Saturn (In Sagittarius) Square Neptune – So Long, Idealism!

Billy-JackI’ve lived with a retired green beret for about ten years now. I have definitely come to understand the need for a strong defense.  This started back when he sent me the dvd, Billy Jack, after watching it 50-60 times. My husband has a Scorpio Moon.

He saw me akin to the female lead in that movie at the time. Liberal and naive. At one point, Billy Jack tells the woman, if she can find anywhere on the planet where people live in peace, he will go there right away. She’s got no answer for that.

Fast forward ten years. I have a gun now, you bet! I understand if someone breaks in with an intent to hurt me, there is no way in hell anyone will get here in time to save me. I know my odds of talking someone out of rape and murder are almost nil.  But here’s what’s got my attention today.

All day long, forces bang on the server that hosts this blog. All. Day. Long.  People in Russia, China, the Philippines…you name it.

If they pound hard enough, I get an email. I get a lot of emails!

I have the option to trust my behind-the-scenes defense (which is serious), and turn off the notifications. Because just think about this. Ping, Ping, Ping, Ping. I am under constant attack. It wears on a person, right?  But if I turn them off, I risk becoming complacent. Is that smart?

I love diversity. I’ve always loved diversity. But I would like to ban ALL of China at this point. Saturn in Sagittarius. Block foreigners, right! It’s so un-pc, but come on. Do you know how much, “China” has contributed to this site?  Try not all.

I just think it’s funny to look at how far I’ve come. I used to be one of those people who thought that no defense was a good defense. It seems so moronic to me at this point.

Has you idealism collided with reality yet? Where do you stand on this?

22 thoughts on “Saturn (In Sagittarius) Square Neptune – So Long, Idealism!”

  1. Dear Elsa, Billy Jack! I loved that movie!
    Thanks for a trip back in time. It was such a different movie for those times.
    But what do you mean when you say, “Ban China”? Do they write mean things about you?

    1. Yes, no. Ips in China constantly pound the backend of the site. Its not personal. It’s just how life is. So it makes sense to block the entire country.I don’t do any business with them. They only want to cause harm.

    1. I am sorry. Ip meaning the number that identifies where the attack is coming from.

      It’s all sort of alarming. The language. BRUTE FORCE, they call it. So forces are constantly probing for weakness. I am constantly reminded of this fact.

      I am saying, I can turn off the reminders, but if so I risk losing site of reality and falling back into idealism. It’s so harsh when that veil drops.

  2. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    We were all much safer before the internet.
    What ever happened to that long undiscovered and very primitive tribe first found in the South Pacific in the 80’s? They had no word for war, little or no anti-social behavior, a peaceful place. I wonder if they’re still so, or have they been corrupted?

  3. Lol, I have I been having these same kind of thoughts– no defense is not a good defense. I’m really saddened about this. I’ve had the blues all week.

  4. I agree with you,Elsa. Reality is reality.There has NEVER been a time when a strong defense was needed more. Many Americans are so naive. Time to wake up.

  5. Elsa, you have my permission to Block China. I worked with China from a business perspective and lots of good people in Hong Kong, but it is the wild west in Mainland and the point of view is different. It is a problem. If it makes your life easier from what you are trying to achieve – then it makes sense to make that problem go away.

  6. BTW – the Government may be blocking your site for all you know. In Mainland they monitor where the people can go – it is a big fight.

      1. I wish this was automated at the server level. I don’t know why it isn’t.

        You can find lists of known spammers, chunks of bad ips from various countries…and cut and paste them into a black list. I’ve done that. But ips change…so you can wind up blocking California, lol. Five years later.

        Also, when you have a large blacklist (and I do), I’m pretty sure anyone who comes to the site has to be checked against that list…which would slow the site…I think! So while there are defenses, there are possible costs to pay.

        Askimet has a wonderful solution for spam comments across the internet. They get a spammers number and know what to do with it…and when to release that number as well. They are EXCELLENT. I am surprised no one has been able to come up with a similar thing for these Brute Force attacks. They suck energy, cost money and have no redeeming value whatsoever.

        It’s like someone who comes to your house each day and damages it. You’re going to want to make the person go away – period.

    1. Yeah…I am not sure if this is the case now, but I used to be blocked from public wifi in airports, here. It’s just so strange…the shift in me over the last ten years.

      I took a self defense course in Denver, twenty years ago. At the end of it, I concluded I did not need a gun. They recommended a shot gun back then…in that it is big, intimidating and women can’t shoot anyway.

      I guess there is some sense to that, but I now have a small gun, and instructions to empty it into the intruder.

      I’m told, if you shoot the first one, the others will flee, and that it’s wise to assume a person is on drugs…one bullet will not be sufficient to stock someone who is crazed.

      I definitely feel more grounded in reality (and safer), living with today’s situation.

      I also like that mostly likely 100% of my neighbors are armed.

      My next door neighbor in Aurora, lost her 10 year old son to a gunshot. Consequently, she did not have guns in her home. But she approved of me having a gun.

      She told me if I ever heard any trouble at her house, I should come over and shoot. She also said if I ever had to shoot someone, she’d help me drag the body into the house. 🙂

      Anyway, I had a similar awakening, decades ago – I used to hitchhike, back in the hippie era. Everyone wants to help someone out, right? Wrong!

      The day came when I realized perps were circling at all time, looking for a teen like me hitchhiking. It’s by the grace of God I was not picked up by someone like that.

      Actually, I was. More than once. But I was able to jump from the car – luckily!

      But I remember the day the veil lifted. There are people out there, constantly probing for weakness, or who will take an opportunity if they see one. I hate this, but have to admit that having the knowledge is better than being delusional…though it’s not as much fun, at least while the denial lasts.

        1. I agree, too. I am fascinated with the the days where people could hitchhike, leave their doors unlocked, invite those in need into their homes….I lock all doors now, cars, house, even when I’m home: there have been car break-ins and home invasions in these quiet Connecticut suburban neighborhoods. I guess I like the term “Situational Awareness”. I tend to rely on my intuition but intuition also tells you to be hyper aware of your surroundings, near and far.

  7. This is really interesting considering what just happened with our Federal election here in Canada. Our just out voted Prime Minister was touting immigration issues as part of his election campaign. I didn’t even consider that this was possibly part of saturn in sagg until you mentioned it. It makes a lot of sense though. Canada is very divided now on foreign property owners, new citizens wearing the nigab in citizenship ceremonies, and other immigration issues. It makes me sad to see this happening and my country become so divisive not only in their beliefs, but in how vocal they are.

    He didn’t win the election and I am so happy to now have a progressive Prime Minister who believes in equality and in stopping the fear mongering that the previous PM has done. We don’t own a lot of guns in Canada, and are a peaceful nation. I’m so grateful for that every day.

  8. I haven’t felt safe very many times in my life. I think if anything I’ve been kind of paranoid. My faith in mankind has gone out the window though. I guess my views have kind of been neutralized in a way.

  9. My idealism crumbled once Neptune began my squaring and resquaring my moon. ? It’s thankfully moving out of orb now but while it was exact, the sh** hit the fan. It was painful buuuuuut it was good exercise. A life boot camp that strengthened me. Because I *was* way Neptunized but I’ve learned that I can be real with people now and not be ashamed of whatever is hiding under that rock. I now lift and say “Look!” ???

  10. Dey all leaped muh bones – ever seen that movie the Last King of Scotland, when the anti-hero lifts off in the plane – well, I’ve been there, felt that – chief of police in a European island state threatened me at handgun point with death or rape – did I fall upon my knees and beg – yessirree – took me about a year not to want revenge – but mainly I just don’t want any other creep to attempt likewise bout another human being. I have been a ‘victim’ of murderous assaults several times in my life – I bring out the worst in peeps, yeah, right – so I have limited compassion for some would be perps. I’ve read all those male astrologers telling me how I should have been wearing the equivalent of a burqa – it’s my Pluto that’s the problem. Horse manure, that’s what I say. I was born a beautiful, desirable, wholesome female of the species and everyone and everything was conspiring to denigrate and delude me. The Future is yours, young women of the world! Don’t for a moment let anyone hold you back.

    1. Huzzah Dear Lady! Huzzah I say! I agree with all of you, I won’t be wearing a burga, and I will be safe. I reserve the right to suspect anyone and everyone of being up to no good. No blinders on anymore.

  11. I had a car crash yesterday, it was close! Both sides walked away, a brush like that with death forces you to see things differently,or as it really is, i.e. my personal truth, someone’s blocking me and today I had the guts to tell him / them so. I’m the only foreigner here (sag) and they are in the clergy. (Saturn) uranus is conjuncting my moon and square my mercury – I don’t know where this taking me, but I have to go forward.

  12. Take all this everyone has said and multiply it by infinity. That’s what it feels like to be a Scorpio when it comes to trust. I get tired of sleeping with one eye opened but if I close it I get stabbed every time. I would rather live without that kind of pain. Closing doors is probably no way to truly live but behind the wall it’s sure easier to breathe. I could apply this to computers or just life in general with family, friends, acquaintances…….

    My grandmother told me if I wanted to enjoy the sun I had to endure some of the storms that come in with the rain. I agree with her to a degree….. But now I am older and tired of it. It’s freeing to shut it out! Hey, I know it’s still out there circling I’m just tired and I don’t want to spend what time I have left dealing with all that!

    I have had customers that just aren’t worth whatever they are willing to pay. The money becomes nothing to me. I just won’t work with them anymore. A million dollars isn’t worth the residual sludge left. Some of them have made me physically I’ll after 20 minutes of their bullshit. I couldn’t please them if I stood on my head. And eventually they are going to nail me because I can’t.

    It hurts me to suspect someone has ill intentions toward me when I mean no harm to them. Hurts bad. I don’t want to live in delusion or pain. Worse…. I no longer have the energy to devote to retaliation.

    So….. I close the gate. I am devoting my time left to finding some joy. Any joy. I’m no longer interested in climbing a mountain for a penny or a fake hug!

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