Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Pregnant Capricorn

My Pluto Moon transit feels like being 9 1/2 months pregnant. Obviously they’ll be a baby very soon, right?

But you never know these things for sure, especially if you have Capricorn!

Most women go to the hospital in labor expecting to come home with a baby. I went to the hospital in labor thinking it would be a miracle if I came home with a baby. You know. All the stars would have to align, plus it would take an act of Congress for me to get what I want.

Capricorn is a trip. Can you relate?

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8 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Pregnant Capricorn”

  1. oh yeah. in fact I used one of your lines tonight: what exactly are they going to do to me? hit me with a baseball bat??

    at this point in my life you have to really try hard to show me something I haven’t seen and the expectations are pretty low.

  2. Pluto will soon be transiting my sun… congratulations it’s a boy…!
    Yes Capricorn has more to do with career than babies I think despite… Barbara Bush has been a very pregnant “Capricorn Moon girl”! (Moon Capricorn conjunct Jupiter)
    I am currently working on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie… no doubt that…Brad Pitt’s Capricorn Moon is having lots of babies (well… adopted… babies)!

  3. I often feel much more connected to Aquarius (rising) or Sagittarius (a stellium with Mars/Sat/Merc) but I have Sun in Capricorn and I HAD to smile when you said you went into the hospital expecting not to come home with a baby. That underlying pessimism/fear is always there, but also the Cap dark humor that sees it in oneself (at least in non-pathological Caps, not sure about Nixon!)

  4. o_O
    I can’t relate. I have a critic for capricorns: you tend to find patterns too soon. if something happens twice you see a pattern, and are very shocked if it doesn’t happen the same thing the third time. WTF ?

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