Reason #804 I Don’t Give Out My Birth Data

zodiac plate1I don’t know why this came to mind at this time, but the last time I gave an astrologer my birth data was in 2008. I did it as a favor. She wanted to practice cold reading on the phone. She was going to audition for one of those 900 numbers I think.  She asked me to be a “pretend” client and I said sure.

I called her as directed. Rattled off my birth data as she “practice” handled the call. She promptly told me that my husband was going to die in four years (by 2012). I was planning to marry him in about a month.

She advised me to go ahead with that by the way.  Like he dies, but oh well. Something about my growth. I was on my end of the phone with my jaw on the floor.

My husband survived his die-by date. She never apologized or even talked to again for that matter.

I don’t hold this against her – really. If I did, I’d name her. I think she just got flustered or something, but the things people do with your birth data is just incredible. In fact, the things they do with data the *think* is your data is just as incredible.

I’m grateful that people don’t ask me for my birth data much anymore. I always refuse. I tell them, I’ve been writing publically for 15 years. I figure that’s enough exposure for anyone.

Sometimes people tell me they won’t hire me unless they can have my birth data. Like that’s going to change anything.

15 thoughts on “Reason #804 I Don’t Give Out My Birth Data”

  1. That makes me want to ask (kind of off topic but related)…

    is there anything in your chart that surprises you anymore? Or (aside from transits and the like) is it as familiar as an old book you’ve read a thousand times before?

    1. No, nothing surprises me. But I have a very simple chart. And I *was* surprised for a long time. Like maybe 20 years.

      This does not mean that LIFE does not surprise me, or that I am predictable to myself. Life is a wonder, all the time. Life seems more of a miracle to me, each day.

  2. This is a very interesting topic. I was visiting with a friend once and she was talking about this guy she had recently met and was considering dating. She proceeded to tell me all about this man based on his birth data not on what she had actually experienced of him or even bothered to ask him for that matter. I stopped her and asked her how she had come to have his birth data information since they had only just met and she told me that it was one of the first things she asks people, any people, co-workers, potential friends, potential lovers, service providers, whomever. It became clear to me that she was using this infomation to find out who people “really” were and actually getting to know someone. It made me sad for her because it was evident to me that she was making asumptions and judgements about people based on her perception of their astrological information and not willing to risk getting to know how their astrology actually played out as affected by their individual experiences and more importantly their reaction to individual experiences. It seemed manipulative, though she was mostly trying to protect herself, it prevented her from real intimacy. It also opened my eyes to how one might use your astrology against you. It made me uncomfortable and I told my friend so and why, but as a result of that conversation I am more selective about with whom I share my birth data.

    1. Yeah…the way people diddle data is just incredible. Typically, they see what they want to see to reinforce their internal reality. Their interpretation of your chart has more to do with them, than you!

      Astrology is a fine art. Period.

  3. People my age would remember the old pick-up line back in the day, “what’s your sign?” And no one wanted to talk to a guy who would ask that. The birth data gal missed out on human interaction, or seems really mistrustful of everyone. I can’t imagine drawing a chart up on a service provider (I don’t mean to be rude). I would think it takes the dedication of much research, knowledge of other studies, and experience to practice the art, and I would say insight as well. Elsa put it best, “Astrology is a fine art. Period.”

  4. having read a lot unpleasant things about myself as a child from of classic texts re the 8th house and saturn (for example) i am well aware of how judgmental people can be with birth data…

  5. I love asking for an astrologer’s birthdate for several reasons. On the defense side, it was recommended to me by another astrologer as an insurance against exactly such a seriously poor reading. Always, we have to be strong enough to be able to reject advice we get from others, that is true with consults in general. Knowing an astrologer’s birth info, plus some astrology, one can easily detect where misconstruals might occur. For example, that person might have personally not been able to handle the situation she saw on the page – so she gave her fears.
    Given it is 7years later, this seems ripe for a terrific magazine or blog article! I am wonder if this person has actually forgotten about the reading…

  6. I ask…because Mercury better play real nice together between people or the deals off. No other reason. 🙂

  7. My thought is be very cautions who you give your birth data to…even (especially) when it comes to astrologers.

    You never know what they are doing with that ‘all so very important’ ‘PERSONAL ASTROLOGICAL’ information on you!

    Personal portraits of who we are and profiling type of information on all of us today is worth GOLD for many Gov’t /Military operations..
    I do wonder,…is it sold off …is catalogued somewhere along with everything else about you or that you do online…etc……
    Birthday info is a straight shot to who you are. I find it not worth it to hand that kind of out to anyone.

    1. If the government or military wants anyone’s birth date,they can get it easily enough and if they used astrology, they surely would have their own astrologer. They did it to Hitler to get the same advice that his astrologer was giving him, to get information about his military plotting and timings, therefore be steps ahead of him beforehand.

  8. Oh I know they can access all info anytime…

    However if that is what they did ””just randomly pulled info”” on people then why would NSA (etc) be pooling from sources like Facebook and cataloging it in a massive data base being built as we speak.

    Point is…giving out you birthdate to astrologers or anyone else….is more info about you out there and in hands you never know of. It could be a poser collecting info on people and selling it or working for those interested…crazy but all this is part of our world /reality.

  9. Seems like I missed already 803 reasons against handing out birth data. Actually it’s a very funny idea when an astrologer refuses to give out her birth data. Imaging how she’s trying to work while all her clients are refusing to give out their birth data. On an astrology board it should rather be the topic how to OBTAIN other people’s true birth data.
    Of course I’m aware that birth data can be abused. None of you did even reckon ways of abuse, which I would know for it.
    I want so much to be an entrepreneur. But if I should ever come into the situation to hire somebody or choosing a business partner, then this won’t happen before I thoroughly studied the synastries with me!

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