Saturn Transits: The Real Deal, Like It Or Lump It

Capricorn goat on mountainI wrote this in 2010 in regards to Saturn in Libra, but this is exactly how Saturn transits work.

  • First there is a lack… an ache, a loneliness. This has purpose; it shows a person something has to be done.
  • Next the person finds they are the person who is going to have to do the something.
  • Next they snap their fingers, see if that will work.
  • Doesn’t work.
  • Next they decide to apply themselves.
  • Next they find out this is harder than they thought it would be.
  • Next they keep going because going back or failing is more painful / harder than pushing through towards achieving.
  • Eventually they achieve…
  • This is followed by gratitude and a strong sense of accomplishment… total relief the ordeal is over and they made it. πŸ™‚


If you doubt me, just ask yourself if you have ever, ever seen anyone or anything carry a goat up a mountain.

This does not happen. If the goat climbs, he climbs on his own steam.

32 thoughts on “Saturn Transits: The Real Deal, Like It Or Lump It”

  1. I can totally relate to that process. Cap rising and saturn in capricorn in the 1st… I usually get stuck around the Keeping Going part though. But I’ll tell ya, that’s a great metaphor. No one carries a goat up a mountain indeed! πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, that’s exactly the process, and it’s great to be reminded that it’s natural for us Cappies ::sighs:: a goat gotta do what a goat gotta do.

  3. Wow Elsa! I can totally relate to that as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I feel it all the time lately!!!

  4. This so describes me. I always try the “snap my fingers”, then wallow in self pity until my Capricorn sun says WTF ARE YOU DOING? WORK & CLIMB! CLIMB & WORK!

  5. But, but,,,,, I LIKE snapping my fingers!! peals of laughter. It always comes down to go through and keep going, doesn’t it? Well, after you go through the get and stay honest part. (That little trifle….LMAO.)

  6. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Nail on the head. Cap sun w/ Saturn in the first here. Yeeesh. I want to say I’m not quite to the “achieve” part in my current journey, but I had a conversation with my spiritual mentor yesterday where I realized that the whole dang process is just an illusion, and I’m already there and there is no difference between here and there (wow that sounds so Neptuney, but it’s really the to-do list mentality I impose on myself). Of course, I still need to goat my way through it, or I won’t feel like I’ve done anything.

    Then when I’m done I get a gold star for my Saturn lesson. πŸ™‚

  7. πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ™‚ πŸ™ :-)… 8-/ … 8-| … 8-\… !@$%!!! … …8888888…slow and steady wins the race… πŸ™‚

  8. LOVE this post – especially the pic!! I help a friend out on a farm where she has milking goats, and they do it on their own. No “bullshit” (hahaha!), just mind your own business and get out of my way – until something catches their attention, and then get out of the way, ’cause they want to be in it….

    It’s all in the intention and the outcome – up the mountain we go..!

  9. I really needed this today. I’ve had some epiphanies the last 24 hours that are all about wounds that I cannot heal. Ignoring it really isn’t working. So I cried a little, and may cry a little more…but once again I am going to have to just let it go and get on with my own life with Lee and my daughter.

    In this case, stepping away is the right move. Elsa told me so several months ago, and although there has been some movement, the whole thing seems to be running retrograde at the moment.

  10. Avatar

    Revisited this for some help! Exactly what I needed to hear to keep kick my own arse into shape, so that others/Saturn figures don’t kick my arse for me. Gotta work harder. And separate what I can control from what I can’t. Separate what I lost forever from what I can still save. Call it Saturn in Scorpio “sunk costs” and all that. Another tip is not to wallow in low self-confidence too long. Very debilitating. Only turn back as a last resort.

  11. I’ve watched Caps in action. They could be battling ten different health problems + old age and they STILL go out there and do what they have to do. There really isn’t a choice! LOL

  12. no earth and being so in touch with this all now(sat in 1st)??can it be?
    ok one cannot order a different birth chart but I feel like one can work hard to develop useful traits which are lacking…I had to first make conscious that I was revolving around a beautiful bubble of all the possibilities(nept),this for decades.then met in myself the opposite goat,the one which no one can stop from going down the mountain and drawn in the sea(drunk?blind?no matter),over and over

    the pearl here to me is that the goat goes UP(power of choice),lucky cappies and all the earthy bunch who operate like this by default, to a watery-fiery like me it’s been a little(!)more complicated ..
    re-programming the goat,so helpful, thanks Elsa
    a mermaid-seal-black cat-goat

  13. I went through the Saturn transit through Libra years ago (I have a core stellium there and it got ‘conjuncted’).

    I am now embarking on the same transit except by square this time. Re-reading this post is a great way to start off on the right foot and see myself through successfully!

    The recipe is very clear! And I’ve always loved the mountain goat analogy!

  14. What a surprise (not) that I solicited legal counsel for my divorce when Tr Saturn was conjunct my Virgo Mercury on my 8H cusp. A few weeks later, Tr Pluto in my 11H at 0* Cap was squaring my 8H Libra Sun. End of a dream (11H) and I (Sun) was the one who filed the papers (8H).

    I totally agree with your final three bullet-pointed statements, Elsa. The pain of remaining in a loveless relationship far outweighed the legal perseverance. I was very proud of my efforts and truly transformed after the fact. I didn’t know I had it in me until I was severely tested.

  15. Very true. I love the sense of accomplishment you feel and strength you acquire in preparation for the next challenge. I have a strong Saturn and plenty of Capricorn so this energy is kind of a way of life for me.

  16. anonymoushermit

    Capricorn Moon here. Yes, I have snapped my finger and it doesn’t work. I don’t compare my luck to anyone else’s.

  17. Gosh, I wish the finger snapping would work : ) . My partners got a strong Saturn too, so it’s kinda double the effort and hard work.

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    Hildegarde's Girl

    It reminds me of a Tony Robbins quote
    “IN order to make a change, the pain of NOT CHANGING has to be greater than the pain one anticipates when making a change
    I have a Saturn return(my 2nd one…yay…) in my 5th house as Saturn moves into Aquarius and sits on top of my natal Saturn at 5 degrees. Id say with confidence that my return will be about becoming grounded again. (I got pregnant at 30 in my last return)
    since Ive just had 5 rather irresponsible years in love and finance before this coming 2nd return in 2020.
    However, as it is in Aquarius I am hoping its not too crippling. Perhaps grounding me about how I move and love in the world and finding my obligation to humanity. I can only guess

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