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Last week, I posted a gal’s progressed chart. She has six progressed planets/bodies in Aquarius. When the moon gets there, it’ll be seven!

I had to explain this somehow. Basically, she was a Sagittarius with Virgo. Now she’s mega Aquarian. If you think about it, you can see how this would work out.  She’s still intelligent, interesting and engaged, but she’s more detached.   Less burning. Less worry. This was interesting to me, as far as a life story goes.

I also think my progressed is interesting. I started out a Scorpionic Virgo and evolved into a Virgoan Scorpio.  I feel this is a cosmic joke at the very least.  Checking this gal’s story, I wonder if I’ve been robbed.  Long way to go and lots to go through, to get back to where I started. I mean, is this crap or not? Who knows?

My situation is saved by the fact, progressed Jupiter and Uranus both changed signs, in the same year no less.  I can tell you for sure, new truth and fresh perspective has changed my life, dramatically. Hopefully, if I am like I was, I am somewhat better as opposed to just somewhat different.

I don’t know why I never progressed my chart out, decades, to see where I was headed. We have computers now, it’s easy enough to do. Would I have understood this, if I had seen it when I was twenty? Would I have felt demoralized?

I am generally against looking waaaaay out, because by the time you get to that point in your life, you’ll have been through many things and learned a lot.  But now that I see it this way, I’m rethinking  my perspective (Jupiter changed signs).

Check your Progressed Chart here.

Where did you start as compared to where you are now?

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  1. Good morning from kangaroo land, Elsa!

    Here’s my perspective, and well, it’s only my perspective: I’m a big picture person.

    I like to see the whole landscape, that’s why I use SA for long-term trends. I used to use secondary progressions but SAs are much more dynamic, and yield more info, since the outers are arc by the same amount as the Sun. SA like secondary progressions show a change in internal energy manifesting outwards. Their change in signs, conjunction to house cusps and aspects to natal are typically accompanied by significant events.

    I like to zero in on the life-changing years. You can calculate approximate dates for when an aspect is in play and when it is exact. I run transits against that. If I know where I am going to be for those years (sometimes I know a year ahead) I will run SR against my natal. I will then read the SR alone and progress the SR Sun through the houses of my SR chart to make aspects to the other planets.

    I even employ the developmental arc technique to calculate years under which certain archetypes in my natal will come into focus. I also use this with Tr Sun and Tr Moon to see how I will be “triggered” in particular house – or I might use it to time something important I need to have done.

    Other people want to know their month-to-month. They want to know all 30 days within a month. I appreciate that we all different and this is apparent in our choice of technique and interpretation.

    My moods are very stable despite a highly (some would say stressful) eventful life. I like to paint the broad strokes of a picture before I go in to fill the details. Eg. I hate swimming. I’m inherently afraid of being near water even after being taught freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, survival backstroke…life-saving. My fear of water is still very much there.

    The big picture of my chart, the overall feel, says I’m more likely to die from a sudden cardiac event than I am of swimming. Will I be going anyway near water in the meantime? No way.😬

    I’ve been wanting to learn to read the Ebertin Life diagrams for a few years now. I can’t find much reading material on it. I’m prepared to buy it but obviously I’ve not come across much.😬😅

    1. Forgot to mention, I have Susan Miller’s Eclipse Dates on another tab perpetually open and I like to cross check that against my natal for several years in advance, to use in tandem with the other tools.

      Befitting an autistic brain, my only curiosity when I meet/read/hear/witness an event is: what does this person’s chart look like? Why did this happen to them? Most recently I read of Matthew Perry from Friends passing. Thanks to astrotheme, I was able to use my astro tool box to investigate his chart.

      For me it’s highly frustrating when the person I read about has no known birth date. It’s like that scrap of meat stuck stuck in between the back molars after a meal. Eg. The infamous mushroom chef currently trending for allegedly murdering 3 out of 4 of her husband’s relatives. I have scoured the internet since her arrest and charge but could only come up with a 2.5 month window during which her birth date could be. 2.5 months is certainly too big a window!!!

      I’m thinking she’s a Sag rising and recently had the (partial) lunar eclipse fall on her 3rd 9th axis. 🤔

      1. It would be extremely fascinating to get hold of that mushroom woman’s birth chart 😄. If you manage to find the details required, please share. I’ll keep a look out as well 👀. This case is extraordinarily tragic. Australia, and the world is never going to forget it!.

        1. I did a bit of internet sleuthing and articles around 9 August 2023 have her as a 48 year old. At the time of arrest on 2 November 2023, she is said to be a 49 year old. She must have had her birthday in this time for the SR to take effect.

          If 48, she would be having her Jupiter return. Being Sag rising, that would mean she has Jupiter in Taurus.

          If you come across her birthday do let me know too! 😁🙏

          1. We’ve heard about this story here in the UK, very intriguing, albeit very grim! If you find her chart, I would look for a strong adverse Neptune transit, or maybe even something activating her own natal Neptune. Given that Neptune does rule poisons, toxins.

            Probably even a Virgo/6th house emphasis, given they rule digestion or ingestion, also Virgo link to herbs, ingredients.

            Possibly a Pluto theme too (probably obviously!) But also because mushrooms grow from spores underground, under the soil, and requires no sunlight to grow.

            Digressing here, will get back to progressions! 🙂

            1. Probably won’t know more until her next court appearance in May – note first is in November, after the lunar eclipse.

              I made a mistake saying it fell on her 3rd and 9th. If she is Sag rising with Jupiter in Taurus, it would be on her 5th and 11th. It kinda makes sense because the whole community is invested in the outcome of what happened that day. Was it an accident? Did she really kill 3 people they all know and love?

              Makes total sense about Neptune being prominent. 🙏 6th house for a Sag rising has Taurus on the cusp. Probably chart ruler in there doing some dance with the malefics.

              She’s having her Saturn waning Square right now. People always are upset about the Saturn return but I’ve noticed the waning square can bring trouble as well.

  2. I think looking at the dignity of the progressed planet can make a huge difference too. I’ve had Jupiter progress from Gemini (detriment) to Cancer (exaltation). Since then, I have noticed family themes have been more dominant over the years. And also less overthinking too.

    Early next year is a bigger one, when my progressed Ascendant shifts from Aquarius to Pisces. Which will of course, shift the DC to Virgo. When your progressed Ascendant changes sign, it also changes the 7th house dynamic too, relationships.

    My progressed DC in Leo has had to contend with a progressed stationary Saturn Leo (with turns direct finally in 2-3 years), so definitely challenges and obstacles in relationships.

    Stationing progressed planets can last YEARS. AND YEARS. AND YEARS. Even tracking a progressed Mercury retrograde, it takes 2-3 years for it to slow down and station retrograde/direct. Worth noting them too, as progressed stationing planets can be extremely magnified.

    1. All good points if you use secondary progressions. I’m now team SA (I use solar arc and converse solar arcs against natal and against each other) but my SA/P Sun (same degree) is about to go from Leo to Virgo. Sun is L10. P Venus will conjunct N Pluto when that happens. Then it will conjunct P Pluto. Venus is L7 and L12. Pluto is natal chart ruler.

      P Merc goes into second station in 2025. It stays in that degree for another 4 years before turning direct BUT a still in that degree for another 2 years afterward. So if you are counting, Merc will spent 6 years at 20 Leo for me. P Jupiter is 1 sign up at 20 Cancer. Merc is L8 and L11. I have my N Moon at 17’ Venus at 25’ so it’s going to come between those two.

      P Saturn also changes signs in 3 years time from Leo to Virgo. Saturn is L3 and L4.

      Enjoy your progressed AC changing signs. Probably a lot of housekeeping for you to do before then. The end of Aquarius is the end of instability??? I’m only guessing. 🤓

      1. “Enjoy your progressed AC changing signs. Probably a lot of housekeeping for you to do before then. The end of Aquarius is the end of instability??? I’m only guessing. 🤓”

        Wow, thank you Estella! I never considered it that way but I will ponder on that one, it actually sounds hopeful! 🙂

        My progressed Asc went into Aquarius in September 2006, and thinking back on that time, there was indeed a marked shift. Definitely a shift in the relationship I was in at the time (ended some time after), progressed DC changing signs. And subsequent relationships have been equally full of instability, “part time” relationships, situationships, and many on-off-on-again ones. If course, Uranus ruled Asc 🙄😂 life generally has been full of instability since then.

        I wonder how that will change with the Pisces/Virgo axis. Mercury will rule the DC, and that is currently retrograde in my progressed chart (until 2032 lol).

  3. I started out quadruple Scorpio with natal Mars in Capricorn, but now a lot of my (personal) planets have progressed to Capricorn, and my Mars is in Aquarius. Saturn has changed from Libra and into Scorpio too.

    Last year my progressed Sun went into Cap as well as the last one.
    I think it’s funny, as Pluto has about almost finished the sign, with my natal constellation in Scorpio.

    My pr. moon is changing signs into Aries, so there will be plenty of action, I guess.

    Also… Cap is my natal 12th house.
    After Pluto in this sign for ages, I am rather fed up with 12th house energy though, but at least my progressed chart has Cap in the 9th.

    1. I currently have P Moon in Aries in the 6th. I clock at least 10k steps on the average day while fasting for 16 to 18 hours.😁Enjoy all that activity!

      Maybe it will be a rebirth with Pluto crossing your AC and that’s why you will have tonnes of things to do.

      I’ve been a lot more driven under the P Moon in Aries. Can’t say it has been easy for matters ruled by Venus or Saturn but I have applied myself.

  4. At 5y old my Sag sun progressed into Cap and my my mother died. I was raised by my father and aunts, all if them old. The Cap years were hard, but, born with Merc retro in early Cap, it progressed back into Sag and finally stationed forward on my sun, from my 15th to my 21st year. That was a hell of a time, I left home at 17. Progressed Sun into Aquarius was also a mayor shift, my marriage hit a roadblock but we rode it out, kind of, with a motorbike trip across Russia of all places. Freedom, you know ? My kids are both Aquarians and its my 5th house, so we all came round. But Venus had stationed R with the birth of my first child and it took damn long to station direct, now its sitting at ZERO AQ since 2021 while my Sun moved into Pisces and 2 years into this I begin to like it, its smooth and flexible compared to AQ. My AC progressed into Scorpio and will eventually end up in Sag which is just fine.

    I’ve also looked at SA but didnt find the thread, I might look again another time and find it, who knows

    1. Hey Su!

      Thanks for sharing!🙏 I like how you gave examples of events that tie in to the progressions. It would help the newbies get a feel for how Progressions work and reinforce the lessons for others as well.

      Until your example, I never realised being a Cap was so hard. Maybe it’s because you are expected to grow up much earlier than others. 🤔😅

      I have had P AC in Sag for 20 years now and let me tell you, with N Jupiter exalted, weight is a never-ending battle. With Taurus on the N DC, I like my food and the metabolism has clocked out in the past couple of years, along with the wonky thyroid. 😟

  5. Me I was taken young, but now so much stronger and swimming like there is no land;powerful kicks ,deep breaths
    And a strong will to live long and hell ,thinking of living large, even if it’s just my smile!

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