Pluto In Capricorn Stations – Retrograde Dates & Degrees

Capricorn brown goatPluto will retrograde back into Capricorn on June 12th, 2023. I want to consider what we can expect from this, post the changes and various revelations, stemming from Pluto’s short stay in Aquarius.

Pluto will go back and forth between the two signs, before settling in Aquarius in November of 2024.  If you have planets in the late degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), or early Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), I’m sure you can feel the quaking.

I put together this list of the dates and degrees when Pluto changes direction, back in to 2017, to assist in tracking and planning.

April 20, 2017: Pluto retrograde @ 19 degrees Capricorn
September 28, 2017: Pluto direct @ 16 degrees Capricorn
April 22, 2018: Pluto retrograde @ 21 degrees Capricorn
October 1, 2018: Pluto direct @ 18 degrees Capricorn
April 24, 2019: Pluto retrograde @ 23 degrees Capricorn
October 3, 2019: Pluto direct @ 20 degrees Capricorn
April 25 2020: Pluto retrograde @  24 degrees Capricorn
October 4, 2020: Pluto direct @ 22 degrees Capricorn
April 27, 2021: Pluto retrograde @ 26 degrees Capricorn
October 6, 2021: Pluto direct @ 24 degrees Capricorn
April 29, 2022: Pluto retrograde @ 28 degrees Capricorn
October 8, 2022: Pluto direct @ 26 degrees Capricorn
May 1, 2023: Pluto retrograde @ 0 degrees Aquarius
October 11, 2023: Pluto direct @ 27 degrees Capricorn
May 2, 2024: Pluto retrograde @ 2 degrees Aquarius
October 12, 2024: Pluto direct @ 29 degrees Capricorn
November 19, 2024: Pluto enters Aquarius

*Note confusionconfusion shared these dates: Pluto @26, 27, 28 degree dates. Thanks!

Do you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal signs?  How’s it going?

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    1. Hi, I don’t know how to start my own comment thread. I have a using this on my phone, so maybe I’m not seeing it. I’m not really replying to your comment. I just need to make my own here… I am experiencing tremendous .Hi, I don’t know how to start my own comment thread. I have an using this on my phone, so maybe I’m not seeing it. I’m not really replying to your comment. I just need to make my own here… I am experiencing tremendous loss and upheaval in my life. I am just figuring out what is really going on here with this whole Pluto thing. My north notes are in a late degree of Capricorn. Can someone here help me figure out what some of these dates mean for me? Thank you!

        1. Thank you. I just created a new topic and a more in-depth question. Hopefully, I’ll hear from someone!

  1. Thank you for the list- I’ll save it.

    Pluto is going to square my Venus. I can feel it, very faintly, 5 degrees out from a square to my Venus right now. I have a slight sense of dread- of being uprooted/ soul stripped – flashes of things – I have an uneasy feeling about this transit. I guess all I can do is try to keep my eyes open and try not to hang on to anything too tightly. When I think of trying to lock things down, I remind myself that may not be the best idea.

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    Neptunian Placebo

    Mercury 26°, Jupiter 28° Capricorn. Multiple hits. I’m really curious about Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

  3. Pluto will conjc. (exact) my Cappy Sun at 26 degrees, twice. How does a Pluto-Sun conjunction play out??? Help!

  4. This frankly horrifies me. I have Sun at 22 Libra, Neptune at 23 Libra, and Saturn at 29 Libra. Twelfth house. I don’t know what to expect but doubt that it will be good!

  5. Nice. So this is going to rock and roll back and forth over my 22 degree Cancer asc. Until October? For Pete’s sake!!! Oh well…its almost killed me already….whatev!!!!

    1. Hey Soup. You lived 🙂

      In 2017 you had no idea yet that you would be living 800 miles from home leaving behind your job, home, family/friends and way of life. You even lost a Uterus & two precious dogs. MOST important YOUR FATHER- in the process while (right now) you are watching your mother and best friend die. (Uranus in the mix too)

      You had no idea what *October 4, 2020: Pluto direct @ 22 degrees Capricorn would feel like* But now you know. When Pluto hit your 22-degree DSC you could feel that energy vibrate through your soul. It was intense and life changing but not where anyone could see it.

      It changed the way you see relationships past present and how you will move through them in the future. You learned so much. You learned about over giving, self-worth & all that this means. You learned that a Pluto transit may seem it will be one way but will be nothing like you thought.

      It’s personal. With Pluto it’s always personal. For growth. And now you know you signed up for it. Two years, four years … can changed every aspect of your life. Things you could never imagine happen. And things you couldn’t predict happen and sometimes fast. You learned this… you just have to let go. You have to let go, breathe, take the good with the bad even if mild depression sets in, even if you have to do it alone. You will do it soup. You will handle every transit moving forward. Why? Because you flat refuse to give up. You have tenacity in spades lady. No one can take that away from you. Tenacity and love. The kind of love that is worth something. The kind that sometimes you need to show yourself. You learned that the most important relationship you will ever have in your life is with yourself and that you are enough. You’re built to last.

      Love, Soup (the part of you that made it to the other side forever changed never to be the same)

      1. A few minutes after I wrote this I got a phone call. My Mother died. So I lost both parents in a little over a month.The unimaginable. I had no idea when I was writing this another loss was going to happen immediately. I am forever changed.

        1. 🙏💖💜💙💚💚💙💜💖🙏 I very much know the feeling. Here’s to the perennial hope that all our painful wounds & cracks will let in the most beautiful light!

        2. Wow soup. That is wild! I too got a phone call on January 29, 2023 that my mom died and it was so sudden and unexpected that I went into a deep state of grief and shock. Curious what transits you were having in January. For me, transiting Pluto was exact on my IC and I also have my moon at 26 degrees of Capricorn conjunct that IC point. I am so sorry for your losses. Losing both parents in such a short period of time is truly unimaginable. I am sending you so much love & comfort during this most difficult time and transition.

  6. Avatar

    Ooh, I’m in for some painful fun for the next couple of years haha. Well, what can I do but get up from the swamp (probably covered in it), walk through the pain and try again? I see this manifesting in my family life, my dad and how he treats both my mom and me. Plus it’s affecting my ability to function, feel happiness, and accomplish goals without fears crawlng about in the looming shadows.

    I’ve been reading The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk. The words have been been churning through my painful emotions and I’m realizing how I can heal. I’m realizing part of where I may have built these “shakes” in myself, while trying to build my career and my path.

    They may have come from what I’ve been told over and over by my dad: No one will ever like or love you, without some sort of potential malice attached. They shouldn’t be trusted, and you must always be achieving, protecting (hiding) or performing perfectly to receive love and belonging, or be rejected and cast away helpless, hungry and stupid.

    Wow Pluto in Capricorn, really nice messaging there! (Sarcasm ;)) In turn, this has come from my dad’s etched memory of being rejected and whispered about in his family. It isn’t great intel for happiness really. Legacy and inheritance shit is always the worst because its origins are more or less hidden.

    So, I am testing it, and wrangling with this theory and attempting to come to my own conclusions, ones that help me live, and be happy. Trying to build conclusions where I don’t have to take in every criticism I hear as I reflectin upon myself as a person. Then I dont have to perform for others, while attacking myself, snd hiding away in the swamp for so long. Thanks for listening…. hope this is helpful for someone else.

  7. Moon at 19 Cap in the 11th so it has begun for me. Chiron at 17 Sag in the 10th and Neptune at 17 Libra in the 8th have stepped up the game. Sun and Mercury are Cazimi at 27 degrees Capricorn (placidius house system in the 12th house, but in porphyry system in the 11th house). I expect that by 2030 my life will in no way resemble what it does now and I will be a different person – better, stronger, wiser it is to be hoped and is my goal, since I will be 80 years old then 🙂 Blessings to all on their life journeys.

    1. Yes, I thought you might say that. I recognized some of your planetary placements near mine. Stay healthy!

  8. Yes, my Sun at 27 Capricorn, and Mars/Mercury at 24 Capricorn are going to take a pounding in this process, but I am psychologically prepared.

  9. I’m immersed in a pluto soup, and will be for some time. Mars @ 19 Cap 10H, Venus @ 27 Cap 10H, and Sun @ 29 Cap 11H. My Moon @ 20 Cancer will also be affected by opposition. Pluto must have been right on my Mars in April this year, and I looked back at my diary and can’t recall anything to be worried about. I was busy, but I’m a Capricorn, so what’s new??

  10. Asc Capricorn 27
    Sun Libra 10
    Venus Libra 21
    Jupiter Aries 26

    Pluto and Uranus have both kicked my butt but I am a lot stronger and wiser for it. Pluto squaring my sun brought debilitating health issues. Uranus opposing Venus has brought a lot of weirdness into my love life. I guess the party’s gonna continue for another 5 years !!!

  11. I will have Pluto opposite natal Uranus 28 degrees in my first house. No ideas what that will mean except strange things happening to me?

  12. Pluto will leap frog between my 4th and 5th house, alternately squaring Neptune (21 degrees Libra) and Venus (28 degrees Libra). But it is sextiling my 7th house Pisces moon a good bit of the time. Take the blessings where they come.

  13. My Mother will experience a Pluto opposition at 27 Degrees Cancer around 2022 – what would this bring (Cancer her 7th House and she is a Capricorn)?

    1. That would be really interesting…for her to tell us what she experiences. I would think she would be able to see her deep roots…family, country, the whole of it. It would be incredible.

      1. Yes, she’s got Sun Moon Jupiter and Mercury in Capricorn and Mercury is 27 Capricorn too! 🙂 12 Jan 1937, but I don’t know her time of birth (she was a twin). Definitely up-date you nearer the time, as she’s very young for her age, so don’t expect her to pop off any time soon lol!

  14. Thank you so much this recap and timetable Elsa I truly appreciate it! I have been awaiting pluto in Capricorn since it first moved into this sign especially as it has edged its way to the end degrees because I have quite a few planets in cardinals in late degrees. It has been conjuncting my moon since 2017 – life has been tricky but I actually have been soaring in my career. It will be conjuncting my natal venus-pluto-saturn conjunct soon (another 2 years). I have to say I have been expecting doom but I think because I have a natal conjunct of venus-saturn-pluto which also squares my moon Im used to this energy and well it hasn’t affected as badly as I though it would. It is earlier days but Im optimistic – I speak pluto-saturn language and Im ready BABY! BRING IT ON!

  15. Hi Elsa! Long time reader of your blog, and a big fan, first time commenter though. I’m still trying to figure this stuff out. My asc. is 29° Cancer which makes my desc. 29° Capricorn respectly, correct? Does this mean I won’t really feel it until 2024 when it hits that degree? Because man, I could have sworn I’ve felt the lord of the underworld lurking for a long least since 2011/12 when a lot of major life changes began happening out of the blue. I have an empty 7th house so not sure it contacts or aspects anything natally. But 7th house being ruled by Saturn I’m guessing I can look to him for contact as well? Maybe it was Saturn I’ve been feeling all along, I did have my first Saturn return right around 2011/2012. Hmmm makes ya think.

  16. Hello, I am doing a long term project that lines up with different astronomical/logical events. Part of my project is going to span from when pluto first enters aquarius on May 1 2023, and will end when it has completely left Capricorn. I was wondering if you had an idea of what specific date pluto will completely exit Capricorn? I have November 19th written down from back in March when I first researched this, but can’t seem to find it now. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  17. I have already survived Pluto conjunct Neptune ( 6 degrees Capricorn), Pluto opposite Mercury and Venus (7 degrees Cancer), Pluto conjunct IC (14 degrees Capricorn), and Pluto Opposite my Sun (18 degrees Cancer). Saturn has also been around doing the same thing. I have Saturn conjunct my Moon ( 27 degrees Capricorn) coming up and then Pluto will follow. I cannot wait to move through all of this – Not going to be completely done until 2024. But I can say for sure I am definitely stronger. I will only have Saturn and Pluto opposite my Mars ( 3 degrees Leo) and then I will be done with Pluto for many many years.

  18. With Pluto being a slow traveling planet, what is it like the second and third time it passes over the exact degree compared to the first time? Is it always about the same thing or topic, or is something being thrown overboard to die with each passing?

  19. Hey! I am about to experiance pluto opposition moon. (Moon at 24° cancer 12th house pluto 24° transit through 6th house) any thoughts or know anyone who has gone through this.

  20. My capricorn sun is at 18 degrees and for me it was like my eyes were opened to things about my father i never realized before. Before i used to think he was frustrating and unpredictable but when pluto came along i realized it was all coercion and control and all very planned and he cares about no one but himself. It was quite painful how stupid i felt and how i cared about him for nothing but it had to happen.

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      Pluto’s Rag Doll

      Ahhh Pluto War stories. Cap Pluto 22 deg is currently trining my Virgo Sun at 22 deg, it’s not bad…however currently heading for divorce after 4 years of hell with someone I truly thought I knew. Some psychological damage and pain I’ll need to address ASAP But If you’re delusional, how do you know?

      Pluto’s shit sandwich was of course intensified by Uranus opp Uranus in Aries conjunct Chiron. So For now, Wounded & limping, but survived Opp Cancer Asc 1 deg, Saturn Opp 17 deg, Sq @ Merc, Mars & Pluto @ Libra 13, 1, 6 degrees. Still have to take one last bite with Uranus Libra in 5th house @ 25 deg. Pray to god isn’t going to be some catastrophe related to my children.
      Hang in there everyone 🙂
      There are some very positive things however which occurred during all these harsh transits. I stopped drinking @ cap 11 deg, exact sextile Jupiter 9th house (had battled trying to stop or control my drinking for years), and I also went back to college @ 16 deg (opp Saturn)and about to earn a degree in Sociology next Spring.

  21. I just realized Pluto is going to hit my Leo moon at 1 degree twice! Once in 2023 and then again in May 2024. Yaay! :/

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    Wanda Harding

    So, it won’t be long now and Pluto will conjunct it’s own degree in the U.S.A. chart. Pluto will complete a whole cycle of the Zodiac and be back at the point it was at for the birth of the U.S. … That, my friends, is the do or die time. Do we think the U.S. will be “reborn” … well, it has to “die” first. Figuratively speaking, but, in actuality it will be a very, very painful time. I actually do not think the U.S. will make it through in one piece. I do not see us coming through as one country. That’s me. I have been studying Climate Change for 15 years… we have “The Sixth Mass Extinction”… and Peak Oil… the U.S. has not been facing up to all these realities…. at all. The global economy is based on the Petro dollar. Pluto has been traveling through the U.S. second house… the fact that the dollar could stop being the basis of world currency exchange is going to be a huge issue … on top of all those others.

  23. Pluto in CAP is dancing back and forth right opposite my 22’54” Deg Cancer SUN. Pluto in the 5th House OPPO Sun in the 11th House.
    Interesting times. Pluto is a great change agent.
    In fact, it has given me detachment. Hindu philosophy preaches detachment without crossing the line into indifference.- need a delicate balance.
    If someone has similar Sun – Pluto opposition dance please share your experiences and current status.

    1. My Sun is at 27 degrees Cancer, and the hits just keep coming. Heavy responsibilities, crisis after crisis, no end in sight. The only way out is THROUGH. “When you’re going through hell, keep going!”

  24. I have my ascendant at 26 degrees capricorn and my abusive father just died. They are right about dying under pluto transits and mine started at mars 5 degrees capricorn, then Mercury 12 degrees capricorn, then sun 18 degrees capricorn. It has been one crisis after another and I am just exhausted. I hope I can feel happy again one day as I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed life and I have lost all motivation and I just feel fear and anxiety all the time. When it enters the first house, I am hoping that I feel human again rather than just shadow

  25. Pluto over an angle doesn’t seem tame to me but I hope you have an easy time of it. Maybe the worst is over. I have 29 cap asc. So I’m right there with you.

    1. Paula and nona I hope there is good times as well but it sure has caused a crisis for me. What ever happens I hope you have good support networks to help you along the journey that is pluto because it is tough what it drags to the surface.

  26. Has anyone been through transit pluto conjunct ascendant with saturn transit over natal moon. When pluto conjunct ascendant it will make a sextile with natal sun. Natal sun conjunct natal pluto. Moon in 2 nd house. Dont know what to expect. Has anyone been through this?

  27. Yes. Ascendant is 19 degrees Libra. Sun is 22 degrees Libra. Mercury is 24 degrees Libra. And Pluto is 1 degree Scorpio. UGH. I’m in the midst of it now. It’s taken my job, financial security, made me move, I had my 1st child in 2019 and having my 2nd in 2021. When does it resurrect my life it’s actively destroying, like it claims to do??

  28. Pluto, along with Saturn and Jupiter, have been squaring my natal Uranus (Libra 23 – first house) / Chiron (Aries 23 – seventh house) opposition. Thankfully Saturn and Jupiter have now moved on to Aquarius, and Pluto is slowly but surely moving to 24 degrees Capricorn and beyond.

  29. My son was born very near the date your daughter was born, Elsa.

    My son is 28 Cap Ascendant with 28 Cap Uranus conjunct.

  30. Pluto is going to make it’s last reverse over my ascendant so I’m thrilled. I’m doing good by the way. I’m taking much better care of my body with exercise and food choices and it’s beginning to show. I’m steadily working at my art, getting more commissions and I’m feeling really optimistic about the future even after the shitshow of last year. The whole country may be on the crazy train but that doesn’t mean I have to pay attention to them. I’m moving forward with my life and looking forward to a brand new me.

  31. At least you Cappys have Pluto on your side. Having Pluto opposing my Sun is like being dragged thru the mud in a tug-of-war with Pluto. This goes on until mid-2023? Joy.

  32. Great review, thank you. I have my Sun at 21 degrees Capricorn in the 10th house @ mid heaven… and 7 out of 10 planets are cardinal in my birth chart. It HAS been interesting. But, I’m alive, quite differently.

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    Please Send Help

    My natal moon is at 19° Cap and my natal sun is at 27° Cap. These last six years have been transformative and AWFUL.the first time Pluto entered 19°, I ended up in a mental hospital. Every time Pluto passed through 19° after that, I changed employment. Every time Pluto passed through 27°, relationships of every kind would end. I’ve moved EIGHT times from 2008 to 2022! If I live to see Pluto enter my ascendant Pisces, I imagine I’ll spend the whole time crying.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    •Pluto’s Moves 2023 onwards

    – May 1, 2023: Pluto retrograde @ 0 degrees Aquarius

    – June 10, 2023: •Pluto reenters ☠️Capricorn🐐

    – October 11, 2023: Pluto direct @ 27 degrees Capricorn

    – January 21, 2024: •Pluto and ☀️Sol☀️ reenter ⚡️Aquarius♒️

    – May 2, 2024: Pluto retrograde @ 2 degrees Aquarius

    – September 2, 2024: •Pluto reenters ☠️Capricorn🐐

    – October 12, 2024: Pluto direct @ 29 degrees Capricorn

    – November 19, 2024: Pluto enters Aquarius

    ・・・・・・・•Pluto ・・・・・・・

    ⚡️Aquarius♒️: Now—Jun 10

    ☠️Capricorn🐐: Jun 11—2024 Jan 20

    ⚡️Aquarius♒️: 2024 Jan 21—Sep 1

    ☠️Capricorn🐐: 2024 Sep 2—Nov 19

    💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦: 2024 Nov 20—2043 Mar 9

    ⚡️Aquarius♒️: 2043 Aug 31—2044 Jan 18

    💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦: 2044 Jan 19—2067 Apr 8 (23 years)

  35. Look at that goat’s sweet face. Cappy the sure-footed! How dare the satanic folks appropriate any animal likeness as their symbol in evil statues and such! All animals are God’s innocent creatures and should be treated with care and respect.

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