Uranus Transiting The 11th House Causes Problems With Friends

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Dear Elsa,

Well, where do I start? My friend has been dating this guy and I hate the way he treats her. I don’t know what to tell her, since she’s too “in love” with him. He disrespects her, he’s constantly making her say sorry for nothing, and he’s so controlling over her. I just can’t stand it! I want my best friend back; we haven’t seen each other for the past month now, because he always has something planned for them two (or she’s on the phone with him).

On top of that situation, my other close friend is dating my ex-boyfriend. Of course I was the last one to find out and I had to figure it out all on my own. They expect things to be the same but it’s not anymore. I feel so betrayed and disappointed at them. He of course was mad because his close friend and I were friends. My ex didn’t talk to me for 3 months because he assumed that his friend and I were dating. I’m just confused.

It’ll be great if you can help me out! Thank you.


Dear Baffled,

This is very simple, which a Taurus like you can appreciate. I think you need some new friends. Uranus (change, revolution) is transiting your 11th house (friends), and consequently you can see everything is tossed into the air.

And check this: You say, “They expect things to be the same,” about one situation, but you are refusing to accept change in the other situation – although it’s obviously occurred. Er… your friend has taken a path with that boy and that’s it. She is going to the future not the past, and this is what you must do as well.

I am not saying you will not hook up with her further down the road. You may. But this type of fast change and to and fro in the realm of friendships is a given during this transit… which is going to last six years!

So what you can so is align yourself. And I understand this is a challenge for Taurus, a very FIXED sign who loathes change. But regardless of how much you dislike it, what will help is to accept and embrace the conditions. And in this case, that means developing a more detached attitude when it comes to friends, i.e. they come and they go and sometimes they come back. The idea is to offer your friends the freedom to experiment while enjoying the same freedom yourself.

Good luck.


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  1. Oh goodie! I had been wondering about Uranus transits… I need to learn more about them.

    (There’s lots written about Pluto and Saturn transits, but not much about Uranus.)

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