Venus in Aries With Mars in Taurus

That’s a picture of a “round tuit”.  It’s what I think of with Mars in Taurus.  “I’ll do it when I get a round tuit…”

People have been writing me, asking me if I’m alright. I am alright. I’ve just got a lot of social (Venus) stuff to do.

The planets in Aries aspect my Mercury and Mars in Libra. You better believe I have a full dance card at this time. Problem is, I’m moving SLOW.  That’s Mars in Taurus!

One thing I’ve noticed, since Mars hit Taurus, people are fighting as much. I think they’d like to (Venus), but why bother when you can have some nice chocolate?

These planets are in mutual reception.  It can work, just don’t expect people to run anywhere because they’re just not going to do it!

How are you faring with Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus?

4 thoughts on “Venus in Aries With Mars in Taurus”

  1. I have Mars in Taurus natally. It falls in my 10th. I’ve been indulging in all kinds of delicious fare and other hedonistic pleasures this weekend and loving it! I have absolutely no desire to be productive. ?

  2. I’m a Taurus. From the moment Mars entered Taurus, I suddenly have a ton more things to do, out of nowhere – a mixture of chores and friends’ invitations. Also, my confidence and spark (which was in the gutter for a while) started picking up a bit.

    A friend’s little Taurean son just got very impatient haha! Yesterday I heard him actually growl in anger because he didn’t like the food she had cooked – so cute 🙂 I told her, Mars is now in Taurus, she said “oh no…”.

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    Ha! That picture reminds me of my friends Dad. He actually made a bunch of these “round tuits” and handed them out whenever someone (mainly us kids) would say anything along the lines of “when I get around to it”.

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