Finding Love with Venus-Saturn in the Chart

venusaturnElsa has been writing a lot about Venus-Saturn energy lately, so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. When you have Venus-Saturn energy in the chart, you get a mixture of those two qualities manifesting in your life. This is true in all areas, but I find it most troublesome in the love life area. I have a Venus-Saturn signature and every checkout line I choose turns out to be the wrong one. Do not EVER get in line behind me. I’ve learned to live with that, because, really, that’s something I can learn to live with. I don’t care about that any more and I’ve learned to make it a good time.

Shopping and money fall under Venus just like love does. I have some amazing Saturn Venus stories in that area, and I think they’re funny. Why? Because I eventually realized “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” This is how things go for me in that area, and when I learned to stop treating it as a burden, it stopped being a burden. I slowly turned into the skid and learned how to have a productive (Saturn), slow time waiting (Saturn) to pay (Venus).

Now conventionally, my Venus and Saturn would not be in orb for conjunction. They’re about 11 degrees apart. But they’re in sign (Aries) and Venus squares my Saturn-ruled Moon pretty closely. I figure it’s a mild double whammy (two Saturn influences) making for one Venus-Saturn effect (.5 plus .5 equals 1). Whatever the why of it, there is no mistaking the Venus-Saturn energy in my life. Trust, if I fully explained it you’d be begging me to put you out of your misery long before we hit the end. So here’s the thing: There are many ways to add up your chart to a Venus-Saturn energy. There are many Saturn influenced energies that mingle in some way with Venus influenced energies. It can be by sign, by house, or just a really wide orb.

Saturn is hard and Venus is soft. It’s like putting an egg in a sack with a rock. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, your egg’s in jeopardy. Or to quote Sancho Panza from “Man of la Mancha”: Whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone, it’s going to be bad for the pitcher.

Now that doesn’t make Saturn bad and Venus good! If you even want to apply those terms, it’s really situational. Saturn is what keeps rescuers digging to reach the trapped child. Venus is what makes someone check out the passing ass as they walk in front of a bus.

In any case, many people have this energy without being aware. The way to check is to ask yourself, “Do I experience restriction in love?” If you think you do, read through Elsa’s description of Venus-Saturn energy and see if you recognize yourself. Do you work to control your love life and fail? Do you have barriers to love, worry about failure? I’d say there are many ways to shake a chart and come up with Venus-Saturn energy. And if you feel it? You feel it.

I don’t think orbs are the way to define things here. I don’t even think a person should stick only to the hard aspects. A trine can be daunting in this case if you find it affects you. If Venus and Saturn are in signs that square, or both in angular houses, this can be enough to evoke the energy.

But it all boils down to this. If you’re experiencing this energy, this class is going to address how to make it work for you instead of fighting with it. Actually a lot of it is going to be learning how to work with the energy, because the energy is part of you. It’s not something to defeat or overcome; it’s something to learn, to ride, and embrace to create value. Instead of a barrier to love, this energy can be a tool to attract it, and better yet, keep it.

Elsa will be doing the main class posts, but I’m going to contribute in my own way. First, I’ll do pictures for her posts, which I love to do. I will also be doing a post for each Venus sign and how it reacts when faced with Saturn energy. This will include specifics for the different aspects as well.

I learned to smile and enjoy my vacations farming cobwebs in the checkout line at Safeway. Now I’m going to work on overcoming my obstacles to having real love. Yes, I’m going to learn in this class! This class is for every level of learning in this area. Knowing and having (doing) are two different things. Maybe you’re ready to take control (Saturn) and find love (Venus) too. In fact, Saturn’s transiting somewhere in everyone’s chart. If it’s transiting your Venus, whether or not you have Venus-Saturn natally, you too will be dealing with this energy.

Click over to find info on the Venus Saturn class.

UPDATE – This class has ended. A transcript is available here. 


14 thoughts on “Finding Love with Venus-Saturn in the Chart”

  1. You know what’s hilarious reading this? I deliberately get in the longest line at places because I figure I’ll end up there anyway, so why try to dodge it?
    Never occurred to me it was a V/S thing though….that’s new.
    Looking forward to your work in the class!

  2. Oy, I have a tight Venus-Saturn square (1 degree orb) and Saturn-Moon sextile. I was always pining for the girl(s) I couldn’t get and ignoring the ones who liked me. Hell, even the one’s who liked me (and I them) would be scrutinized and evaluated with some flaw or I was just too shy to talk to them. And waiting in line? Yep, always the slowest line. I don’t even try anymore. SOmetimes I get a fast line when I just go with the flow. I love shopping at the local co-op so it doesn’t matter there.

  3. So what is it like to have Saturn precisely sextile Venus? From successfully working in retail since my teens until recent retirement I am the ultimate shopper and always sniff out a bargain. Moreover, I have always realized an improved circumstance by virtue of my relationships. I’ve been told I can scape the buffalo off a
    nickel! Thought I’d share a positive note.

  4. Ouuu… you forgot to say about the times when you actually DO fly along through the que, but when you reach your destination, the person has to put a fresh reel in the till, or go for change, or there it’s a staff swapover… =D

    Hey @Namaste! =) I know you want to get in on this asap, but you can join any time! Just delay a little & then jump in- you’ll be able to catch up. Also, I think Elsa is planning on offering a transcript a little later on…

  5. I do not know what to say. I have this signature !!!
    I have had love several times.
    And creative.
    Though it does not take much to throw me off. loose belief.

    I have Venus aqua sq Saturn Scorpio . My Venus is the freedom Venus anyways. I prefer friends first , then love romance.

    People like me. I can relate and not.
    I found being around the original family rather painful. I left them. Years ago. They keep that entrenched. They were highly disrespectful .
    My solution was distance.

    I have Venus sq MC too.

  6. Besides getting away from original family . Do things you enjoy. Venus likes that.
    Mine is aqua as said. So I have a strange Venus.
    Cap Venus likes well done resumes goals completed . Whereas a Venus Leo loves the stage. Being adored. Creative.
    Tiaras anyone.
    Taurus Venus enjoys cooking to any craft. Music . Good wine.
    Gem Venus likes to flirt. Socialize.
    Read what your Venus likes.
    Begin doing that. Get away from the naysayers. Your original members of your family may appear in other people. now this where the problem comes out.

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