Client Testimonial: Unknown Writer In Regards To A Consultation

It’s been 40 days since my consult with Elsa and it’s taken this time to process the unfathomable that she unearthed…to begin to write about the un-nameable that has laid waste to my life over and over again via natal Uranus (shocking) and Pluto (obliteration) in the Seventh House. When all was said and done, I walked away from the conversation intact but minus one explosive belt loaded with 40 lbs of TATP that I’d been wearing all my life but never knew it. TATP, tri-acetone tri-peroxide, aka the Mother of Satan, is the “weapon of choice” in suicide bombings because, as a high explosive, it is extremely volatile—sensitive to impact, temperature change and friction. Imagine the carnage sustained in the Seventh House, especially if an explosion of this magnitude is triggered without warning. No time to take cover, no time to prepare, no time to get out of your own way. And how many self-inflicted direct hits can one person just barely survive? Enter Elsa…and what she had to say about this, let me tell you, is (cue Radiohead) profound. I fell to my knees, wiping away tears and snot, clutching the earth and smearing it all over my face and into my hair, so shaken to the core was I. The intel she imparted was so fine and detailed and precise, I knew I was dealing with an anomaly, so I smiled at the universe, shut up and let her rip.”

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  1. Clutching the earth and smearing it all over my face and hair? lmao. That’s pretty dramatic. I think I have that same 7th house Pluto transit!! It’s exactly as described here!! If there is an asshole in the crowd they find their way over to you. lol No joke. Large corporations have crushed me, not once, but twice. Both were sort of instigated by circumstance too. I didn’t have to go looking for it. Then it switched over and I ended up being on the other end of it, representing a corporation (for a paycheck), and getting the brunt of a vindictive ex-employee who was mad about what the company did to them. It was surreal because I hadn’t done the crime myself, had been in their shoes, and was being persecuted over what someone else did to them when they were in my job position. They hadn’t handled it too well but, at the same time, didn’t realize how lucky they were that the abuses they committed were happening to someone that went through it before. I could’ve put them in jail but didn’t. They then assumed my kindness was weakness and became even more abusive. Like it was over the top the stuff this person was doing…including Plutonian stalking. An extreme lesson. I witnessed both sides of that fence. Felt like I couldn’t win either way. Neither the company nor the individual seemed capable of putting themselves in the shoes of the other. Each saw the other as an enemy that needed to be crushed. Neither of them gave a shit about what the other needed. I just kind of became squeezed between the two entities. Conflict suddenly became ridiculous. It was like watching a movie…where you have no control over what’s happening. I guess that’s the point of transiting Pluto in Capricorn 7th. My natal Pluto is in Libra 4th with Uranus in Scorpio 4th. Transiting Uranus was in my Aries 10th house and that transiting Pluto was across from my ascendant so this stuff was happening UPON me instead of at my own hands. I was able to glimpse it like a witness.

  2. To be truly so effective with words to cut to the true meaning is a gift.
    while still leaving the person with hope is an angel.

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