When you’re at your best…

marinadeMy husband has the ability to think about something deeply. He can reason out an issue and come to a conclusion that has a spiritual component. You might call it supernatural logic, he processes through his gut. He’s at his best when he takes the time to stew until something (hopefully) inspired can be pulled from the marinade.

When are you at your best? Can you outline the astrology?

7 thoughts on “When you’re at your best…”

  1. I can 🙂 and I’m really happy about it 🙂 😉
    Thanks for all your help in learning Elsa.

    I’m at my best when I am balancing my need to take care of/working on a lot of day to day tasks vs. my need to spend some time alone in my own abyss, finding/feeling a deeper meaning in my life. 6th house Cappy Moon/Jupiter opposing my 12th house Cancer Sun.
    Or put in another way, I’m at my best when I don’t martyr myself (12th house Sun) by giving ALL my time(Jupiter) and energy to caring(moon) for day to day(6th house) jobs (cappy) that need to be done.

  2. That’s easy! When I’m talking or when I’m writing. When I’m being listened to or reading. Mercury in Gemini conjunct the Sun. Venus in Gemini. Mars and Ascendant Virgo. When I’m communicating!

  3. I’m at my best when writing, creating. Mercury, my chart ruler, is in Pisces in the seventh. Virgo moon conjunct Virgo ascendant. Saturn in Gemini in the tenth tops my chart.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    “Supernatural Logic” — brilliant! Letting the facts simmer ’til the answer bubbles up to the surface!

    I’m at my best — energized — when learning, seeking, exploring, chasing down something elusive, fitting the pieces together, solving a mystery.

    And especially when I’m spending (too much) time here! This is the most intellectually stimulating and thought provoking place on earth, far beyond any Literature, Psychology, or Philosophy course I ever had.

    Aries Mercury square Cap Mars and Gemini Jupiter, Virgo Moon, Aries Sun, Scorpio MC.

    Thank you Elsa, Satori, and all EE peeps!

  5. Mercury in Sagittarius in the 3rd house – if I even go to the grocery or library, something positive always happens! I talk to people,they respond in kind. Some know my face by now and approach me. It absolutely charms me that the brief but meaningful encounters with someone I’ve never met before makes for ideas shared,good feelings exchanged,and we all feel recognized. One conversation in less than 5 minutes went from a jar of pickles to global warming. Inside of a 5 minute conversation with 2 other people regarding local news of the day, a Vietnam Vet opened up about his experience during the war. I met a woman and her granddaughter at the grocery, commented on the girl’s hat, then saw them again later at the library where they went in search of a book I’d mentioned…surprised to see one another a short time later, we just started laughing and continued the earlier conversation,in brief. It may sound corny or seem small, but it’s the world to me; it’s my community. I always go home feeling uplifted. (see,now I’m writing and I can’t shut up)

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Gegenschein, stuff like that happens to me too, and it makes nearly every errand a joy! It’s not corny or small — all those morsels add up to a hearty meal, a rich life!

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