Dating Venus in Aries – Challenge!

mars-ares2You have to challenge Aries or else! This site is full of people writing about how their Aries lover has lost interest after they have offered their total devotion. Aries hates that!

Aries is the God of War, not love. Put Venus in one of the Mars-ruled signs and it starts to cook. It gets hot. Mars likes to fight. Venus in Aries makes war of love and love of war and this is the story I told this gal last night…

My sister is a Pisces with Venus in Aries. One day her husband answered a knock at the door of their home. It was a saleswoman and as my sister’s husband stood talking to her, my sister got a vibe she didn’t like.

Being a dancer, the front room of their house was a studio with a hardwood floor and catching this vibe, she picked up a chair and without a moment of hesitation she winged it across the room aimed at his knees.

The chair went sliding across the floor and went BAM into his shins, nearly knocking him down like a bowling pin and though he wheeled around in a flash of anger he wound up with this stupid puppy dog, “I love you” look across his face. He then shut the door on the saleswoman without comment, and this turned into foreplay for the two of them and do you know who told me this story?

He did. He had an Aries rising. Aries hates a wimp and he was braggin’ on his woman for not taking any shit.

Can you Aries out there relate?


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  1. Yes! I know I can relate when I find that story sexy. hhehe

    I have Aries rising and Moon and also Venus in Scorpio so…let the games begin (meaning War)!

  2. Hahahahaha! With Gemini, it’s similar. You have to keep talking and pulling back once they think they have you. Or they won’t want you.

  3. Dina: I so wish that weren’t true. *thud* My problem so far seems to be that the only people who pull back from me are the ones who genuinely want to get away from me. 😉

  4. This post cracked me up because my Libra self has been happily married to an Aries Sun/Moon/Rising for over 17 yrs and he’s never shown the slightest inclination to wander . . . ever! May have something to do with me having Mars/Mercury conjunct my ASC in Scorpio. He knows on some basic level if he pushed, I’d walk. We very rarely argue either – it’s sorta weird actually.

  5. Yes! I totally know this feeling, but I have an earth grand trine and Saturn on my Aries Venus, so I’ve got weird issues about acting on it. I’d probably refrain from winging the chair b/c I don’t like behaving too impulsively, but I’d think about it, and he’d definitely catch shit for the flirting. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception in my chart, so I maintain a nice balance of love and war.

    Boredom is the eternal enemy, however.

  6. haha, reminds of something that happened today. When I come home from being away all day, I like to go around the house and spend time with my animals, make sure they still know I’m here to make their lives interesting. Today they were all sitting in one room, so I decided to just make a huge, unexpected noise to get everyone’s attention. Everyone (including the person in the room) jumped and looked at me like I was about to express my desire for mass murder… except one of my cats who initially looked shocked, but quickly changed expression to where it looked like he was just about to burst with happiness. He’s an Aries, I’m a mars-conjunct-ascendant… We get along.

  7. hahaaa…yes definitely. Challenge draws me in each and every time. Love being challenged. But I don’t like being over-challenged…there has to be some give to it or else I get discouraged and stop trying. And I do love a good fight too, it gets me hot (and connected?!) for some reason. You don’t know someone until you’ve seen how they fight, how they act at fever pitch.

    I’ve never thrown anything at anyone before though…my capricorn moon would object to that. But I do love verbal sparring, or so says my gemini rising 🙂

  8. Funny though, I just realized that only those really close to me ever see this side of me. I don’t show my Aries in public, or to those who I don’t know well. Usually afraid they’ll take it the wrong way! Especially around men. I’m friendly/happy when they first meet me (gemini), distant/cool when they get interested (capricorn), giving and nice when I’m interested in return (Libra/neptune), and a challenge when I’m comfortable and know he cares (aries). Brings out my t-square, and the sun/mars/venus conjunct in aries comes out to shine after the cappy moon feels secure. Lol, I only challenge a guy when I know he won’t get scared and run away. Otherwise, I prefer to be the one challenged!

  9. I have venus in aries and its true in the first flungs of love i am pretty ardent, you are my world and nothing comes before that. Its a few years in that i get restless (in my youth it was weeks) and if things get too stale i start acting up, often without even realising. At the start of r’ships i am the pursuer and you are the challenge. At some point it flips and if i’m getting bored i switch off. Then they either get bored too and leave or they become the pursuer and i am the challenge. My venus in scorp partner is a challenge cos scorp keeps himself to himself and that challenges my arien openess. Both being mars ruled venus’ we fight alot, its almost like we get a kick out of it, fulfils a need of some kind. Luckily we’re both very loving too so we’ll fight til we cant stand to be in the same room then 5mins later it’s blown over and we’re back to normal. We’re both too reserved to ever do this in front of others. If he was chatting to someone too long, he’d know about it..but later, grr. If it happened again & again then thats a challenge too far and i’d see that as a sign he’s bored so i’d probably show him the door. Venus in aries wants to be the one and only, first on the list in your heart (love me me me), mock that at your peril.

  10. Venus in Aries here, too (not to mention Mars and Moon in Sagitt). And all I can say is: Yes, yes, yes. I also have lots of earth, though (and progressed Ascendant of Libra), so at some point *I* am the one it all becomes too much for..

  11. Z – yes, that sounds like Aries to me. Ardent is a great description for Aries. I have Aries moon/jupiter in the 7th, and I act exactly like you described. The chase, the challenge, getting bored and stirring things up……

  12. I’ve always loved that story! And I agree completely with all but one thing… I insist on total devotion and leave when it isn’t given. (Aries Sun, Merc, and Venus here.) But I want to be challenged, too. Lucky me, I’ve got an Aries man who can keep me on my toes while making me feel loved and adored! 😀

  13. yeah, I have aries venus and I threw a steel tipped dart at a guy. well, I threw it at the dartboard next to his head. I also threw a beer bottle at his crotch (from across the room). luckily for him he was already holding another beer bottle there. pretty dramatic tho.

    I’ve mellowed in my old age. now it’s just metaphorical darts/beer bottles.

  14. I’ve got Aries rising, and yes I can relate. I once teased a guy so much he pushed me off the couch and onto the floor, and suddenly I had all the respect in the world for him. He was so shocked by what he’d done and the fact that it made me laugh so hard.

  15. Aries moon here…yeah, I’m always wondering where the badass but nice men are. Could I please find someone who puts me down a bit but knows I’m sensitive? Geesh!

  16. Completely! My hubby and I are both Aries. If things get a little too dull, one of us will poke and prod at the other to get a little sparring going – physical or verbal, doesn’t matter. We liven up, perk up, cheer up, and everything is peachy again!

  17. I just realized (nearly a year later) that my son has this reaction to me. he slapped his sister. I strode over, grabbed him by the lapels, and put him up against the wall. his feet were literally dangling. he was over six feet and filled out. it was like those stories of a granny lifting a volkswagon off her terrier.

    anyway, he braaaaaaaaags on me to no end for that. “yeah, then my mom put me up against the wall!” beaming with pride. so reading this made me check his chart… aries mars.

    follow the aries.

  18. Venus in Aries shoe thrower (before recent trend) …. & like your sister, Elsa, I’m a Pisces, too….and I know when they deserve it!!

  19. Lindsey – LOL on the shoe throwing.

    Another Venus in aries here … raises hand…PLATE thrower! When I was younger (in my first relationship) I used to throw plates in fights. It wasn’t that I was trying to hurt/injure my guy, I just felt the need to throw something because I was so mad and I had no words left to throw. I would have the plate smash against the wall just next to him, intentionally missing him…. I also remember emptying a bottle of water over him in another fight. Have also thrown books and other things but they don’t SMASH as spectacularly as plates do.

    Worst case scenario (different relationship) – I was so mad I threw a digital camera. It was the closest thing next to me. Of course I had to replace it ($$$!)… damn. I never ever threw anything ever again in a fight after that.

    I guess all Venus in Aries are different. My BF (with Venus Aries) HATES arguments … we rarely fight… but I know another Venus in Aries who likes to provoke me and start arguments with me just “for fun” and then he’d compliment me on the way I fight back. (as much as I hate having to fight back)

  20. I stopped my tantrummy behavior around the time of my saturn return. the reason I stopped: because I COULD. I realized I could control myself. ::lightbulbmoment::

    an aside: when I was a tiny my grandparents (who had me for a chunk of the summer) took me to the doctor because they were worried I had epilepsy. the doctor said, no, she’s just very rebellious and dramatic. nice.

  21. I don’t throw plates but my sister does. I always said if you threw plates in my house, I would throw you. At at the very least you’d be out the door faster than you could spin.

    I realize with a mouth like mine, I’ve no room to talk however this is how I feel. It offends Libra, I am sure… the lack of decorum and I would respond to your bad manners with some of my own. Bottom line, I don’t like tantrums from people who are 4, never mind people who are 30.

  22. I really respect the chair-thrower. I really like it when my mates prove their passion and ability to stand up for themselves like that. Of course, I’ve never been in a physically violent relationship like that. But if I start a fight with someone (usually not a conscious intention, but it happens) and they can stand up for themselves and handle my anger with grace, I really respect them.

    Currently dating a Cancer with a Venus in Leo. He challenges me without trying to, simply by constantly wavering.

  23. Venus in Aries here. Yup, I like a challenge, and could even say i invite it, but if it’s endless challenge? Forget it, I’m outta there. Too much work. Is that my Gemini???? Or my Libra?? Also, sometimes I’ll be feeling really angry with someone, and if DON’T express it, it will show up in the other person, being angry at me, which just makes me angrier.. geez. My venus is in the 7th house. My biggest lessons with Aries? Express it or be smothered, which my Gemini simply cannot abide.

    I might add.. I’m in awe of all my fire. Because my MARS is in Leo. Drama, challenge, passion.. all wrapped up in a petite, frecklefaced Libra rising package. It’s a trip navigating my own contradictory energies! Accepting both my Venus and Aries is catapulting me from little girl to woman, and I mean it.

  24. Venus in Aries here and the last time I threw objects was … about a month ago. I threw 5 framed pictures down the stairway into the wall at the bottom of the stairway and the glass got broken on several of them, and damage to the print on one of them. I am not proud of this.

    When I was about 20 I punched a woman in the parking lot of a bar after warning her 6 times to get her hands off my boyfriend or else she would be sorry. Well, she certainly was, and he left with me, but it did not feel good to do that, I am not proud of that. I was about 19.

    I have also been punched in the face by another woman, that was in my 30’s … she thought I was coming on to some dude that she had apparently claimed exclusive rights to. She was my roommate in a house and she had moved this guy in when I was away for the weekend, then I was not allowed to speak to him.

    I also saw a bullet hole through her bedroom door right at somebodies eye level after that same weekend of being away, and I knew she had a gun, so I moved out in a panic the next day. I was so freaked I moved a queensized bed on top of my truck all by myself. Can’t dare to imagine where HER venus was but it couldn’t have been Aries because, if memory serves, she was a Capricorn sun.

    oh the memories of the venus in aries!

  25. i have mars in aries in the 4th- i always identified with that as being my mother- a big fire baby-and she throws temper tantrums on a regular basis, and would throw anything at us when we were kids and would scream her head off…the eternal misunderstood teenager…

  26. aml, Mars is supposed to be functioning at its highest when in Aries and Scorpio. Maybe it has something to do with the houses and/or other aspects

  27. argh…yes it should be…goddamn it if what aml said doesn’t resonate though!!

    however i am in my 30s now and thankfully both my mother and i are OVER tantrums. sadly some people never get opened up enough to learn to experience the purity of a well expressed mars in aries.

    i think if anything mars/venus in aries conjunct promotes fearlessness in LOVE as well as war. I am definitely fearless in love, and that is %100 my life’s greatest achievement.

  28. “their Aries lover has lost interest after they have offered their total devotion. Aries hates that!”

    I’m an Aries and I don’t lose interest because they offer total devotion. I lose interest because *after* they offer total devotion they quit challenging me and become boring. It’s as if they lose their sense of individuality, their spunk, independence. I desire someone who can devote himself w/o sacrificing his individuality. What is boring is a lack of challenge! 🙂

  29. Any info on how to interest a guy with venus aries and mars pisces? Gemini sun, Taurus moon.

    I am Leo Sun, Aries ascendant, Aquarius moon.

  30. Aries Sun here. I once threw the TV remote control at the TV in a fit of rage, in front of my boyfriend. Broke it. Not smart. I also once threw a glass over my boyfriends head once and it hit the wall and smashed. That was 20 years ago, and obviously i was a very ungrounded Aries and allowed emotions to take over. I can’t fathom how i ever did that, and wouldn’t again.

  31. Hi to all 🙂 I’m a Pisces sun woman with Venus, Ascendant and Mars in Aries. The woman in the story (who threw the chair) sounds exactly like me!

    When I was really young–I held my anger and frustration in until I became a teen–and then I was like a volcano when I’d get upset. I regretted holding stuff in like that. Now that I’m 27, I’ve mellowed out a little bit, but I remain true to me–even if it offends others. (I guess that’s because of my Moon in Aquarius as well)

    Anyway, I am in love with a Libra man (Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn and Ascendant in Virgo) and half the time he doesn’t understand a thing about me. In many ways we are opposites–but I find that fascinating about him…and even though he wants to just be my friend, I know he feels the same about me. I haven’t given up on us…I can’t. I’m in it for the long-haul. I’d appreciate it if any other Venus in Aries women would tell me their stories of love as well 🙂


  32. I’m a Scorpio with an Aries Moon. I’m drawn to Aries women, but I cut off very fast, they become pushy and aggressive really soon.

    “Intense beginnings but not much going on. The deep Scorpio, although attracted initially by the flamboyance of Aries, will soon become bored or even defensive and will try to put the defenses on again. Aries will never understand the depth of the soul of the Scorpio, not to mention the need for secrecy and mystery. The bond is strong and it will work best if the two agree not to go over the “dating” level, which can be very rewarding at the physical level. Over that, there won’t be much left.”

  33. Venus 19 Aries 11th house. Have a got a mouth on me! And I don’t take shit form anyone. In fact I don’t talk to anyone unless they are animal lovers/rights people. I talk alot to my 3 dogs, dropped all my longest friends.

  34. Ha! Yeah. Aries Rising, Mars, Jupiter…all this aspects my 5th house Venus Leo. I can be detached because of my Aquarian moon but don’t push me too far, I will kick your ass or die trying. My Aqua stellium husband has an Aries moon…. 3rd house, so yeah he runs his mouth but can’t back it up. I’m a thrower, door slammer, I’ve got to release the energy. Once, I took every article of clothing hanging in my husband’s closet and tossed it over the banister. The color visibly drained from his face. All because he said some stupid hurtful garbage to get a dig in. I can laugh about it now but he still doesn’t.

  35. My son just turned 6 a month ago.

    His Sun conjunct Neptune is balanced by his Aries stellium: Mars, Venus, Moon, and Uranus.

    You can hug him and try coddling, but he quickly turns the snug sesh into a brawl!!!

    He connects through playful “conflict”.

    His Sun & neptune conjunction does make him extremely receptive to the emotions of others.

    He will randomly tell you that he loves you. One cannot expect such behavior from him.

  36. Avatar
    Anna Risingsign

    Oooohhhsssppp….Pisces Sun and Aries Venus here too!
    Just had a good old chuckle whilst reading this and the comments.
    Thank you for that! With a grin on my face I’m typing this and remembering my throwing things etc… Guess I’ll be grinning all weekend x

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