Scorpio Rising, Pluto Conjunct: Justin Bieber, Plutonic Pisces

justin“I’m just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls.”
–Justin Bieber

I have ten and thirteen year old girls, so I know who Justin Bieber is. I’ve also heard comments about Bieber and his popularity from my adult peers. Most of those comments fall into the category of disdain for what is popular and mainstream but some veer into an intensity that is surprising. It reminds me of the Barney bashing (purple dinosaur) that went on among adults when my oldest was little. You’re past adolescence and abhor Justin Bieber? I’m SHOCKED. Grow up, it’s not meant for you.

Extreme popularity attracts negativity to some extent but Bieber appears to elicit a particularly visceral response. My grown son also has Pluto rising in Scorpio and I’ve seen a similar dynamic play out in his life. Any job he interviews for, he gets. However, such a powerful presence also attracts an immediate contingent of secret adversaries bent on taking him down.

Bieber, like my son, is also the child of a single mother. With his Pisces sun in the fourth house, conjunct the nadir and his venus, Bieber is notably protective of her, defending against rumors affecting her reputation as well as his own. With his Libra moon in the 11th house trining an Aquarius Mars in the third he is well-equipped to accomplish this, lightly and with grace.

Bieber may seem to have fluffy appeal but he works it to strong advantage. In addition, Bieber’s 12th house Jupiter is a fortunate measure of protection from secret enemies. Whatever the haters have to say, I seriously doubt this kid is a flash in the pan.

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21 thoughts on “Scorpio Rising, Pluto Conjunct: Justin Bieber, Plutonic Pisces”

  1. Satori:
    the kid is an angel
    I am a photographer, “”the problem”” is the people around him.

    His Freedom probably is in the pan.

  2. I love watching teen trends. I get the biggest kick out of what the “kids” are into and what vocabulary they’re using and whatnot. My teen heartthrobs were the cast of The Outsiders. Ponyboy, why didn’t you answer my letter?!? lol

    Damn I wish I could be someone’s grandma. Why can’t I skip motherhood and go straight to that part? πŸ™‚

    Besides, I enjoy looking at him. He’s the prettiest lesbian I’ve seen in quite some time. (not an original joke, but I pass it along for your non-PC enjoyment)

    *Frankly I’m glad he knocked the High School Musical kids off the headlines. Those guys grated me a little, I admit.

  3. My daughter is a Taurus with Scorpio rising. She is rabidly anti-pop. She takes photos of Bieber and draws boogers, blood, etc. She did the same thing with the Twilight cast. Her hero? At 11 years old? Tom Waits. πŸ˜›

    power of Knowledge

    yes, He is a real angel, he sings from the universe
    sun in 4th house piscis
    mid heaven in virgo


  5. Yep, my reaction was exactly that: I’m not the target audience. Seems like a pretty good pop artist, though. And who knows what he’ll be doing in 5 years or 50. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m just blown away that someone born in 1994 can use scissors without supervision, let alone is a mega pop star. Where did the time go? Saturn Transit, sigh.

  7. The middle-school in the town where I work won a contest and he came to their school. He also caused a riot here in a local mall, they had to shut the mall down. I had no clue who he was.

    The astrology certainly explains the mania around him. There always has been and always will be “pop” stars who cause these kinds of sensations. Alot of them are written off as flashes in the pan, but some of them not only endure, they go on and on (hello, The Beatles, lol).

  8. He’s clearly talented and quite adorable, I think the “douche”y-est thing about him are the music execs behind him trying to make him a profitable as possible. Ah, corporate greed. He should be fine be just fine as long as he stays away from the disney execs.

    *pours a little OE out for Britney…and a preemptive splash for Miley (even though I’m not a fan of nepotism)*

  9. Charlotte, LOL. My thing with Bieber and all the rest of the pop music today is that it’s just really bad. In decades past, you had plenty of music that was geared toward teeny boppers, and even though it may not have been “deep” it was still catchy as hell. Pretty much everything from the 50s was for the kids, and despite its simplicity it sounded good and still had some okay rhyming lyrics strung together. Then later, you had the Jackson Five, New Edition, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, NKOTB, and even Hanson. I could listen to all of this music without my ear drug rupturing and hell, I might even enjoy it a little bit. But they play this Bieber dude, along with a plethora of other really soulless pop stars at the local Kohl’s, and nothing drives me out faster. I mean, this crap is not music… it’s misery.

  10. Hi, I just want to ask where the birth time for his chart came from. I’ve seen it also on Astrotheme and have also seen that they don’t have much credibility with their birth times..

    Honestly I really would’ve probably guessed Virgo rising for him.

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