Rekindling Relationships With Venus Retrograde

love heartElsa,

Is the return of an old lover during a Venus in retrograde period something to be apprehensive about or a chance to forge a deeper and more meaningful connection? From all the information online, I am left with the impression that such periods should be approached cautiously and with not much optimism about a potential revival of a love story.

What is your take on this?

Hi, Virgo.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to this. I wrote forging deep and lasting connections with others on Positive Spin On Venus Retrograde. It was a remark in line with my intention.

I was also considering the aspect between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the Venus station in September. Pluto in Capricorn describes a deep commitment. However, you may also be sworn off until the end of time under an aspect like this.

Your question is about the potential to rekindle a relationship during a Venus retrograde period. I fall on the side of those who are less enthusiastic about the potential and I’m just playing the odds…

Generally speaking, people leave relationships because they’ve had enough.  If you are able to coax a person back, the rekindling usually doesn’t last long.  The old conflict comes up and the people split, cycling like that until they are done-done/

Also, in a fair number of cases, you have someone who comes back, let’s say for sex, with no intention of sticking around.

Those who are successful in coming back together, have usually spent some time apart. Long enough to mature and see things differently.

Anyone else want to weigh in?

7 thoughts on “Rekindling Relationships With Venus Retrograde”

  1. Im a virgo and met up again in May with my Capricorn lover of 44yrs ago! Im a progressed Cappy. Its going good albeit slow as we are MUCH older now, ie 62 and 68. Holding thumbs as we are still extremely compatable!

  2. “Those who are successful in coming back together, have usually spent some time apart. Long enough to mature and see things differently.”

    completely agree

  3. While I love Cheryl’s reunion with an old flame, I really love those stories, it always seems like I’ve gone too many miles and would be going backwards. I still cannot meet the expectations. I suppose that is why we parted in the first place, change was not acceptable. It takes a special match I think to accept the changes and withstand it. We spoiled it by being lovers instead of friends. My mates and I were much better suited to be friends instead of lovers. Probably moved too fast. It did provide me with a wealth of experience though.

  4. It doesn’t have to mean romantically. I am working with my ex on a creative project, reuniting after 18 years. It’s the same but different, a new shoe for an old foot. I have a pattern of remaining friends with my exes, so this is friendship, a mutual respect, and a new chapter.

  5. What would you think about meeting a man for a first date during Venus retro, when you both met at a social even four years prior and had a mutually great first impression? And never forgot each other? This happened tonight, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went. I am just so paranoid about starting anything romantic right now, even (or especially) if it originated in the past.

  6. OMG! Someone I really liked 24 years ago (it couldn’t work because it would be long-distance forever) was in town this week and we met and caught up tonight! It was awesome and so much fun! We will always, always be friends. Retro Venus can give some really surprising and wonderful gifts.

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