Saturn & Neptune In Pisces & All Those Tears

Vintge Pisces Fish AshtrayDo you find yourself crying at the drop of a hat?  It’s Neptune in Pisces, sensitizing people, combined with Saturn in Pisces which dissolves blocks and your usual controls. It’s getting ridiculous, in my case.  If I see or hear of the slightest kindness, tears flow, almost immediately.

If the transiting planets aspect planets in your chart, you’re probably experiencing something similar but you can come about this in other ways.  Saturn aspecting Neptune in your natal chart.  Neptune in Capricorn.  Saturn in the 12th…

Transiting Saturn and Neptune are aspecting my natal planets. I also have multiple Saturn Neptune signatures in my chart.  This hits me quite hard and it’s amusing.

I say that because it’s not the first time, I’ve gone through something like this through my husband’s eyes. Basically, his wife is doing the cry thing again. I tell him it’s a transit, which he understands well enough. It’s just funny, because I do have periods like this when a dog makes a face on tv, and I start crying. Normal times, I’m normal.

I don’t know how common it is to be affected to this degree but I’m putting this out here for people who might be having a similar experience. It’s like being a wide open channel!  The effect is strong enough, I have to change my behavior to not fall into an ocean of tears over… really, anything.

One thing I do is shut off the radio… all music, because this is the most powerful portal, so to speak.  It’s not that I don’t want to swirl in emotion, but I have to talk to the plumber, get ready for visiting family or whatever. I’m buying plants for my garden, and don’t want to be puffy-eyed, as it would be quite strange.

If it sounds like I am avoiding feeling, I don’t think so. It’s the opposite. I want to savor the wave of feelings. I want to openly cry, just not while talking to my neighbor about pulling up some dead bushes in front of our house. I don’t think he’d get it!

If you’re new to astrology and having this experience, now you understand it. Further, if you’re having this experience now, you’ll have it again when the planets align.

There is a lot of talk of the veil being thin right now; I think this is true and this is one example of how it manifests.  You’re simply able to feel things, where “things” include the happy feelings of a dog, reunited with their friend or master, or whatever.  The joy is out of this world; tears are a response to witnessing such a thing.

Same with the music. Someone gets a lyric just right, or perhaps a song triggers some long ago feeling – BAM! Next thing you know, you have to pull over to sob.

I am in a period like this, now. You?

15 thoughts on “Saturn & Neptune In Pisces & All Those Tears”

  1. Elsa wrote, ” It’s getting ridiculous, in my case. If I see or hear of the slightest kindness, tears flow, almost immediately.”

    Welcome to my world,

    – 4 natal planets in Pisces. 🙂

  2. Haha yes, I’ve been attributig this to hormones and some other things, trying to place it… Thank you for the insight!

  3. its over for now thank god. had neptune tradniting my sun, moon, venus. jsut like you i stoped listeing to music. and just cried and cired. i would have my mandatiry wlaks on the beach twice a day so i can cry it out, and regulate my day better.

    1. “mandatory walks along the beach…” That’s just what does it for me, elena ! I need those edges to feel the feels and now it’s sunny sometimes I find a nice Sandy spot and let the warm sands hold me wholeheartedly.

      Neptune is transiting my house of Values(2nd).

      And my Ma showing up in my dreams(Pisces) brings tears too. Water signs (me and my hubs Scorpio and Cancerian and our pal and this landowner a Pisces) … good we have our land boat to keep us dry❤️

  4. i haven’t cried in such a long time – crying is a good release! Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of rage…i can go from calm to ughhh anger in seconds! Usually over things I can’t control (double Capricorn) I’m so frustrated and can’t even pinpoint why?

    1. Squares to Cap from transiting Aries planets perhaps? Aries season and now Mercury rx – in regard to frustration.

  5. Both Neptune and Saturn are in my 12th house, along with my progressed mars and moon (which is conjunct Neptune at the moment) and I’ve been shedding tears left and right. I’ve been crying more in the last few years but lately it’s happening at the most strangest moments (when I wouldn’t expect it and often because I’m happy or relieved).

  6. Ummm, yes and totally. I’m crying at the most ridiculous things. What’s worse is that I usually keep my true sentiments to myself and now it’s like perpetual PMS, lol.

  7. Pisces sensitizes. I dawned on me maybe with this new dose of rain, that sensitizing could also be the extraordinary effects of pollens this year!? I’m sensitive and allergies, yah but this year it’s an all round itch feast.

  8. I have Saturn in the 12th house Scorpio. I have been on antidepressant for years if not I would be in a constant state of tears. Lately I have been needing to cry but can’t. My late husband’s birthday was the first of April, and his death anniversary is the 9th. I have been hypersensitive to my surroundings lately; my home life is in constant chaos. Of course, Neptune and Saturn are transiting my 4th house.

  9. Since Saturn went direct I have been feeling like I’m floating above my head, if that makes sense. Major, major life changes over the past two years. Having a tough time getting grounded and following through. Definitely very sensitive to virtually everything. I sure hope the entire transit isn’t like this. 😂 I haven’t shirked my responsibilities or stopped showing up, but it’s robotic, and I never really feel like I’m fully ‘there’. For me, this is the second time I’ve had this transit (it’s opposing my sun); and last time, I pretty much lost that period. Doing my best to learn from my experience, but I feel like I have one foot in this kind of vapor, and the other in that kind of vapor, with both feet looking for something to grab onto. Not a whole lot of fun, at least for me. I must confess, I’m not sure how to lean into it. Trying to keep my sense of humor about it all.

  10. Actually yes! The veil IS thin and emotions ARE flowing.

    On Easter morning, I was just sitting down to my morning coffee over looking the city and the bay. Out of nowhere I just started sobbing. I mean deep deep sobbing. It just kept coming. I felt spirit around me but also one I didn’t recognise at first. After my husband got up and found me even he felt the spirit there. I believe it was a relative who passed a few years back who came to apologise for things that happened a long time ago. Kind of funny she would pick Easter to come for closure because she was very religious.

  11. Oh my God yes, it has been so bad. I have a lot of pisces/virgo and saturn is hitting me hard. Ive always been very sensitive, but virtually anything anyone says to me or does hurts my feelings. For months and months. Im realizing i have 0 coping skills outside substances or my inner critic virgo moon haha) disparaging me to toughen up or that “it doesnt bother anyone else”. It’s honestly been debilitating. The music thing is funny o usually enjoy my walks to work with my tunes but some days i actually cant physically listen to it. The isolating nature of all this makes it worse.

  12. This is happening to me too – Saturn is opposing my Virgo Saturn, which is the middle of the t-square in my chart of Saturn/Neptune/Venus, so it’s making a grand cross in a way. Lots of tears. I don’t mind it much though, somehow!

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