What Does It Mean to Have the Moon in an Air Sign?

air moonWhen people talk about dealing with emotion, there is this sense that we are meant to have emotions wash over us like ocean waves. We should sit with them, feel them completely, cry a little if we need to, and then release them. That’s the idea, anyway. But when you have the Moon, which rules emotions, in an air sign, the story is very different.

Air signs live a life of the mind. When the Moon is in an air sign, all emotions have to go through a mental filter first before they ever get to the heart. And each air sign does it a little differently.

·        Gemini Moons process verbally. A Gemini Moon could write a novella about their emotions before they ever feel them. Gemini Moons have a deep need to verbalize their feelings in order to process them. Gemini Moons also get overstimulated easily, and if they are denied an outlet, they tend to shut down. They may also bury themselves in research and information in order to understand what they’re feeling and give their minds something to do while the emotions work themselves out in the background.

·        Libra Moons process by weighing their feelings. Libra is a sign that is deeply concerned with fairness, and someone with a Libra Moon needs to make sure that their feelings are justified before fully accepting them. Libra is also associated with partnership, so it is very common for a Libra Moon to bounce their feelings off of their partner or other trusted person. They require outside validation and benefit greatly by having their feelings reflected back to them.

·        Aquarius Moons process by compartmentalizing. Aquarius, being ruled by Saturn, is an inherently structured sign. Aquarians tend to have a well-defined belief system and worldview, and they need to be able to fit their emotions into that system in order to understand and accept them fully. When an Aquarius Moon is confronted with something that doesn’t fit, they are likely to push that feeling away, and may even dissociate entirely. As a fixed sign, it can take a while for an Aquarius Moon to fully integrate their feelings, so they often step back and allow the process to happen behind the scenes.

While there are endless mitigating factors in every chart, all air Moons will share a few commonalities. They need to think their emotions before they feel them. They often need to process through words, and are capable of talking themselves into or out of feeling almost anything. It may not be the easiest place for the Moon, but when all is said and done, air signs are left with emotions that are crisp, clear, and placed in their proper context. And that sounds pretty good to me.

Do you have the Moon in an air sign? What is it like?

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  1. I don’t have a natal Moon in an Air sign, but I can relate to everything you wrote because:

    My last SR I had a Gemini Moon (Moon Chart Ruler) and all I did, all year is blab and blab about my feelings, every day … lol

    My next SR has Libra Moon-conjunct Chart Ruler, so I guess I can expect some of this “…bounce their feelings off of their partner or other trusted person. They require outside validation..”.

  2. Sorry but Aquarius moons are a nightmare to me. And most air moons in general. A person with an otherwise compatible sun and this moon is like a lovely chocolate with nothing inside 🙁 I prefer a filling of some kind.

    Compartmentalizing is something I just don’t understand in the way Aquarius moons do it. Because I know something is wrong and they feel bad but they won’t tell me. They just talk about the news or Roman mythology or whatever and I have to guess what happened. I had a break up with someone with an Aquarius moon and felt starved for affection/communication. Most of the rest of his chart was Capricorn so I certainly thought he was the best guy.. but it was hard to watch him go through shit and try to guess why he is upset. It was hard to be there for him and know what to say.
    I guess I don’t like to put on lipstick and smile and pretend that nothings wrong. I prefer to fret and worry and tell people where it hurts. Pretending I’m fine spikes my stress levels and I’d rather be away from people than have to do that and be inauthentic. That’s not real ‘positivity’ thats just performatively hiding your emotions.

    Your description does help me understand. But I think disassociating if your emotions don’t fit into your belief system is a raw deal.

    I also don’t know what it really means to ‘feel’ your feelings and think your thoughts.. cry laugh scream rather than speak? Just let them swirl around in your body? I don’t understand. But it takes me time to understand things.
    My moon aspects mercury so I generally have to talk it out. It works a lot like an air moon in that way. I did shut down during my moon Pluto transit. Not being able to explain how I felt to anyone or myself. I am not a dog or an animal so I do need to know what my emotions are and where they come from not to just act out and stuff them down. I found podcasts and music which ‘talked’ it out for me and understood me. My moon demands are very strong, but perhaps I ought to learn to feel the discomfort and do things anyway.

    Even if Kurt Cobain was a pisces.. he understood and expressed his emotions through art.

    My progressed moon is in Libra. I think because Libra is in my 9th house.. it is always a learning experience when transits hit it, it doesn’t feel natural and feels imposed, so I’m like hmm other people are affected by me, fascinating :p
    So that’s an interesting idea that you have to check if your emotions are justified before you feel them. Perhaps you are being ‘extra’ and don’t deserve to feel as angry or sad as you do. Perhaps the situation didn’t call for it. Hmm..

    1. With my progressed Libra moon I notice myself being concerned with etiquette a lot. And playing the ‘am I the asshole’ game but in a different way than usual (not only seeking validation, but genuinely wondering if I misread the situation.) For instance, the people who stuck me with their drinks for give or take 5-10 min or more (which were 3/4 gone) were disappointed when I walked over with their bags and said I can’t sit around waiting for them and have to go. Fuck your drinks. I’m a person. I’m not gonna deal with drunk shenanigans and am just as free to go as you

  3. Yes, I have Aqua Moon.
    When I see other people mushing & gushing, I feel like a cold fish. But I’m also able to cry suddenly and easily about certain subjects, like harm to children or animals, so I guess I don’t entirely have a heart of stone.
    In some circumstances perhaps I try to avoid dealing with something I think I can’t handle, or don’t want to show my feelings.
    Or perhaps my Leo ego doesn’t want to appear “soft”? But that’s not Moon speaking.
    What you say about Aqua Moon compartmentalizing really makes sense to me. I’d never thought of this before. I’m a compartment freak! Everything is in little boxes, in little drawers, within cabinets etc. I have a huge fear of chaos!
    But that might be my Sun-Saturn conjunction, or my Virgo Mercury. Or all of it together!!!

  4. I think I feel and think my emotions at the same time anyway, but they certainly surface. I’ve been told I overanalyze my emotions. But I think that’s natural to me and that’s my way of acknowledging them. Maybe emotions existed before language, but.. yesterday I hung out with a very mercurial dog. It was a Papillon. I saw that it was understanding and following the social situation around it and me. I felt like it saw the people at our table walk off and leave me with their bags for longer than I wanted. And it wondered where they went. I felt like it really got the situation. It is a thinky dog. If it could speak I bet it would ask where those guys walked off to and bet that they were not coming back. A Sagittarian can walk off and stick me with their drinks, but I’m Sagittarian enough to give them their bag and walk away myself.

    I wonder if a Gemini moon feels like theyre observing themselves and their emotions from the outside and also inside and feel inauthentic because of it. Like the main character in a movie and the audience. I wonder if many people feel that way. Like they observe themselves so much they don’t know where they begin. Hard to describe.

  5. My daughter has a 3H Gemini Moon trining her 7H Libra Mercury. Her cell phone is her best friend. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, and yours, everyday!

  6. This is so enlightening! My husband and son have air sign moons: Libra and Gemini. Considering what you say about the way both of them process feelings is SUCH good information(again, one of those better late than never awarenesses:) for a earthy moon.
    Have you posted the moon placement for the other signs? Would be cool to know and juggle.

  7. Thanks, Midara, this article is very helpful as I have close family members with their moons in air signs. Your clear descriptions help me understand them. I hope you will do moons in the other signs,too, as I have more people I need to understand for harmony’s sake.

  8. aquarius. i disassociate until i process. processing is usually done through activating a moon aspect…
    it’s a survival skill. i can work through my emotions after i get through the now.

  9. Moon in Gemini. The whole section applied to me.

    I’ve been doing research for weeks, reading on average two books per week, to process and make sense of some deep stuff. Still many books to go.

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    “Libra is also associated with partnership, so it is very common for a Libra Moon to bounce their feelings off of their partner or other trusted person. They require outside validation and benefit greatly by having their feelings reflected back to them.”

    My Son exactly – it is a necessity!

  11. I have a Gemini Moon (in the 12th). When people ask me how I feel about something, I’ll say, “I don’t know, let me think about it!” Then I need to go off and be by myself for awhile to process my feelings.

  12. When I process emotions verbally it looks like overanalyzing AND being overemotional (talking about emotions or emotional situations and turning them over and over like a shell) so depending on the person, they’re liable to tell me I overthink and overanalyze or have out of control emotions. I don’t think either one is true, but I can’t help processing things like this and no amount of shrooms or drugs people tell me to do is gonna change how I move through feelings. So this criticism of me is moot and only says the person disapproves of the way I am cause they’re not that way. At this point, I process things how I do it. And that’s all. If I was analyzing more interesting things like science I’m sure these people wouldn’t mind. People’s criticism of me tends to vary based on what they’re comfortable with. I want to shrug this one off because it’s how I am and I don’t see a problem with it, but I often don’t notice myself overanalyzing when someone tells me and it always comes as a surprise. If I recorded what I said previously, it would be easier

  13. I forgot about this chick Banks, an r&b singer who interested me a bit.. had a few songs I liked.. she’s this Gemini gal and to me she looks it.. small lips and really precise features.. and she’s in this really earthy, sensual genre of music and her songs try to be sexy too (like that song ‘Brain’ which is Gemini as fuck in its sexual hints).. I didn’t check the rest of her chart but I know she studied r’n’b.. to my recollection.. she certainly came to my attention during a surge of neo soul and r n b open to different faces, white women, gay men of various races, and a widening of its themes to include more than love and sex. Also as the scope of rap widened with mumble rap to include singing, emotional vulnerability, and a punk sensibility.. I mean lil uzi vert is already old news. Anyway.. this girl Banks looks so white and Gemini and covers the same musical terrain as Teyana Taylor’s VII.. it’s funny to think what drew her to this style.. I don’t know what Gemini airy sensuality and emotion looks like, but probably like this. And she’s just as strong a showman and as driven as any other singer.. and has a poetry book out. With moon or Venus in Gemini I guess you see the feminine side of Gemini or its needs. But seriously, a sexy song called ‘Brain?’ hehe. Too Gemini. Though I do prefer the other singers of her generation. Something about her trips me up.

    But really, what does Gemini sexiness (Venus) or emotionality (Moon) look like? The feminine side of Gemini? Lots of people are attracted to them, I guess they like to listen to information. I would prefer Virgo for that.

    1. Avatar
      bryant theresa

      Im Virgo, Gemini moon, Virgo mercury, Leo venus, Leo mars, Aquarius jupiter, Scorpio saturn, Sagitarius uranus, Capricorn neptune, Scorpio pluto.
      He’s Leo, Virgo moon, Leo mercury, Cancer venus, Leo mars, Sagiterius jupiter, Gemini saturn, Libra uranus, Sagiterius neptune, Libra pluto. Are we a good match for each other.
      I feel some chemistry, but am I wrong?

      1. I’d give it a lazy yes, but the best way you can find out is to ask this question on the forum.

        Create the two charts on astro.com, link is here


        Then post the image of them with your question on the forums
        Some of the readers can give you more info


        But that’s the most free advice you can get..

        Anyway.. my opinion is go for it, but you didn’t say much about the situation

  14. Yes, it’s true! I have a Gemini moon with Mars in Gemini so I do all those things — I write about my feelings and talk about them (especially when I’m upset). And research has led me to different ways of dealing with them. I use prayer, flower essences, and I’m currently reading, “Changes That Heal,” by Dr. Henry Cloud, a Christian psychologist, which I recommend. My boyfriend has an Aquarius moon and he talks about compartmentalizing from time to time, which BTW,doesn’t really make sense to me but I probably should practice that so I can disassociate from unpleasantries. He also hates clutter and puts everything in drawers. Thanks, Midara!?

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