Capricorn – Old When They’re Young and Young When They’re Old?

capricorn vintage mugNeith writes on the Hapless Capricorn blog: “…Besides with lots of Capricorn, you have the added benefit of growing “younger” . . . much to the disgust of the rest of us!”

Well Neith, as a matter of fact a few days ago another astrologer who reads this blog, (I am not going to name names ;-)) told me I did not act my age. She actually said this to me just like that!

And though I was too stunned to respond I realized a few minutes later I should take it as a compliment. I am sure it was intended that way and because if it’s true, this makes me a very successful Capricorn.

I don’t think Capricorn necessarily reverse ages like they say. Some of them remain dour to the grave. Some of them never loosen up. It is up the individual to look at all they’ve done and in the case of Capricorn, all they have endured and still must endure and decide enough is enough. I have paid my dues! I have paid them forty times over and further I think it’s my responsibility to enjoy myself so the young goats can see this can all work out!

It’s sort of like running a marathon. If you run a marathon and then want some pie, for Godsakes have the pie!

Do you credit yourself for endurance?

10 thoughts on “Capricorn – Old When They’re Young and Young When They’re Old?”

  1. Hey……I also said you didn’t look your age 🙂 My damn mercury/mars – so direct! And yes, coming from me, the biggest compliment XO

  2. Endurance? Oh god yes. And I know I don’t look my age. I’m nearly 30 but haven’t got a gray hair or wrinkle. *knocks wood* I’ve definitely paid my dues, though I know there are still tough times ahead. That’s ok though, cuz I’ve already come through hard as hell times and know I can handle more!

  3. I wasn’t going to out you Melody but now you’ve done it yourself! And I know what you said. I just didn’t want to flatter myself (at the moment – :-))

    You said, “You don’t look your age and you don’t act it either..”

    And no one has ever in my life said that to me! I was stunned. I didn’t answer because it was inarguable! Had it been arguable my Mars Mercury could have taken on your Mars Mercury and who knows?

    Ha ha ha

  4. I am routinely told that I don’t act my age. As one of the girls here at work says, you can’t tell that I’m the 32 year old mother of two!! 😀

  5. This spurred a lot of thinking (and a very long blog post) on my part. I’m not a Capricorn, but I do feel myself trying to capture youth in certain ways. Sometimes it’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s, well, childish.

    There is much wisdom in the advice to “take the pie.” I think I will pass that one on to a Capricorn friend of mine. 🙂

  6. Here it is again, another chance to pick up on your stuff almost a year later … and perfectly timed for me! Mahalo. Yup, this old goat has indured so much. The trick seems to be to STOP LOOKING BACK. Goat’s don’t go that in real life, and from their example I’m finally get’n the drift. Zigzagg’n the lowlands and the ledges which has been the landscape of my life I give myself that pie by not looking back to see if anyone’s coming (with another? or wanting a share). This is good to know.

  7. I’m 70. Most don’t believe it. Doctor thought I was 50 today. Flattery will get upu every where. But they doubke checked my birth date. Eitb all else we endure, aging slower is a benefit.

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