Wisdom And Truth: Saturn And Jupiter

Jupiter Saturn“Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.”
–Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Saturn is associated with wisdom and maturity, while Jupiter resonates with truth, learning and youthfulness. Each could be the poster child for “Just Do It,” and learning from experience but a different emphasis and a different flavor. Jupiter is, “Woohoo, I’m going to DO THIS!” whereas, Saturn is, “OKAY, I’m going to DO this.” Jupiter is enthusiastic and upbeat, youthful, while Saturn is slow, mindful and mature. Truth can come from many sources, but wisdom emerges from the mundane, from experience over time.

It’s interesting in a chart to see how these planets interact, if they do. Where is their Jupiter? How do they learn? What is their relationship to Truth? Where is Saturn? How has that shaped their experience and where is that wisdom likely to form? My Jupiter is in the 12th house trining my Saturn in the 8th. While I have bursts of truth that seem to come out of nowhere (12th house) I integrate and test these things through my interaction, my sharing with others (8th house). I don’t fully trust my intuitive truths until they’ve been proven out through experience or confirmed by a Saturn figure (though their experience).

Where are Jupiter and Saturn in your chart? What is your relationship to truth, to gaining wisdom?

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  1. I think mine is sorta complicated. I have sun in 9th house Sag. I am a pisces rising. My jupiter is in my 6th house Virgo trining my sun. The old ruler of Pisces (jupiter) is in the sign of its polar opposite. And yet it trines my sag sun. Now my Saturn is 8th house scorpio which is also home to my mars. Saturn squares my jupiter, sometimes I feel like the devil is in the details, yet I learn and hunt out the truth with a filet knife. Sometimes I feel like a bloodhound, I can usually get to the bottom of things pretty easily and break them down into their simplest terms. My lessons in this life time is to develop wisdom, my n.node is in sag, leaving my s.node in gemini 3rd. I was born with knowledge, now I am suppose to gain wisdom. So most def a great big yes. When I was a child I thought life a child, now as an adult well thank you Saturn~Pluto transits. My thinking has been matured and purified. Can;t wait till tomorrow, this eclipse is exactly opposite my Sag mercury. :::Looking for the duct tape as I write this:::

  2. Saturn in the fifth. Wisdom and sacrifices associated in creative, romantic, child areas. First child died after birth, second child is autistic. I work in a creative field but find myself constantly working in jobs that serve/support creative people while hiding my own creative light under a rock. Jupiter in Aries in 7th house. Relationships are important in my life but up until a few years ago I avoided close relationships due to fear of loss (Saturn in the 5th?). Saturn transiting the first house has already affected my natal Jupiter and Saturn–hard to explain.

  3. @Anna.Oh,me too.Iv’e experienced so much pain,seperation from chidren,miscarriage,romantic and sexual disappointment.Saturn in the 5th has taught me not to like that planetary placement.With Jupiter in Cancer 9H,I get on remarkably well with foreigners,and hope to one day live abroad.I’m not the creative one per say,but i have an eye for it in others.I think i could have been a good talent scout or a manager.Work behind the scenes,and allow sonmeone else to shine.

  4. Grand trine Merc Saturn and Jupiter. Lots of reading. Research. Rolling around in my head. Consulting experts. Also, I seem to have a good grasp of something when I learn it, get away from it, then go back to it. Somehow the break seems to make me feel competent when I go back, having absorbed it for a while without focusing on it.
    So expand, contract, expand, contract 🙂

  5. 12 house jupiter pisces conjunct sun and ascendant, opposite libra pluto in the 7th.

    saturn is all alone in cancer in the 4th, unaspected save the square to pluto

    i learned the basics from my parents. i grow through change and challenge.

  6. Jupiter Cancer in 1st trining Saturn in Pisces in 10 (conjunct MC). Lots of career twists, but a ridiculous amount of faith allows me to ride the changes. I get a little tired of my career being one big vision quest (financial security? ha!), but I try to see it for what it is.

  7. Ok, before I even look I’m going to tell you I learn EVERYTHING the hard way. And wisdom quickly follows. But, I’ve always been “older” than I am..soo..lets see

    Saturn w/ Gemini in the 4th Jupiter w/Cap in the 11th

  8. Anna, Melody – I am so sorry for your losses. I too have Saturn 5H, pisces, (conjunct Sun 5H) and have suffered with child bearing issues/loss, but luckily have one beautiful, grown son that I am so proud of. My romantic life has never been smooth. I also have Jupiter in cancer 9H (trine Sun) and travel the world for my job and may move abroad next year. I have met the most amazing people traveling.

  9. I recall an astrologer telling me years ago that having Saturn in the 5th can be tough in that it can restrict romance, creativity, children, etc. but that it also meant that people with fifth house Saturns tended to take children, creativity, romance, etc. much more seriously. We’re not “flakes” when it comes to fifth house matters and others tend to take us very seriously as well. This has been very true for me despite having Venus in Gemini. If I flirted with every man I met, I’d be married 20 times over. LOL.

  10. I learn trough work,manual labour, losses and emotional tsunamies.
    Jupiter in my 8th house, and Saturn in the 6th house. They aspect eachother minorly , but I don’t remember.

  11. Oops. What I meant to say, is that I avoid flirting, charming behaviour because other people take it very seriously. I’ve never dated a man who didn’t want to marry me–this is not as good as it sounds. I was a celibate party-pooper during my thirties because I didn’t want to get into another bad marriage and didn’t trust my ability to have a light-hearted dating relationship. My one attempt at a one-night fling with a much younger, entirely unsuitable foreigner turned into a year-long relationship…

  12. Saturn in Virgo 12th House – methodical, likes to learn from books, in touch with lessons from past lives.

    Jupiter in Leo 11th House – thinks it’s the boss, while Saturn in Virgo wants me to slowly learn how to do things, Jupiter in the 11th House tells me to break the rules and just be an individual – so what if whatever I create doesn’t work first time, it will be unique.

    I think I prefer Jupiter’s influence to Saturn. Am not a fan of Saturn at the best of times … He’s too self-conscious and a little bit dull

  13. Mines always been a challenge, jupiter is conj IC at 5’30 aquarius and saturn is at 28’24 cap so only 7’apart. I felt like i hit the ground running with exuberance when i was born thanks to jup only to be almost immediately yanked back by saturns force to take it slow, one step at a time. Its like having this excitable child running off ahead and the parent ordering them to come back here and walk properly, to behave, which i do for a while, then off i go running freeeeeeeeeeee again, only once again to be ordered back to walk properly….grrrr
    I love the running free bit and i do have the utmost respect for what lord saturn has taught me but sheeessh its been a frustrating battle at times!

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