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Uranus symbol modIt’s been three days since my sister came home to find her much beloved husband, dead in their bed. The next day, we decided she would move in with my family.

This was a spontaneous decision. It feels very right, but it’s also so odd.  My sister left home when she was 17. She is pushing 50 years old now and I have seen exactly three times, since.

Each time I’ve seen her has been very brief.   I saw her when I was 15 year old…I had left home myself by then. Both my sisters visited my home. I was renting a room from an Italian man back then. It sounds bad, but it was great. He was a good man, extremely protective of me.  He acted as a surrogate dad to me, helping me get a driver’s license and such.

In whatever case, my sisters came over and we sat there with my landlord/friend, Jim and told stories of our life. The stories horrified him, though the three of us were laughing ’till we cried. So that was that. It was fun and she was gone.

I saw her two more times around 1990.  Both visits were very brief – we had lunch and that’s it.

I guess it’s strange, because we’ve never had a fight or any kind of falling out.  She’s just a double Sadge – what can I say? I’m freedom-loving myself.

So anyway, this is quite radical so I decided to look at our progressed charts and you won’t believe what I found.

Both of us have Uranus changing signs this year.  Do you know how often Progressed Uranus changes signs? Basically, it doesn’t!

We both have Uranus and Pluto transiting our chart – and you see the drastic change. You see someone 3 times in 40 years and they they move in with you, and you with them?  It’s almost funny. So that’s at play here, but I think Progressed Uranus is active as well. How could it not be?

Have you ever had an progressed outer planet change signs?

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  1. My condolences to your sister. You often wonder about the timing and the stories when a person leaves the room or turns around and a loved one has slipped away.
    Back to the Uranus/Pluto transit, the classic “your life can turn on a dime aspect.”
    You and your husband are good people. There are no earthly payments for the both of you for all you extend to others and now your sister–it’s admirable.

    1. Thanks, Windsaloft. You’re not going to believe this.

      Today, my sister told me she had not her eyes checked in 26 years. This is remarkable, because she’s cross-eyed and severely near-sighted…in fact, she has to have two eye surgeries when she was small.

      Now she’s worked, daily for 40 years, but did not have insurance and preferred to spend her money on her husband.

      I told my husband this, saying, “I’m going to have to get her to go have her eyes checked.”

      “I’ll kick in for that,” he said.


      I know this is going to okay. I don’t know how, but I just know it.

      I wrote this on the boards…last night she found some cash, along with a note. It said, “I love you, ________. I have been saving this for you for a long time.”

      So I think she’s got some good karma or something.

      But she has contacts that are 25 years old. Can believe this? She could be reality TV.
      She’s currently giving his clothes to homeless people. In person.

      Her Venus has progressed to Pisces, so sacrifice is the thing.

      She is leaving LA after 40 years, with whatever she can fit in two suitcases and bring on a plane. She’s never seen snow in her life.

  2. That’s an amazing story, Elsa. This entire story about your sister and the loss of her husband, you and your husband has been very moving.

  3. I know your book was incredibly taxing for you to write…but this sure would fit in the sequel. Amazing love, amazing journeys through incredible pain. No one creates beauty from ashes quite like you Elsa P!

  4. This is a wonderful, heartwarming turn of events in a time of grief. You are courageous, kind people – Elsa and husband! Good luck to all of you. I know it will work out somehow.

  5. My Saturn will progress to Virgo in a few years, before turning retro. O_o. Yikes.

    Speaking of progressed Uranus changing signs, Richard Simmons now has Uranus in Cancer. (I progressed his chart on Has anyone noticed that he’s suddenly popular again? I mean, he’s everywhere now. Back on GH as a guest star, after 35 years! He’s on morning TV all the time these days, or going to colleges and fundraisers. He’s also taken his outfits to a whole new level. And he’s in drag sometimes. I know he was pretty wild before, but it seems to be a different flavor this time. It’s intriguing! 🙂

  6. My progressed Uranus is currently @ 28°30′ Sadge, so I’m going to have a sign progression into Capricorn at some point in the future, even though I’m not sure I know when. Happens in my natal 6th House, in the 5th in my progressed chart.

  7. My condolences to you and your family, Your post made me think about my progressed Uranus at just 0 degrees and change of Virgo natally, I checked and it has progressed (retrograde) to 29 degrees Leo. I can only begin to guess what that means. More investigation required. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I am sad for loss of your sister husband, but also happy to hear that there are good souls out there. Not seeing each other a lot doesn’t matter as long as you are there for each other in the need. That’s the true uranian spirit. 🙂

  9. i have a question, elsa – at what point do you feel the progressed outer planet changing signs? i checked my chart, and my progressed uranus is rx at 0.36 degrees sag, so it has almost moved to scorpio… but then i looked to the future and before it hits scorpio, it will go direct, and move forward in sag again, so it won’t actually change signs. does this mean i wont feel any kind of radical change? i checked the gemini’s and his progressed pluto is actually at 29.58 virgo, about to go into libra. his will not actually hit libra until 2038 though, lol… so does that mean he wont experience the changes until then, or is he probably already feeling them? i would think pluto moving into libra would be a good thing for shifting his views on relationships, and getting it out of his ex’s sun sign of virgo.

    1. It depends on the planet…as for Pluto, really, I have no idea. Uranus changed signs for me recently…I felt it a year ahead and it just increased and increased. But when it actually changed, there was a total shift / event. It was when I became totally independent on my blog here. 🙂

  10. Pluto changed signs in my chart from virgo to libra (six months after my triple sag was born). Jupiter has also jumped back into sag from my natal cappy. Progressed Jupiter, Progressed vertex and progressed moon all hit my natal moon when I met my hubs (Mr. Leo). Saturn is about 2degrees from changing houses, but still 9degrees from actually changing signs,

  11. Condolences !

    Your sister!!!!😇

    My daughter s Neptune progressed into cap. Wow conjoin her moon and began having psychic dreams.
    My husbands Pluto rx back to Leo. Born in Virgo.
    I have two outer that went direct.
    Uranus and Pluto.
    Last 20 years.
    Pluto rules 10th and Uranus first.
    Her moon rules eight house.
    Pluto rules his fourth.
    Not real sure any of this means!

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