When Does A Person Discover Their Destiny?

zodiac bubble braceletI was talking to a client about destiny and/or a person’s vocation. I recalled really wanting a boyfriend from the time I was five years old.  By the time I was six, I was rabid in this regard. I had an embarrassing crush on a fifteen year old neighbor boy back then.  I had no earthy idea why he was so annoyed by me.  I was introduced to astrology when I was eight years old. I had a rabid interest in it as well.

My husband is similar. He’s always known he wanted to be a soldier.  There is film of him throwing a huge tantrum at five years old after a barber gave him something other than the G.I. Joe haircut he desired. He was infuriated. He also knew he wanted to marry and have kids when he was very young.

Things are not clear cut for some. There are a number of reasons why.  For example, an abusive childhood can derail you.

Can You Overcome An Abusive Childhood?

You may also have a chart with a lot contradictions.  Gemini is rarely single-minded. Virgo mutates, Pisces flows, etc. But even if your chart is inordinaily complicated, every single one of us has a purpose.

This might irritate people but it’s interesting to think about. My husband also believes a person has a purpose but a person’s main purpose may be to pull some kid out of the street before he’s hit by a car.  Why?  Because the kid is going to grow up and do something significant that will impact many.

This child is important but you are just as important if you’re the one who saves his life when he’s six years old.

I think a lot of people aren’t sure what their destiny is. It would have to be looked at on a case by case basis, but I suspect they may be living their destiny. In that case, it’s something else that eludes them.

Have you discovered your destiny or your life purpose?  What do you think about this?

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  1. agreed about the abusive childhood… I’ve been so lucky to find my own way but to heal the beliefs systems around my self-esteem has been incredibly challenging and I can see why most never resolve it. My spirituality and faith have been key.

    As for my purpose, well Neptune Saturn transit is sort of derailing that… praying to God I come out on the other side of clarity around this when Neptune starts to move off next yr

  2. Well, I always wanted a boyfriend from say, age 5 on (Sun in 7th/on descendant), but I couldn’t get one if I sold my soul to the devil. So that hasn’t worked out At All.

    I also think performing is for me (Mars in Leo on MC), but I’ve decided to try to not get famous because fame is dangerous. You have to be careful how much you are seen these days. Not too much and not by a lot of people. I have to be careful where I shine.

  3. Very interesting topic!
    I haven’t discovered my destiny or my life purpose.
    I think it must be a wonderful thing for those who do know what they’re here for, it gives meaning to life. (And without this, it’s just floating along…)
    If everything is predetermined, then so is the lack of life purpose, I guess. Perhaps for some it arrives later in life.
    I’m wondering about the statistics – what percentage of people know (or think they know) what their life purpose is? 5%? 15%? 50%? Mabye it’s impossible to evaluate this!!!
    But if you consider having children is a life purpose, then that concerns nearly half of the world’s population.

  4. I believe the North and South Nodes can give you a hint with regard to your life purpose. Add the respective zodiac signs and houses to flesh out your potential destiny markers.

    1. Your comment intrigued me Jayne. I am in my 50s and I am a Cap Rising. My natal north node is in Taurus [as far as I know]. I think my life purpose is to share life lessons that Saturn has taught me. I like practical, earthy and creative projects.
      Yes I always wanted a guy but that has not really materialized. I am going to persist and make it happen! 🙂

  5. I don’t think I’ve found my purpose, either. I *thought* I had, but when I followed that path, my life fell apart very quickly.
    I quite like the idea of saving another person as a destiny, and ties in with us all being linked as one. Hmmm… lots to think on here, it has opened a door for me a little more.

  6. 12thHouseMars

    I always wondered if the asteroid #6583 Destinn had anything to do with destiny. Mine is at 7 degrees Pisces. My north node is at 22 degrees Aries.

  7. I think I missed my calling. I should have been a psychologist. People come to me when they need to talk, when they need encouragement, when they need help trying to figure things out. My north node is in Sag 1st house. Other than sharing my philosophy on life I am not sure I am attaining my life purpose.

  8. I do think my purpose may be something like Elsa describes: being in the right place at the right time to pull someone out of danger. Or maybe take a bullet for someone. Or maybe die in a situation like the Champlain tower collapse that puts attention on failures of policy or politicians. Fine with me! My day to day life is a pleasure for me, but not going to change the world, so I would love my death to be helpful to others in a big way if it could.

  9. The Nodes and destiny seem to be linked. They pull together the past and point us towards purpose and destiny.
    The Black Moon has a similar function and when it closely aspects the Moon Nodes -coming upon a calling is more urgent.

  10. Probably around the time they first experience or question the notion of redemption. To see value for ones actions or choices. The long and winding road that leads right back to the “ home you’ve built by yourself.

  11. I must confess that I am really jealous of anyone who has had a clear persistent sense of purpose since childhood.

  12. Mine is taking care of “all the small things”. I was a stay at home mom for 18 years, followed by a rebooted career as a veterinary nurse.

    My chart is dominated by Leo and Virgo with emphasis on houses 5 and 6.

  13. I know this is very late in commenting, however this seems to fit me to a “T” ~Purpose is what I yearn for~

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