Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: The 8th House Speaks About Love, Ritual, Anger And Orgasms

Heather M writes on Pluto Transit – Caught By The Crotch:

“I see how relating on that deep level so instantaneously would be eighth house. Caught by the crotch.”

Yeah, Heather M. – We just started acting out a deeply rooted ritual and in fact we still do this. You can see it in the fighting. We fight in way that is primal which I think is why people are so stunned when they witness it.  You just know you are dealing with some kind of phenomenon.

swearing below the break

For the new readers here, there was an incident when the soldier and I were kids. I was 17, and a bartender back then and the soldier (he was 19) and I were out one evening.  We were out drinking and dancing in a super popular bar which is not the kind of place we usually frequented but in whatever case we were there that night and a man asked me to dance.

The man was a customer of the bar where I worked and feeling obligated, I said yes and walked with him out to the dance floor.  The soldier had gone for drinks or was talking to someone he knew – I don’t remember. But he eventually came back to where he’d left me, I was gone and when he spotted me on the dance floor he saw red.

He immediately asked some girl to dance and came and danced right alongside me… this sexy Latin stuff and I went fuckin’ insane. I mean, I came unglued.  Up on my toes I started yelling hysterically, arms waving, I was going to kill everyone, I guess.

The girl who was dancing with the soldier RAN from the dance floor. The man who was dancing with me also sized up the situation and retreated. The soldier started yelling.

He started yelling, I continued to yell, and then he yelled and I yelled and as you might imagine, the whole dance floored cleared. People literally RAN from the dance floor and pretty soon the bouncers were upon us.

dance-floor.jpgThe bouncers came after me not him and when they did I got even hotter.  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU BOTHERING ME FOR,  I yelled indignantly!  Because I was a bartender, see. Never mind the fact I am 17, underage, not even supposed to be in a bar. I run a bar you assholes!  I call the bouncers on people, not the other way around! But next thing you know, I am being escorted outside the bar, yelling the whole time and plotting to kill the soldier… motherfucker that he is!

The bouncers let me go outside the bar; the soldier had followed us out.  Seeing him, I immediately start screaming and waving my hands, he was yelling himself.  Eventually he handed me my motorcycle helmet which I immediately start swinging at him… at both his head and his crotch with all my might. He ducked.

He swears I was trying to kill him but I am telling you, I did not really want to hit him because if I did want to hit him, I would have. I was just making a show of it, the son of a bitch and when I realized I did not want to hit him in reality, I moved on to the his motorcycle and smashed that instead just to say I hit something and at this point the bouncers decided to get re-involved.

The soldier and I were both yelling and we were just fine.  But here comes three men, walking up behind me ready to tackle me, I guess.  Seeing them coming the soldier warned them – “You leave her alone! Don’t you motherfuckin’ touch her or I will kick your ass, all of you!”

I looked over my shoulder, saw the bouncers and warmed to the soldier.  “Want to get out of here?” he asked.


pancakes-ck-222326-l.jpgOn that note, he got on the bike, I got on it behind him, put my arms around him and we rode off.  “Want to go to breakfast?” he asked over his shoulder.


We stopped somewhere and had pancakes and we were our normal., happy as hell. In fact we sat on the same side of the booth, holding hands under the table the way people who love each other often do and the message was this:

Don’t fuck with us. Even if we are fucking with each other, don’t fuck with us and people seem to get this loud and clear.   And here is the 8th house point again:

This dance is PRIMAL and whatever the script is, it is embedded in our psyches and anyone who thinks they are going to alter it with some superficial crap…. Well, they’re not.

I can tell you that in the moment it is like being (jointly) possessed.  And it is not comfortable however it is and when you are involved in something like this it’s okay.  It is like an orgasm actually. How the hell do you explain or define an orgasm?  It defies words, don’t you think?  So this is our situation and I think we’ll keep it…

10 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: The 8th House Speaks About Love, Ritual, Anger And Orgasms”

  1. Oh my gosh Elsa, this sounds so much like mine and my husbands first two years of dating. Just pure primal passion. We spent a lot of time at the clubs, alcohol in hand…no wonder it was usually a disaster. I’m so glad those days are over now, and it’s nice to look back and laugh at it. But we’re both stubborn as hell, so we still have the occassional no-holds-bar blow out.

    No wonder your soldier would get jealous, you look like Ashley Judd in that picture. Gorgeous!

  2. Whoa, Elsa, nice illustration.

    I love that transition from hitting with a helmet to “Want to get out of here?” 😀

    I spend so much time in this Pluto territory as well. Venus in Aries 12th opposition Pluto Libra, Neptune in 8th, Scorpio Moon in 7th. My own relationship dynamics are really hard to understand from an outsiders perspective. I don’t know. . .I have a hard time really being intimate in any form with people who are not Plutonic. And primal.

  3. “I have a hard time really being intimate in any form with people who are not Plutonic. And primal.”

    I feel similar and very disoriented when people talk to me on another level. I just think, “Drat! How can I get out of this before something snaps!!” ::smiles::

  4. Elsa, you really nailed this one…god…it sounds like the relationship I’m in right now. He has Sun, Venus, Mercury in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra. I have Moon in Aries, which opposes Pluto in Libra both in my natal chart and in our composite charts. We cannot stop bickering this entire damn weekend! I’m confused, because the last time we hung out, we had an absolute blast. It’s making me sad and I’m trying to deal with this, because I know that I have a tendency to call it quits and throw the towel in at the first sign of trouble. So…

  5. Heh heh: 8th House Notes from the Animal Kingdom

    “The Antarctic fur seals of Marion Island are the only ones known that eat king penguins. The thrill of the hunt felt by the seal the researchers saw may have channeled into its sex drive, as the mating season had just come to an end.

    ‘It may have wanted to eat [the penguin] and half-way through the chase changed its mind,’ de Bruyn speculated. ‘I personally believe the link between aggressive and sexual behavior is evolutionarily far closer linked than we currently believe. This has obvious implications for humans.'”

    the full story is on the news wires

  6. re:
    “I have a hard time really being intimate in any form with people who are not Plutonic. And primal.”

    …i try to explain that i’m pretty intense about such experiences but people often don’t quite seem to get it…. i really just can’t do “casual” and apparently i’m “too intense” for some people. and i just don’t see it…

    ‘course all my leo is saturn so i usually don’t tend to make scenes 😉

  7. What is funny about this, is at the time the soldier weighed about 155 pounds, soaking wet. Yet still those bouncers backed off which was smart because he’d already killed someone by then (self defense). Ha ha ha, just hope we don’t show up in your town. 😉

  8. nice story, pretty girl and nice end!
    you are becoming a real psychic Elsa; Moon Pluto 12 house and this is not a disease!!:))

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