Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Pluto Direct – Will This Pregnancy Ever End?

Pluto has slowed to a craaaawl and will turn direct on September 9th. I thought I’d remark on how this feels, the transit in tight aspect to my natal Moon.

I am sick most the time. My stomach is roiled up this is, especially when the Moon transits the late degrees in one of the mutable signs. I really look forward to the end of this sort of like being 9 1/2 months pregnant, at that point you’ve had it and you just want the baby out of you.

I wonder if this will be like a pregnancy in that once the baby is born, you’re looking at another nine months to recover, at least. And what about post-postpartum depression, hmm?

I didn’t suffer that when I had children and hope I am able to ride the wave down a third time. Could I be that lucky? It almost seems improbable.

(yes, those are my kids)

8 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Pluto Direct – Will This Pregnancy Ever End?”

  1. What a precious picture. I had post-partum dep. with both my kids, and I tell ya it makes you want to kick Tom Cruise in the nuts.
    Hmm..I didn’t know the planets could have such a physiological effect.

  2. shell, I think it’s turmoil of emotion. Like Scorpio tends to stop eating when they are upset. This is very common. Just try to feed an upset Scorpio, many of them will take your head off for bothering them with such trivia.

  3. Wow, you’re right. When something happens and I’m upset, I don’t want to eat and consider it part of the silver lining of whatever has transpired. You know, easy dieting! 🙂

    I had bad post-partum depression. I try not to think about it and almost never go there mentally. I wonder if some signs/aspects are hit harder than others. I also always felt sort of uneasy/restless as a mother. I do my best, and feel much more competent with emotional/intellectual stuff than the more mundane things that other mothers seem to do in their sleep. It’s hard to explain. Probably the best thing I do for my heavily Aquarian cutie pie is instinctively give him a lot of rope. He’s got a 4H Gemini moon and I’d like him to feel that his mom “gets” him.

    Kinda long and self-indulgent, thanks for listening!

  4. I’ve had crazy nausea in the last month. I guess it’s nerves or something. I don’t normally suffer from this sort of thing but Pluto has been conjunct my ASC for quite some time now.
    Maybe it’s the lead up into direct action that has me in knots.

    Regardless, thanks for the reminder!

  5. Pluto starts to grind out whatever there is to grind out in a sign when it first enters and the pressure slowly increases as it moves through the degrees. When it gets to the 29th degree we are just about all ground out, max pressure. It’ll get easier when our friend Mr P goes into Cap and the grind starts again fron zero (I hope). I for one have just about had enough..

  6. Yes, I look forward to Pluto going direct too. At last! As a Sag sun I’m really looking forward to Pluto leaving the sign altogether – damn – its been in Sag since 1995! and am possibly unrecognisable to the person I was before then. And its been travelling thru my 8th house…sooo transformation as been the name of the game and I survived it and become more whole. Phew! Looking forward to the release of that pressure…and into a different kind of pressure in Cap?
    I find it interesting that there are some Sun signs that never get to experience Pluto through their sun sign in their life time…what does that mean?

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