People Who Look Like Their Dogs / People Who Become Like Their Partners

In the Finding And Keeping “The One”, Commitment-Phobia And Such I claimed that problems in relationship often resolve themselves if you give them time. People even out with each other, they come around, they morph, they learn, they come to understand both themselves and the other. I compare to the way people begin to look like their dogs over time.

This is not always a cute as the girl and the go in the picture. If it’s true the longer you stay with someone the more like them you become then you best hang out with people of character or you are bound to become just like them… over time.

Saturn. It’s actually more interesting than you think.

As for who morphs the most, Libra readily compromises in relationship. People who have Venus mashed with Neptune in some way (Venus in Pisces, Venus in the 12th, Venus in aspect to Neptune, etc.) also merge very readily.

Are you aware of any morphing between you and your partner?

11 thoughts on “People Who Look Like Their Dogs / People Who Become Like Their Partners”

  1. Wow. Where was I at last year at this time? These are words I needed and didn’t get from anyone. I’m sad I missed them.

  2. No: but I did look very like my dog in the late 80s! – we were both slim with longish black feathering, pointy features and a coquettish or roguish demeanour hahaha (it was much remarked on too)

    Seriously, does it make a difference which aspect between Neptune and Venus? I have a square, the Man has a trine. He never morphs into anyone! – he’s a Leo. I guess there are senses in which I may have in the past.

  3. So if the girl picks the puppy *because* she thinks it’s cute **because** it subconsciously reminds her of herself….. Or maybe someone else picked out the puppy for the girl because they thought it would be a good match, or maybe the dog was lost and found her! These could all be good things, I believe.

    They share the same darn appearance regardless of being next to one another, and it’s just plain freaky when they form a perfect pair!

    I personally hate the idea of morphing into my partner. It irritates me when guys copy me and expect me to like them for it (but I am ultimately flattered when sista folks follow my lead). Maintaining individual characters within the unified bond is super important to me, so he must be on a similar wavelength too, ya know? I need that strong male/female dynamic…

    Venus and Neptune aren’t truly aspected in any of the charts I’m looking at, but I know they play a role. they’re almost conjunct in his, almost square in mine, and almost trine in the composite…

    and they point to other things, like the composite moon basically right on the DC (can someone please inform me what this might say about projecting emotions? square pluto, sextile both mars and saturn…???), and the composite Venus is also in the seventh, exalted in Aquarius!

    Neptune just bugs me…maybe cause mine is in Capricorn.

  4. Ah Elsa… you don’t look like Dora… (OR Cluck thank goodness =) but I look like my dogs- the little kid over the fence said to me one day “You are SOOOO lucky- you look just like your dogs!” This was the first time he saw me in pigtails, so I’m hoping THAT was it!

    & on the partner front I’m a super merger- too much Nep in tune =)

  5. haha love venus in pisces..first house square neptune 10th house well soooo prone to merging with partners..before seeing the full picture..learning that the hard way after being duped by a scorpio partner haha..or well as we both merged so quickly then stepped back due to unconcious fears of committment..her side.mainly and mine lol..loved this piece..thanis elsa

  6. I did look like, Dora. We both had eccentric clothes and a shared attitude, plus both of us attacked at what seemed to be no provocation but we actually have/had our reasons.

  7. “Seriously, does it make a difference which aspect between Neptune and Venus? ”

    If anyone can answer please, I’m genuinely here to learn! – and this is the kind of thing which confuses me

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