Recovering Your Energy After A Break-Up

We’ve discussed the energy of inanimate objects before: Astrology and the Energy of Inanimate Objects: Are You Sensitive? But another scenario has come up in my inner circle.

Recently one of my friends was betrayed by two of her friends, acting in concert. This betrayal ended her relationship with both, but one of them still has some of her stuff at his house.

My friend is not keen to see this man. She does not want to go thos his house, nor does she want to ask him to come to hers and return her stuff. However, she’s also not keen to leave her energy out there.

I don’t think much of this guy. If there is a break up of any kind, I feel you have an obligation to gather a person’s stuff that’s been left at your house and return their energy, but I realize not everyone would agree.

The stuff in question is significant. It’s not the end of the world if she does not get it back but leaving her energy out there is disturbing to her in queer ways. Have you ever been in this type circumstance?

How did you handle it and what in your chart do you think it is that drives you?

18 thoughts on “Recovering Your Energy After A Break-Up”

  1. I cut my losses, get all their sh**t outta my sight/life & disappear — either literally, figuratively, emotionally or all three. Sun conjunct Neptune in Libra. Scorpio Rising, Mars/Pluto conjunct MC square Venus (Sag) opposite Moon (Taurus).

  2. I voted cut my losses. I have plenty of things I would like to get back from a friend I split with last year (jewelry, clothes, books I had to import, talisman-style trinkets). When I am done, I am done, but yup it bothers me my stuff is out there. However never in a million years will I go there,mostly because I know that person well enough to know she will feign ignorance and I’d never get it anyway…and she is a very superstitious Scorpio who’s probably burned it and had a cleansing by now anyway, LOL!

    As for the astrology, I think it has to do with my grand fire trine involving Saturn (relationships) Neptune (disappearing act) and Mars (combat). I’m going to burn the last remnants of my energy thha’s left over there at her apartment and float off. or something.

  3. This is interesting, because I never thought of my energy as being mine as in belonging to me. Intention, yes, “stuff”, technically, yes, those things belong to me, but energy?

    I kind of see my energy as something that I am inhabiting at the moment, but that will pass on and morph into something else. I would no sooner try to hang onto it than I would try to hang onto my air I’m breathing at the moment, once it leaves my mouth.

    Interesting perspective, though!

  4. I never thought of this before. My ex has much of my stuff – Most of it I consider part of the split up – except he has my easel and that bothers me because it is so closely tied to my creative self.

  5. depends what the stuff is. most of the time, i can cut and run… you can replace stuff, and if the cost of replacement(s) or value of the item(s) is less than the discomfort brought about by seeing the person… who needs that? transcend, baby. Uranus in the 5th (trine midheaven) just gotta be free.

    on the other hand, i am in the process of acting as a “neutral party” for a friend trying to get her things bck from her ex. in this case, it’s a couple of manuscripts – i wonder if i’m bristling at his failure to return them because it is intellectual property that belongs to one of my friends – aquarius (idealism/intellect), with mars (fighting) cojunct mercury (for ideas) in the 7th and 8th (relationships)…?

  6. also, there’s a great scene in the last episode of he first season of The Unit on this theme – i don’t know if you’ve gotten that far yet though, so i won’t say anything else. 😉

    (ps: thanks for mentioning that show! my ex-soldier is enjoying it immensely!)

  7. I had to stop and reflect on this one. For years I didn’t have much “stuff” but did have some things stolen by someone I was involved with(Pluto/Moon transit). Totally gone, so forget about it. Generally this hasn’t been a problem since darn near all the people I parted ways with, the seperation was amiable. Lots of Libra/Venus in Sadge

    Exception: When I left a job about 4 yrs ago & there was a REAL slimy type coming in after me (reason I left). I cleared out all my files from the office & computer. This is all my Scorpio Mars/Mercury taking action. I completely trust those Scorp instincts . . . 🙂

  8. The only thing I really regret leaving behind was a diary – lots of creative stuff in there: I still miss it, but no chance of getting it back. For the rest: cut my losses and move on…some things belong in that episode, and that’s that – i don’t need them anymore.

  9. leo venus (that insists i be the one and only) and scorpio moon (uh, let’s just say, ‘not-nice’ feelings about exes) combine and i feel ‘creeped out’ by stuff left behind (never mind my energy being out there, how about my former possessions being ‘polluted’ by his energy? sheesh, who wants it back 😉 ) i also tend to slash and burn any gifts, clothes, books, photos or anything else leftover after a breakup. i’m not always proud of my behavior and it’s not always in my best self interest, but it is what is it.

  10. I don’t see my stuff as my energy per se, so I guess I am not very attached to things. I am very attached to people however, I think getting things that are important right away after a break up is important, and maybe a friend should go and get it vs you so that hurt feelings that are already so raw don’t need to be lit up further. So if possible get your stuff fast, if something remains get a friend to get it, if not important than for crying out loud leave the crap and replace it. How your doing emotionally after a break up is so much more important than crap/stuff.

  11. Oh I also have a tendency to get rid of things that remind me of a relationship, I will get rid of jewelry and perfumes etc. I think it helps to keep reminders out, and you want to start fresh and new, so its like spring cleaning. 🙂

  12. Generally I am not attached to my stuff. If I loan something out, then I generally won’t care when I get it back, unless I really want to use it again at the time (books, movies, music). I hardly ever loan out clothing because I’m quite attached to my appearance and I like options (ahhh, Leo).

    If I loan something out, I basically accept the possibility that I might not ever see it again. It’s happened before with some frequency.

    I don’t know about the aspects here. But I suspect that objects like DVDs, CDs, and books would be different from clothing (vanity)?

  13. I’ve had this happen, and usually the person that has my stuff seems never to recall that it was mine. Hrmmm. . .
    So I just let it go at that point, and seethe about it randomly whenever I miss having that particular object around.

  14. Wow, interesting discussion….

    Hmmmm Im not sure about this one I havent really been in a situation where things end badly enough that we cant be decent. (Libra/Pisces ASC/Sag Mars conj.Neptune) I think it would really depend on the object. If I gave anything as a gift or token I wouldnt want it back. I would like them to actually keep it as a memory of what we had and vice versa. I like the idea of leaving something behind

    I suppose it wouldnt really bother me unless the object was particularly sentimental to me say a journal or favorite book/dvd/cd which had an energy that I would lose if I brought a new one. However if it was a favorite item but didnt have an energy I was attached too, I would let them keep it and let them do with it what they will.

    I still really dont know how I feel about this energy thing though coz I guess when you enter a friendship/relationship its not yours vs their enegry but it becomes a mixed energy (which becomes an energy on its own) so how do you really take back things which become apart of this mixed energy??? Its all very fascinating.

  15. I don’t give away a lot of my stuff (Taurus Saturn) for the simple reason that I don’t get things back. I lost a lot of original release Ramones records that way. Even though that happened over 15 years ago…never again.

    Even though I don’t see my energy transferring to my stuff, I horde practically everything until I get sick of it, so it’s not like any exes even got the chance (save for that one exception) to get their hands on the stuff.

  16. Cut bait and bail. Almost without exception. Anything that’s THAT important to me, I wouldn’t give away.

    To the point: I have several CD’s that I’ve bought two or three times because I’ve lost or left behind copies somewhere else. The music is mine, though, whether or not I actually own the CD. Some things can’t be taken.

    (Come to think of it, I think this is why I tattooed the Bach on my arm…..)

  17. I said cut my losses. I think it’s my Pluto/Sun square. I need to transform myself entirely from tough experiences, and that includes letting things go, because if my stuff’s at an ex’s place, it’s got his energy all over it and therefore he can keep ’em and do with them what he wants. Just leave me out of it!

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