Progressed Uranus Changing Signs

Recently, Uranus changed signs in my progressed chart. This rarely happens in a person’s lifespan. Check the math:

Uranus – 7 years in a sign = 2555 days = 2555 years.

Unless you’re born with Uranus direct at the very late degrees of a sign, or Rx at the very early degrees of a sign, you’re unlikely to experience this shift. Consequently, there is virtually nothing written about this. This post is meant to fill that void.

In my case, Uranus progressed from Leo into Virgo. I was aware of the shift, right away.

The first thing I noticed was that I really embraced “work”. Uranus freed the Virgoan in me. I immediately started telling people that I was going to work until I die.

I also, seemingly instantly, became willing to care for the ill. I bring communion to people who are in the hospital, but I also feel I may be taking care of people who have various disabilities, at some point in the future. The prospect of this is not daunting. I was able to verbalize this, right away.

I stated, that if I spent the rest of my life taking care of people who needed care, this would be satisfying for me. I would think this to be a good life. I may need to be needed. At the very least, I like to be needed.

Stating this does not embarrass me. I would be a lot more embarrassed to be of no use to anyone! I intend to remain industrious for as long as I can. If people are relying on me, it would support my desire, rather than drain me. I understand these relationships to be symbiotic.

I hope this transit liberates my thinking. My thinking is pretty liberated anyway, but you what I mean. I wouldn’t mind having more channels open.

I haven’t noticed anything like this, but hey! Who doesn’t want a brilliant idea?

I’ve also become a lot more detached in conversation. There are people out there who are incredibly learned. You’d have no idea by looking at them.

I wouldn’t mind becoming one of them. A walking encyclopedia, in my area of interest. If you ask me, I guess you’ll see. If you don’t, then you won’t.

All of these things are new to me. They’re fresh. What and who I was and how I felt, a year ago can barely be seen in the rear view mirror, today.

So this is the direction I’m taking. I have no qualms about it. People who want my help will get it. People who don’t, won’t.

I feel detached (Uranus) like that. It’s the service (Virgo) that liberates (Uranus). Period.

Has your progressed Uranus changed signs in your life time? Will it change signs in the future? Tell us!

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47 thoughts on “Progressed Uranus Changing Signs”

  1. amazing post- thank you for sharing!!! I was wondering about this myself- since I have a friend who soon is going to have prog. uranus changing houses- is this a big transit too? what do you think of prog. uranus moving from 8th house to 7th house?…. my friend is very uraniun- I assume this will have meaning?….
    By the way I am not surprised this happenes to you- you ARE very special (in alot of uranian ways:)

  2. I have a late-degree Uranus, but it might not be late enough to change signs in my lifetime. I wish that it would, though. Your experience sounds very exciting!

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    curious wanderer

    None of my outer planets are going to progress into different signs in my lifetime. The one I’m keeping an eye on is my Jupiter. It’s about ready to progress, by retrograde, from Leo to Cancer. That’ll be a shift, I’m sure.

  4. Richard Simmons (the flambloyant fitness guru) has had this happen. His Uranus went from Gemini to Cancer. I’m not sure when this took place. But there has been a definite shift in his persona, and his current return to the spotlight might have something to do with this. I’ve noticed he LOVES costumes and lady’s wigs now. (Cancer is known for being sort of a “character”! )

  5. As always you make me think. I looked back in my chart and I found that on the day of my mother’s funeral my ascendant progressed from Libra into Scorpio. Without her having my back (as I always felt she did) I had to become tougher and more capable of being on my own.

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    Leslie Zucker

    Elsa, do you compare transits to both progressed and natal charts? does one take priority over the other?

  7. My progressed Uranus is currently @ 28° Sagittarius. This means the shift to Capricorn should virtually happen in two years… I suppose. Channelling the potential for innovation and trasformation through Capricorn (focused, goal-oriented) energy sounds nice.

      1. I found this thread because my friend’s Uranus progressed from Libra ( her sun sign) to 0 degrees Scorpio. I have been looking at her chart because she said that this year has been tough for her.

          1. My uranus changed from libra to scorpio back in late 2003. Crazy times. Between 2001-2004, I met my husband, had a baby, got divorced and became extremely intutive/almost psychic. Changed careers. basically everything in my life changed. But tell your friend in the last 15 years, I met my soulmate, wrote a book, and am basically content in most areas…at least until the next transit

  8. Somehow hadn’t fully grokked that my Jupiter progressed from Pisces to Aries when I got married. Very cool and yay!

    Elsa, wish we could all order our Uranus’s (?) to progress into Virgo off your web site. Now THAT would be a great service for you to offer! Astrological adjustments 🙂

  9. My Uranus will stay in Leo, but my progressed sun is within 5 degrees of being conjunct. Since it’s Leo, I don’t know if I’m going to become more eccentric over these next five years until it’s exact. It’s in the sixth house which does focus on work, service, small animals and health.

  10. How long does it take Pluto to change signs? I have it now at 0 degrees Scorpio, progressed from my natal 29 degrees Libra Pluto.

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    bunnies, cakes and cheeky stuff

    Yeap…I’m in the Uranus shape-shift gang here!

    I have Uranus Scorp in 2 degrees retrograde, at 76years it will have changed sign and house! back to libra 29.

    It duplicates other themes in my chart, I’m a Uranus person and my sun, mc and merc are in Aquarius are in Scorp 8th house, so its a kind of further wrapping up life themes in natal chart in old age, well maybe not wrapping it up, not with Uranus… I plan to ride a harley, continue to have darn good sex, (I’ll be making up for lost time) have a few house bunnies, and eat plenty of cake when I’m a crone! Well my Scorp Uranus is in the 5th house!!

  12. Elsa, thanks for posting. So interesting.

    For me, direct in Gemini natally, but progressed to Cancer when I was around 4. BUT, will retrograde back to Gemini when I am around 78 and stay there for the rest of my life.

  13. Wow! Timely. I just noticed mine progressed into Leo from Cancer the other day. I didn’t really think much of it except that now it will trine that progressed moon and Saturn very nicely. But now that you mention it- here’s what I also noticed recently- I no longer suffer fools. I used to turn myself into a pretzel. WHY?!!! I make a squinty face, usually “wrap it up”, turn, and don’t look back. I still think we’re all magic, but they were wasting my glitter.

    1. My Uranus just progressed from Cancer to Leo as well. In the same house (4th)I have Jupiter in Leo, but not conjunct. Not really sure what it means. My sun, mars and venus have all progressed into Virgo in the 5th house. I guess I need a progressed chart reading!

  14. Not Uranus, but my progressed Neptune moved from Scorpio to Libra when I was seven. I had never thought of this before, but what a fascinating topic Elsa. As I am a Pisces and Pisces Asc, Neptune being my ruling planet it was a big change for a child. My family moved home and I had to start a new school. It was all very emotional but the new environment was more Venusian and by the sea.

  15. Yes my natal Uranus has progressed to another sign. I was born with Uranus retrograde at 0.28 Virgo. Interestingly, two of my daughters also were born with Uranus retrograde at 0 degrees in Aquarius. My Uranus progressed to Leo on 01 September 1983. I turned 21 years old a few months later. I became extremely independent. That was also the year I enrolled in college even though my parents do not value higher education. I quit a job that I had that my parents approved of and took a job elsewhere. I decided that I didn’t want to follow the game plan my parents had for me which was to marry and settle down in the same neighborhood in which I had grown up. I was rebel but with a cause. I also came out of my shell.
    At the time in 1983 when it changed signs it moved from the 8th house to the 7th house. I dated (a lot) but never settled down. It was my choice. I enjoyed myself. My progressed Leo Uranus (r) is now at 28.50 Leo and just passed my descendant. I am married (I did get married over 20+ years ago and am happily married) and our relationship was not impacted by that movement over the descendant. However, I am finished up a degree in October and will be working in my chosen profession soon.

  16. One more interesting thing that happened when my Uranus changed from Virgo to Leo. The man who raised me, my step-father, legally adopted me.

  17. I had Uranus progress from Virgo into Libra when I was two and a half, and it’s been conjunct my sun at 2 degrees Libra since forever and will be that way until 2026, when I’m 58. Can’t connect any experiences to the sign changing because I was so young. But I look forward to it moving off my sun. It’s been a very rocky road. Only 13 more years, LOL.

  18. My progressed Jupiter switched back into Sag back in 2001. Then my progressed Pluto moved into Libra back at the end of 2006. If I live to be 92, then Jupiter will progress back into Capricorn. Otherwise, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune all stay in their ‘home sign’. Also, this fascinates me, but if I live to be 88, my progressed Mercury, ASC & Pluto will all be in a 10min conjunct to each other, and my progressed Sun only be 1degree off all three.

  19. My Uranus has not progressed yet. It would be interesting to see what shift occurs from Capricorn to Sadge.

  20. This shift is covered in the Progressed Transit Report. Here’s the copy:

    “When Uranus moves into Virgo in the PROGRESSED Chart, it enhances and reinforces mind activity that is subtle, independent, and original. You are quiet, but may be stubborn and curious to the point of eccentricity. During this time you seem to naturally know how things work, and are especially attracted to the occult for your link with the Universal Mind. You can be successful in the fields of health, science, and technology. Beware of the possibility of erratic health problems now by paying special attention to diet and mental control of bodily functions. These influences will remain with you for the rest of your life.”

  21. Your post reminded me of nursing (Virgo) informatics (Uranus), Elsa. Sometimes new fields of work (again, Uranus/Virgo) get invented or evolve that no one could ever imagine years before. Perhaps you might discover one, since it’s a rare progression. Uranus rules my 6th, and I work in a relatively “new” field of nursing, invented almost 30 yrs ago.

    1. Hi. Was interested in your post about Progressed Uranus changing signs. You mentioned you are in a new field of work with nursing field and was wondering what that was. Do feel your post to Elsa was right on target. And I have the same going on as Elsa. Progressed Uranus from Leo into Virgo. THANKS. Sherri

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    5th House Sun

    A-Ha! I’ve been reflecting on changes to my personality for a little while now. Very insightful that you bring this up Elsa. My progressed Uranus has ‘recently’ gone into Sag from 29 degrees Scorpio – has stayed in the 6th house tho. I seem not to care about other peoples crap as much. I’m not interested in getting involved in their emotional problems. I feel more detached from intensity/have better defined boundaries. I Still listen but with much more objectivity and won’t let myself get bogged down in it. I deal with my own feelings better and seem to bounce back quicker. Am waaay more restless and want Freedom/to roam a bit more. To be fair, my Natal Sun in Scorpio (10Deg) has progressed into Sag too, along with my Mercury, which is Natally Libra. These join Lilith, Venus and Neptune in Sag…. Wow this explains it! Verrrry Saggi now… Hmm have also been wondering why my interest in wanting to be a healer has subsided!

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    5th House Sun

    *I say ‘recently’ as I havnt checked the exact date but it’s been a little while now – long enough to notice the changes and wonder where my old self had gone. Oh well – onwards and upwards! Lol

  24. My daughters has just gone 00 Virgo – we just had a visit at airport due to a turn for the worse in MY health. Hows that for off to the starting gate and on
    my 70th birthday. Good timing cosmos.

  25. Very interesting. I just noticed a moment ago that my progressed Uranus is in the process of changing signs. It is at 0’18 degrees in Virgo but still in 3rd house. What I have recently noticed is that I am becoming more detached in conversation with those closest to me when in conversation. And my speaking is not as bold and dramatic as in Leo. That is all I see currently. Interesting topic. Thanks Elsa!

  26. Today was the first time I really looked into my progressed chart to find that Uranus had moved from 28′ Leo to 1″2 Virgo. I am really excited I found your blog. The main difference is that I am less impulsive and I stay on a project for much longer. I feel clearer about my goals, but I need to watch out to nurture my Leo aspects ( natal Venus/NN/Uranus/Moon Leo) and to be forgiving towards myself.

  27. e –

    Can you define “early” and “late” in numbers from
    “Unless you’re born with Uranus direct at the very late degrees of a sign, or Rx at the very early degrees of a sign”?

    One of the charts I follow has Uranus at 5° 30′ (r)

    1. Not likely to change signs.
      It needs to move 5 degrees which takes about 4 months (roughly).
      4 months = 30 days X 4 = 120 days or 120 years.
      This is assuming there is no change of direction.

  28. My husband’s mother died and I checked his progressed chart. His Progressed Uranus is 0.00 Scorpio, his progressed AC is 0.05 Gemini.It seems that his life is in a change.

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