Quincunx Between Capricorn And Leo – Grown Up Child

capricorn goat embroideryLeo embarrasses Capricorn, I can tell you. If you have planets in both these signs like I do, it’s positively creepy because the Leo side never grows up and the Capricorn side is nothing less than mortified at an adult behaving in a way that his childlike.

However, with Venus in Leo, this is exactly what I do. This is reality (Capricorn) and when it happens, when one side of me catches the other, well hell. I just don’t know how to resolve this and here is an example…

This weekend I was feeling giddy around the soldier which I am prone to do. Now obviously I am too old to feel giddy, however I do feel giddy and I feel this way frequently. “I have a crush on you,” I said.

“A crush? I’ve felt like that before, I was a kid.”

“Me too. I felt like this when I was a kid.”

“I mean when I was 5.”

“Yeah, me too. I felt like that when I 5, when I was 19, when I was 27 and I still feel that way. I feel exactly like that right now. Er… gushing.”

He looked at me.

“What? I have a crush on you but you don’t have a crush on me?”

“No, I don’t have a crush on you. I’m deeply in love with you.”

leo“Ah, crap.”


“Well I’m deeply in love with you too, aren’t I? Am I? I have a crush, I can tell you that. I am happy as hell!” I said chirpily.

He laughed.

“Damn it. Damn it, I am just like this.”

“Like what?”

“Like someone who has a crush. You’re all down here,” I said waving my hand down low. “I understand you are steeped in it but I am up here,” I said bringing my hand up high. “I’m turning cartwheels or some such thing. It’s embarrassing alongside you.”

“P, I’m madly in love with you no matter how you are.”

But that didn’t help much. Nothing like feeling like a flake and knowing damned well you will not be un-flaking any time soon. All this Capricorn and stuck with the heart of a child. A shiny goat? Gah.

Laugh if you want but you ought to try livin’ in this bod. I don’t like being a flake but I don’t exactly want to give up my glee either.

Anyone else cope with Capricorn quincunx Leo? How?

18 thoughts on “Quincunx Between Capricorn And Leo – Grown Up Child”

  1. LOL! Capricorn Moon quincunx Saturn/Leo. I’ve never thought about this before…I’ve certainly had to learn how to get a grip emotionally in my day, I’m telling ya!

    (‘In my day,’ ha ha, what the heck is that? that’s my 31 year old Cap going on 85 years old)

  2. Saturn Leo too opp. my tenth house sun, merc, mars. I deal with this crazy-ness as well, but I resolve it with motherhood. I make play my work!

  3. Cappy moon. Venus conjunct Jupiter (both in Leo). People are usually shocked when I tell them my age. I am a freewheeling kid at heart and constantly defy sterotypes of what people ‘my age’ should be. I make friends with all ages and have no interest in reigning in my natural exuberance. Take me or leave me but I’m going where the fun is. My moon is annoying and tries to trip me up but I am learning to ignore the old goat.

  4. Leo rising with Cap sun and Scorpio moon conjunct Mars. So…. love my Leo. Thank God for my Leo. People assume I am all warm and from the heart and when I’m good I play light. Nothing can get me, but when it does when the people smile at me they suddenly register that all is not what it seems and they look away. Lion energy is very protective for me though and their spirit protects me fiercely. On a work level the Leo side gets me through to the highest / royal levels and then they find out how serious I am and commend themselves for their good judgement. Leo’s fixicity however, plays into my Scorpionic nature of holding on way too tightly to the stresses.

  5. i have this too and Uranus and Saturn are involved, so I vacilate between silliness and seriousness. It can take a while for new acquaintences to understand my sense of humour, which ranges from dry wit that is difficult to pick up on to the outright bizarre. Some of my planetary aspects cause me to be slow at letting people in to see the real me. I am working on this though, because sometimes I feel like it holds me back.

  6. LOL! Thanks spinner! I’m actually 31 but come from good genes: my Dad is 82 and looks 62, and my Mum is 68 and looks about 55. And I still get ID’d!
    Saying that…my Dad said I looked like ‘an old fashioned one’ from birth (that’s Scottish speak for that much debated expression ‘old soul’)

  7. Have you ever seen a person with Capricorn acting childish? Or telling dirty jokes? Didn’t you say that Capricorns have to be grown up when they’re young and learn to let loose/be more childlike when they’re adults?

  8. “Have you ever seen a person with Capricorn acting childish? ”

    Well yeah. Me.

    “Didn’t you say that Capricorns have to be grown up when they’re young and learn to let loose/be more childlike when they’re adults?”

    No, I didn’t say that – That is the voice of generic astrology. I also don’t think that…

  9. ha ha, I was just thinking of Pluto going into Capricorns and all these old goats turning into children. Don’t hold your breath on that one, 🙂

  10. i have neither sign, but watching leos prance around capricorns (much to their horror and dismay) is hilarious.

    and for as much “gotta be serious” in my chart, the fact that i’m a gemini is always clear when i have to interact with a capricorn.

  11. “..the fact that i’m a gemini is always clear when i have to interact with a capricorn.”

    Yes, that is how I feel around the soldier. Like he’d real and I am flitty as all hell which of course I am. ::smiles lopsidedly::

  12. Does having a Leo sun conjunt Saturn count? ‘Cause Capricorn is totally empty, but I absolutely do this. 🙂 I was also waaay serious and pretentious until I learned to cut loose, but now I don’t care what others may think. I’ma play with Legos if I want to, dammit! *lol* Being “silly” is a lifeline for me, otherwise I just spiral down into depression and it’s bad, bad, bad. Must have glee! Unbridled, plz!
    I have a friend with a stellium in Capricorn and she sometimes has this look like, “Can’t you be a normal adult?” But other times I can tell she’s glad to let down the front and play.

  13. What if you’re part of someone else’s Capricorn/Leo dilemma?

    My hubs is a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, exactly conjunct my Sun at 15 Leo. Sounds like heaven, right? Hardly.

    I don’t know if he resents my Leo “Be happy and don’t worry about crap!” attitude. His Moon is involved in a t-square with his ASC (Scorp) and Mercury (Aquarius). My Sun and Mars set off that T. No wonder we argue about everything. We’re both very hot tempered, and that whole jumble in our synastry emphasizes that.

    How can I get him to let his hair down, so to say?

  14. Oh yes. My Leo Mars wants to shout and wear frills and my Cap Sun keeps telling it ‘For God’s sake, put your tits away and act your age.’

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