Prying Scorpio Dumped By Her Taurus Friend: Can She Fix This?

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Dear Elsa,

I recently got dropped by such a dear friend of mine. She was a Taurus. We really got along, even emotionally; we were sometimes so alike.

We had a fight thanks to me being a prying Scorpio. She said I hurt her feelings one day but she wouldn’t tell me what I’d done, though I asked her lots of times. I even said she was being stubborn about it. Is the result of our ending on my hands? I don’t understand why she would just drop our friendship and me like that? Should I try and get my friend back? Please help.

Sixteen, Hurt & Confused
South Africa

Dear Sixteen,

Friends are very important. I think they’re critical if you want to be happy in this life so I definitely think you should try to get your friend back. And it does sound as if you are primarily responsible for the demise of the relationship, although she obviously has play too. But if you’re smart, you’ll forget about what she did or did not do wrong, and just make up for what you did wrong. Because it’s friendship, see? It’s not a contest you can score. And you said yourself you were at fault. You were a prying Scorpio…

So apparently whatever you did, you hurt your friend in the process. She responded by shutting down. And at that point you might have become more sensitive, but instead you insisted she talk to you, confide in you, etc. In essence, you were asking her to take care of you. Can you see that? Your friend is hurt, you’re the reason and now you’re telling her to trust you… and if you stop and feel this out, you’ll see it misguided. And from there it deteriorated further when you decided to insult her by calling her “stubborn” and whatever else you did. Getting the picture here? If you did this to me, I wouldn’t be talking to you either! But that said, you can probably get your friend back.

Just let her know you understand what you did, and how it made her feel. Tell her you are sorry and you will try to be more sensitive in the future… and then do it! You will probably get your friend back, but even more important you will be a better person yourself. This action will lead you to be a more sensitive in the future, and this would be Scorpio at its best.

Good luck.

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1 thought on “Prying Scorpio Dumped By Her Taurus Friend: Can She Fix This?”

  1. Ah, does this sound familiar. I’m a Scorpio, married to a Taurus, and the biggest thing we fight about is who said what and who hurt who; not the original issues themselves. Neither one of us are willing to back down, until the other does. Once one of us breaks, then the other can to. If you feel like you were even kind of wrong, just say sorry, and then you can both go back to having fun. She probably wants you back as a friend too, but her pride is keeping her from saying so.

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