Stellium In Aries – Lupus Flare

The stellium in Aries opposes my planets in Libra…messed with my Capricorn as well. It’s put me in a mild (but relentless) lupus flare for about a week now.

Seriously, it’s not that bad. I feel okay. But my joints are swollen and one of my eyes is also affected. I’ve not seen this symptom since I left Colorado. I did have one day, it was 72 degrees in the house. I needed a hot microwave thing around my neck, furry socks and I was lying under multiple blankets on top a jumbo heating pad, on high.

Oh yeah. I also had on my huge motorcycle gloves, with their heated fingertips. Still, I consider this, mild. It was only one day like that. I’ve kept this under control for the most part.

Knowing what’s going on, makes a big difference. This was a million times worse when I had no clue.  I do think the disease (or whatever it is) is advancing, though. I can see my pinkie fingers are becoming misshapen. The pain is okay, though and I feel happy.

That last is the most important by far. I do not feel oppressed by my physical body. In fact, I feel magnificent in many way.  Because really, being cold is not the end of world, especially when you have Darth Vader gloves!  And I have a lot of clarity now which is a major gift.

How are you faring with the stellium in Aries?

19 thoughts on “Stellium In Aries – Lupus Flare”

  1. I love and applaud your attitude Elsa. It’s really bucked me up reading this, though goodness knows I wouldn’t wish what you’re going through on anyone.

    I’m being hit physically too by the Aries stellium – the 3rd decanate of Aries is where my natal Moon/Nth Node is located – and my Progressed Moon is now right opposite on the South Node in Libra. Lots of painful inflammation! Just thankful for my knowledge of astrology – if I didn’t know what was going on cosmically I would be pretty scared.

  2. I wish that I could say the same- that I’m totally happy and not the least bit oppressed or distraught or worried or whatever, but with my 8th house, it seems like this inner situation plagues me no matter what…its either bad or worse…softly in the background or blaring in the forfront of my mind.

    I think I would rather have a peaceful mind than impeccable health but I don’t know for sure, so I’m definitely going to knock on wood for saying that.

    Anyway, I wish you the best and glad you are at least feeling good mentally and spiritually and physically, it could be worse. Saying a prayer for you and that your fingers don’t get any worse so you can go on doing what you love, writing on this blog for a long time.

  3. (((Elsa))) Sending you my fire ? Arian energy and many prayers. Stellium is in my 1st house Ascendant and is a little frustrating with all this water energy. With all the fire I have and the best intentions to accomplish my goals and fulfill my potential, that endless water energy slows me down, and 12th house vibrations make me physically tired. I guess water is going to do what it always does…water wins.
    Aries Rising

    1. First house ascendant here too – you could be describing me! Plus I’m currently way up north in California and it’s been cold and wet like it hasn’t for the last five years! Here’s hoping things will…dry up soon 😉

  4. It’s squaring all my planets in Capricorn, and opposing Libra. I’m feeling aggressive and confrontational, but also seeking truth.

  5. I went to the dentist this morning…he jacked my jaw all up, further kicking in my immune system -oops!

    So now the left side of my face is numb and swollen, up to above my eye. Ridiculous!

    But I still feel good. I have consultations today and I’m glad. This is more an appearance thing. I don’t have to be seen until tomorrow.

    I just see no way to avoid this, considering the sky. But it’s a lot better than fighting with people, that’s for sure.

  6. The Aries stellium, mostly in the 8th house though Venus is still trailing in the 7th, opposes my natal Libra stellium in the 1st and 2nd houses. I’ve always been the go-to-girl, the friend who would listen to your problems, even at 2 a.m. I’m cutting myself off and dealing with my own issues and discovering just how deeply they effect me. I’ve been working on a book for over two years but am a source of advice and critiques to other writers – often putting my own work last. So I’m writing. I’d like to go deep into me and surface with answers and solutions.

    Does it work that way? I don’t know.

  7. Good job Elsa! I, too, am always cold from weakened thyroid and my beautiful old drafty house doesn’t warm up until June…the bad thing is, in the depths of winter all I want to do is burrow into a bed full of down comforters, really diminishing my productivity. But climate change has brought us the mildest winter yet up here in the Northland, which has actually been great for me though it hurts most of the world. And I may be able to rent a new studio this year, which will shove me out into the world all day!!

  8. Elsa I literally have never been the same since my last dentist visit my mouth belongs to the dentist lol! Hang in there you’ll look better soon enough ?

  9. making decisions. It does conflict with my Libra planets, but hey, it ain’t with a little or a lot of friction. 😉

    I’ve been going through a bit of turmoil, but exercising is helping”, trying to think “action”, to reduce stress. I have no idea if it’s working but I just have to believe it.

  10. Mars Uranus never comfortable for me. Last week was internally intense (natal mars rx). I am better now. And I did not screw up my life (natal sesqui between the two). I had to laugh when I ran into one of the sales people at work. How’s it goin, I asked. She replied, great. The funny part was she had the big sunny customer service attitude smile through gritted teeth. We busted a gut over that one.

  11. You may be interested in the work of Anthony Williams, known as Medical Medium and what he has to say about Lupus. May he serves you well.

  12. It’s been a crazy few weeks! This past Sunday night, my Arien sister in law’s boyfriend had to have emergency open heart surgery. He is a Capricorn with Libra Rising. He was on death’s doorstep and is recovering slowly. Things have been breaking down just one after another.
    Hoping things get better soon, for everyone.

  13. Sorry to hear that! 🙁
    I feel good today but it varies between frustration and apathy. t-Saturn square Chiron/Saturn, Chiron Return.

  14. The Aries stellium is producing unexpected (Uranus) expenses (Venus) as I do (Mars) home (2H-ruled Taurus) improvements. Tr Uranus has also been conjunct my 2H SN for months and reeking havoc on fully committing in my personal relationship, “I’m suffocating!!” I know I’ll settle down once my Prog 2H Aries Moon (26 degrees) enters Taurus in four months.

  15. Aries energy winds me up….I took on the yard and worked that thing till I almost killed myself. I wasn’t even thinking …slow down. I was out there for 4 hours.

    It’s Pisces energy that puts me in bed. It makes me cry…it makes me sleep. I cant stand it.

    I am sore today….eye doc, errands and back home and I am itching to get back outside ….its 65 degrees here again today….but of course after I did all that work and had my car detailed…its going to snow this weekend. Darn it. That’s part of the reason I have no desire to go back and finish the yard….uggg

    (((((((((((((((( Elsa))))))))))))))) hope that passes quickly. I hate to hear of it.

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