When Feelings Leave

girl miking cowOnce someone told me that I was an unfeeling person. I was devastated. I’m not sure why I was told this. I’m not sure if it was correct or if it was a projection.

It left me feeling inferior to the person who had judged me. I’m not sure why.

I’m also not sure what’s in vogue at the moment. But I don’t have as many feelings as I used to. I don’t feel ashamed to say this. I’m not even sure it matters.

If I feel things deeply, with this make me popular? Or scary?

Will it make me someone who people want to talk to? Or will I be someone who people want to avoid?

To explain this astrologically, I’d point at Uranus square Pluto and say that I’ve detached to survive. I might also point at Saturn, transiting my 10th house and call it a psychological defense.

People can have a field day with their analysis of me, but you know what? My progressed Moon, Jupiter and Uranus have or will all change signs within a year’s time. Can you imagine this? Do know how rare it is?

I look back at myself, fifteen years ago, ten years ago, five years ago, thirty years ago…I’m not even interesting. That’s how nostalgic I feel at this time.

I’m being catapulted, and it’s liberating.

Have you ever noticed your feelings coming or going in a way that seems dramatic to you?

28 thoughts on “When Feelings Leave”

  1. It’s hard to win on the feelings front…. if you feel too much (like i do) it can push people away who either aren’t used to that kind of energy or you end up feeling what others feel and act on it which scares them. If you lack feeling then you are distant. i say just go with it, if people can’t deal they aren’t for you. and yay for planets on the move!

  2. Ourfeelings change and evolve over time as our understanding of the world and ourselves change and evolve. 🙂

  3. The progressed planets changing signs like that this is epic. Even stranger, all three bodies aspect each other.

    When I look backwards, I see a cardboard person, though it did not seem that way at the time.

  4. I also think it’s good in this business. People are overwhelmed…they don’t need me to be overwhelmed too.

    It’s sort of like remodeling your kitchen. It’s upsetting! So you want the person you hire to be a pro, as opposed to coming to your house with a bunch of his or her, personal problems.

  5. This is just survival mode. It comes from learning to balance one’s emotions so that discernment and good judgment are not clouded and have room to operate. It doesn’t mean you don’t feel or help people or any of that. I was recently called cold-blooded, selfish, blasé, cavalier, etc. by a person who creates dramas and upheavals constantly. I said, “I have learned to detach, but it does not mean I don’t care.” Living on an even keel is not a bad thing, nor is having a sense of reserve. I’m a New Englander though, we don’t wear our hearts on our sleeves.

  6. I have progressed Moon in Scorpio. Emotional control for survival,I suppose. I also have a Uranus/Pluto signature in my natal chart, in addition to being hit hard by those planets in transit, and I think I probably have detached just so I could see the next sunrise.

  7. My progressed moon just changed from Gemini to 0 degrees of Cancer in the 8th House. I’m a little fearful of becoming overly emotional. Natally I already have Pisces Moon in the 7th house and can romanticize every relationship; not just partners but even how I feel about motherhood. But I’m a writer so hopefully can channel this productively since it is aspecting Mars and Neptune.

  8. Additional note. I just realized my husband’s progressed moon has recently changed to 0 degrees of Capricorn in the 5th house. Natally his 5th house has five planets aspecint Pluto in the 1st house. We have been side stepping and soft shoeing around the loss of affection in our relationship for a couple of years. We have so much going for us in our children and though we aren’t wealthy we are not uncomfortable financially. He also has progressed Venus conjunct Saturn and I have Venus square Saturn…time to reread the Venus Saturn transcript Elsa and factor in the progressed planets!

  9. I notice this all the time, but I think it tends to be more exaggerated in my chart with all my cancer placements and then my chart ruler (moon) being ruled by Saturn. Add in Jupiter conjunct my moon and it’s a lot of expand/contract, expand/contract, expand/contract. At least that’s how it feels to me. I have learned how to ride my own personal waves in a much more satisfying and productive way,

  10. I’ve noticed I have little patience and little room to coddle certain feelings in others. If someone is using me to make themselves feel better either by comparison or by goading me into babying them, I tend to tell them something blunt. I’m not here to lie to you.

    When my feelings leave it does feel like survival mode. I really should point to saturn in my 3rd since I feel like I’ve changed my entire emotional approach to the world during this transit.

    However that’s not to say that this is easy for me because I’m very cancerian. Usually I tiptoe around the truth and ease feel everything. Right now, nope.

  11. I think everyone has to protect themselves and all those in their life. I would imagine people say some of the strangest things to you. I don’t understand that really but I know it must happens. My sister reads tarot cards and palms for a living she sometimes tells me some of the things people ask her and though I don’t shock easily I can only think what the hell was that person thinking. Somethings people say and ask others totally blows me out of the water. Truly amazing!

  12. I can imagine it cuz it happened. Alot changing signs at one time. At least you are aware of it. I was like what the heck is goin on?

    Air placements because of the mental factor can come off as cool and unfeeling. But everybody has their own special journey and the tools to deal with it. I got lots of water but have learned to work through it. It’s up to me. “For all her crummy moods she wore a big pair of red wax lips so that her friends would not have to suffer too.” Not my quote.

  13. Oh, my feelings keeled over and died (out of sheer exhaustion, I think) years ago! There are plusses and minuses to that. I deeply enjoy not giving much of a shit about a lot of things any more, but on the other hand it’s incredibly hard to be motivated when your heart ain’t leading you anywhere and all you feel is “meh.”

  14. My progressed moon is changing this week and progressed ASC later this year, but three at the same time is amazing.

  15. Jupiter and Uranus rarely changes signs in a person’s progressed chart, unless you’re born with them direct, at the very late degrees of a sign, or Rx at the very early degrees of a sign.

    Jupiter takes a year to change signs – 365 days = 365 years.

    Uranus – 7 years = 2555 days = 2555 years.

  16. Well, my opinion about your change of feelings is that it also has to do with just getting older. If you’re someone who is in touch with your feelings and haven’t spent years in denial, at some point you just start deciding which feelings are worth the energy and which ones aren’t worth it… you’re just not gonna go there— or as I think I once read here- “not a hill I wanna die on”. It’s funny, my 33 year old graduate-student-in -psychology daughter were talking the other day and she said some guy called her “naughty” and she just went nuts… how dare he try to belittle her and denigrate her and make her feel shameful, and she should say something to him… blahblahblah… I didn’t say this to her, but I was thinking OH SOOOOOO WHHHHHAT. LET IT GO… Either that or walk away and throw this over your shoulder: “you must have a tiny dick”. But instead, she just wanted to work it and work it… I was exhausted just listening to her. So my point is, at some point if you’re reasonably mentally healthy, you realize your energy is precious and you decide what you want to spend it on, and the rest can go to hell. It’s very liberating but sometimes people have to be brought to their knees before they let go.

  17. one more thing… I’ve definitely been called cold, uncaring and unfeeling but only by people who were PISSED OFF that I wouldn’t join them in some drama-fest. My family calls me that every time they are chewing someone up and I won’t join in.

  18. It’s normal for some people I guess. I may go detached one day, but for now I am generally a passionate person!

  19. Deep feelings are extraordinary only if we are able to control them. As result, Earth is the only place we can do the work to ascend beyond the earth.

  20. I ponder this a lot. Feelings have had me for most of my life, I’ve been awash with them; so painful, so debilitating, so crippling. But something happened a few years ago and I just stopped feeling about everything. It’s a lot of what dog8818 said. But it’s something else too. Maybe my libran moon has found her balance point. Maybe I’ve grown a skin, finally. Maybe it was Saturn through Libra. I sometimes worry that I can’t feel anymore – but that’s not the case either. Recent events have affected me deeply.
    I don’t know. I can’t always access feelings I think would enrich the experience I’m having; feelings that surely would be the feeling to have in that moment, and I think in some respects that’s a late middle age thing. Fewer feels. But I do know I can function in the world now.

    And really Elsa, progressed Uranus changing signs? That’s extraordinary, especially with Jupiter too.

  21. When my progressed Sun moved into Capricorn I got way more practical, matter-of-fact and outwardly dispassionate. I still care deeply inside (Scorp Sun), but feel like I have to take care of business in a way I didn’t when pSun was in Sag.

      1. Yes, sorry! You wrote that your progressed moon, Jupiter and Uranus would all change signs within a year. I’m wondering how that all turned out, but aware it’s probably a lot to answer.

        1. I have become “distant” from almost everyone.

          This might be due to 12th house transits, though. Things that bind you are dissolved.

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