Saturn Transit the 9th House: Learning Anything?

shell asks on the Decoy Catholic blog:

“Do you find that many people go through a tough life-altering experience during a Saturn transit in the 9th house? I was just wondering because it seems many people turn to religion most especially when things like death, divorce, sickness, etc. happen? Or is it a natural transition from the 8th house to the 9th?”

Well, with Saturn transiting the 9th house you have to get serious and learn something I would say. Something that enhances your perspective. It could be religion but it could also be go back to school in general or study Vedic astrology or whatever else you can think of.

Whatever it is to be in my case, I am sure it will be made abundantly clear to me and also that it will be in my best interest seeing as Saturn is my ruling planet. Which is a theory of my sister’s by the way… I’ll turn that into another blog.

Anyone have Saturn transiting their 9th house? If so, are you studying anything?

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  1. Hmmm….I think I got serious about school again and re-enrolled during my Saturn in the 9th. I don’t know how to see transits (you know my ignorance-is-bliss policy!), but I’m 26 right now and at the time of my birth Saturn was in the 11th. If I do the math, I *think* Saturn was maybe leaving the 9th when I got back into school??

  2. Oh wait, now that I think about it, I also started reading about Buhddism during this time because I was desperately searching for a way of spirituality other than what I had known, Catholicism (which wasn’t working out for me). Buhddist philosophies really helped me out during that time, and still does.
    Oh wow….okay, I did go through a really rough time in what I think was Saturn transiting my 8th house. Really tough time. It was basically a death of everything I had known. And this was why I was searching for another way.
    I think I just answered my own question ๐Ÿ™‚

    I Looooove this place. It makes me think.

  3. Got Saturn going through my 9th right now and hit some huge road blocks with school. No signs of getting religion anytime soon, but I started getting serious about astrology early into the placement. This was after coming out of Saturn in Leo transiting my 8th, where I was going in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals trying to find a doctor who could tell me what was wrong with my heart.

    Currently, finances are strapped (got Cap on my 2nd) and I don’t have the monetary resources needed to go to school. I dropped out early this semester so I could get the tuition money back, and don’t know when I’ll be heading back in.

  4. saturn in my 9th was my best/worst house transit so far. i had saturn in my 9th starting around a year after i graduated high school, from 2001 to 2003. i went from having a casual interest in astrology before that to seriously studying it on my own, in my own way. i wouldn’t look at it as some kind of religious relation because i’m so cynical, but the search for meaning/understanding/pattern was definitely there. saturn and pluto were opposite in aspect to my sun at the time of 9/11, and at the same time, like the public, i was having rude awakenings involving people at a distance. meanwhile, i was pressured into doing college which i didn’t think was for me at the time, ended up eventually registering for an astrology-related course… and naturally hated it. i didn’t finish because i didn’t see a point. by the time saturn left my 9th house, i didn’t want anything to do with school, astrology/ers, or “foreigners”. the month saturn went into my 10th house was pretty interesting in this respect.
    but three saturn-transit houses later, i have to say it was all necessary, and i certainly learned a lot. i also did a LOT of writing at the time, and that’s been really useful.

  5. When Saturn was going through my ninth (1990-1994) I was married for the very first time. One could say that my belief about self and life was somewhat adapted to suit my environment.

    I worked as a stone mason then and I tried hard to fit into an ideal life. I thought I could adjust from a previous lifestyle. Well, I did however that was before Pluto hit my descendant. It was too much to bare, all that restriction in my perspective of life. My Moon in Aquarius is in ninth.

    One thing to remember as Saturn transits through the Ninth, is that he is slowly culminating towards some measure of success at the tenth. I think for me, I was splashed over a couple of pages in the daily papers here, for my creative work when Saturn hit my 10th. I was divorced, had my freedom and got the rewards I was working towards (in the 9th) anyway. I started studying Astrology with committment at the end of the transit.


  6. Saturn transiting my 9th right now. Got Pluto at the end of that house and Sag ruling the roost. So I’ve packed my bags and headed for distant philosophical/religious pastures. Actually, this transit is bringing me back to earlier interests (about 15-17 years ago) in astrology. Right now I’m deep into self-study, but I’m a total autodidact, so that’s natural. I wonder how this transit will end because I’m completely ready for a professional overhaul and need more autonomy in my career. I suspect astrology will play a role there.

  7. I have Saturn transiting my 9th house and I am studying people and death in real life..

    I have also been taking marketing classes.

  8. I had Saturn in the 9th in 2005-2007. My Jupiter is also there, so it was hard to avoid the need to rethink my philosophy of life. It was a very painful period for me but ultimately edifying, teaching me that the pursuit of happiness (Leo rules 9th) is important, which my Saturnine nature tends to forget. I also picked up my serious interest in astrology at that time.

  9. I am a nutjob. Straight up… Got my Saturn in Virgo like everyone else. Geesh!

    I blame the antihistimine I took this morning.

  10. Saturn’s going through my ninth house right now…Let’s see, I’m going through the Artist’s Way program by Julia Cameron (I have Saturn in Leo, 8th house natally–creative reinvention of self?). Money’s been an issue the last few years. Can’t afford to go and finish my bachelor’s degree. I feel like I’ve been preparing for a new chapter in my life, too–I’ve been paring down my belongings…anything that doesn’t serve the person I am and the direction I’m going is out. I don’t know if I’m getting ready for a do-over or not (Pluto crossed my Ascendant last year for the last time and is now in my first house). My birth dad re-entered my life after more than two decades (this has really caused me to rethink my relationship with him and my view of things). I have Mercury and Venus in the ninth house…can’t wait for Saturn to hit them in the next year. That should be interesting.

  11. Yes!

    This was odd!

    My saturn is in 9th house,and

    I AM going back to school!

    For the first time in a long time that is.

  12. I am currently 22, a Virgo, and dropped out of school about 5 years ago. I went back last January 2008 for the first time in a long time to finish my high school. It was a choice made after my mom got cancer the previous summer 2007. She had cancer before back in 1995. By September 2007 I was considering going back to school for early 2008. I’m so grateful I did. Even though it’s been hard work, the Saturn transit has shown me i’m very capable and can achieve if I set my mind to it. I am somewhat forced also into this situation and have to keep on my toes otherwise I have people, authority figures, that come down hard on me. Saturn does not tolerate laziness when it’s in your sign. You can run but you can’t hide. LOL! I plan or hope to graduate by the end of 2010 if not sooner.

  13. I exited a religious cult during a Saturn transit to my 9th house. I actually also had Mercury, Venus and Sun in the 9th at that time, too.

    The transiting Saturn was conjunct my natal Chiron and Jupiter at the time as well, and all three were within 5 degrees of the MC.

  14. I did not have Saturn transiting my ninth house yet (only if you consider the ninth house starting from the natal sun, and there you go, I am finishing a PhD). My natal position of Saturn in 9th makes me study really hard, a kind of scholar position, or self-teached. I think it gives ability to research, science and teaching. I also makes me very sober and serious. Others see me too sober, serious and hard-learning. I am not religious but deeply spiritual that I found by myself. I did not had a religious education. Before I was spiritual, I was very skeptical! This position makes one not to believe but to prefer to realize existence of something by proof or empirical evidence or life experience.
    Somewhat I mistrust the academic structures in our society. This position also makes me very law-abiding and interested in ethics. I guess this is a position for astrologers ans sages, since astrology is in fact higher law. I am interested also in philosophy and also in politic ideals (left wing libertarian but not radical). I live abroad but encountered some distancing from my natal culture. There is a long struggle to find my life (and career) purpose!!

  15. Saturn moved into my 9th house recently and out of the blue my old college friend came from across the country to visit. We had a great time attending Olympics events. She asked me to go to church with her. She left me a bible as a present and a few books on God We had lots of talks about religion, evolution and the meaning of life. Being agnostic, it left me feeling strangely vulnerable and opened something up. Does astrology and religion go hand in hand?

  16. I have Saturn transiting my 9th as we speak(natal in libra in the 10th). I’m in college and have now finally found my major and what I want to do with my life…clinical psychology. After denying my interest in the area of the mind for so long I’ve given it the passion free range. Guess my Gemini sun and scorp moon play a part as well. lol

  17. I have to wait until 23rd September for this, Saturn is still in my 8th house, and I really want this transit to end. My 9th house starts at 6ยบ54′ Libra and natal Pluto is 7ยบ43 libra … sometimes I fear a lot, some others I just go with the flow.

  18. I have Saturn transiting my 9th right now at 11* and it is conjuncting my Pluto. This has brought about a desire to write, but as my 9th house is all Libra and only 2* of Virgo (the cusp of my 9th), as soon Venus went retrograde, legal crap came up. I am not able to go back to school and am not doing much new religion-wise but plan on going back to church here soon. For me, this transit is about trying to get published (maybe that will happen in 2 more degrees when Saturn transits my north node) and handling legal battles.

  19. Saturn is transiting my 9th house and will be going into my 10th in 2012. Indeed, I am in school. I already have a degree in the medical sciences, but I am now going to school for design. I have discovered that I absolutely need to have a career that will allow me to create.

    It has been tremendously difficult to stay in school, though. Especially since I’ve come to the realization that design most likely isn’t what I am supposed to be doing. I am in the right arena, but wrong specialty. I have already paid for a year of the college, so I am unable to switch majors. Darn that Saturn! My major should be in communications, not design. I dissected my natal chart, and the talent of “writing” appeared in virtually all of the areas that discussed careers and talents.

    I believe that I was placed into the “wrong” degree major so that I can somehow be lead to do what I’m supposed to be doing. That being said, I suppose I just need to take this “wrong major” situation and work towards turning it into an advantage–I presume that Saturn would appreciate that, and perhaps allow me to reap the rewards that will hopefully await me in the 10th house!

  20. Saturn’s mid-way thru my 9th, and it retrogrades to check things out. I’ve been studying astrology and putting into practice in real life application since discovering your blog. We were just starting to rebuild our life and the tiny home.

    Astrology continues to be a big classroom. I’m making friends with Saturn and that is a very big lesson. My philosophy becomes clearer, able to know myself with fewer excuses, and that’s something!

  21. Hello, I have Saturn transiting my 9th at the moment. It is conjoining my natal Pluto at the moment and will soon be conjoining my natal Uranus. Astrology and spirituality are two areas I’m keen to study now, but for some reasons, obstacles are springing up in my life that prevent me from doing so. Heavy family and job responsibilities are making it impossible for me to devote some serious time to my studies, so I wonder whether I’ll have learnt anything by the end of this transit :)) Hopefully, when the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is over, the conditions will improve and I will be able to get on with my studies.

  22. I got back into drawing for a while, photography, and seriously thought about going back to school. It was my Saturn return, and I should have done so.

  23. Hello, I also have Saturn transiting my 9th house at the moment. It is conjoining my natal Moon/Pluto conjunction as we speak, moving slowly to my Uranus and everything is happening in Libra ๐Ÿ™‚
    So, ladies, i am planning to go back to school and study computers! And my interest in astrology became deeper. The last 6 months been doing a lot of selfstudy on the subject.
    Pluto is right on top of my asc and my appearance has drastically changed as well, became much more feminine.
    I do feel am headed to a major transformation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. hi elsa…greetings from india,,,starting from nov 11 saturn will enter my 9 th house libra and will conjuct natal ven and mars there an oppose retrograde saturn in aries…i hav aqurius ascdt and scorpio moon

    so wht can i expect during this transit

  25. hi elsa
    i have part scorpio and sagit part spread across 9th house with moon and neptune.thats what i think as i am not well versed on charts..anyway
    so elsa please tell that is saturn reaponsible for passing away of my father 2O days back? 8th saturn was terrible for me,loosing job, financial ruin etc. bte u spoke of learning apart frombharsh lessons saturn isnteaching i have suddenly developoed interest in learning chinese and french!!! lets c hownfar can give ur inpute

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