Burdened With Family Responsibility Wants To Have A Life: Leo Sun, Capricorn Rising

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Dear Elsa,

My life has been a mix of missed opportunities and serving the interests of other members of my family. When will I be free from the responsibilities of my family? When will I be able to find love a family and a career to satisfy me?

I am tired of the life that I am leading now and I see no hope.

Dutiful Life

Dear Life,

I feel sorry for you. It’s obvious from your chart that your life is authentically difficult and burdened and I wish I had some trick or way to show you an easy way out. But the fact is, if you want anything to change you will have to change it yourself. Because as you know people are not in the habit of giving you a break. So what’s that mean?

It means you have to give yourself a break. It means you cannot wait or rely on anyone to let you out of these oppressive contracts and obligations. You have to take responsibility, not for others but for yourself.

To do this, please define your goals and once you have, start to move slowly and methodically in a direction that brings you nearer to them. And I think you will be very surprised at how the universe will support your right action. A little at first and then more and more as you move further along.

But it’s up to you. You have to stop telling yourself that you can’t and start telling yourself that you must. And as a fellow Capricorn rising and a person who escaped decades of oppressive family obligations, I can tell you this can be done. But if you do not decide to save yourself and start to work your way towards a satisfying life of freedom, I am afraid like you, that there is no hope. Because your family is not going to cut you loose, are they?

Start small, but start today. Start carving out chunks of time and space that are your own. And understand you are not here to sacrifice your life so that others can remain dependent, but to manifest your own life… one that makes you feel proud and satisfied. In other words, you have permission to live a happy life.

Much love and good luck.


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