead, I am not going to bleed, it won’t do anything.” and so we kept doing that until I saw my skin slit open and red red blood starting spilling out of the cut. I woke up immidiately and have not been able to stop thinking about this dream since. Can someone help me??

  2. It is a fun description of the moster (disrupting in your kitchen) obvioulsy something inconscient,… and I can not relize who is bursting in your life in your day to day life. It is interesting the simbolism of the rope usually associated with a bond (some sort of unsucessfull bond?)
    I don’t know, however always is a mess to interpret a dream. Once I had a dream with a horrible women attacking me. Soon I realized it was a dream (in fact previously I realized it was a dream, I was exploring a wonderfull house) that women was so disturbing, then very terrified I asked her: ‘What is your meaning? “You Have not a man” she answered,… my panic: being a women without a man in taht moment… Can you believe?

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