Romantic Love Is A PSYOP

in loveI’ve come to see that romantic love is a psyop for the most part. I’ll tell you how I came to this conclusion.

I see and work with many people who are disillusioned with their relationships. They’re dissatisfied and this holds true whether they’re married, dating, dating seriously or absolutely, completely alone.

How could this be?  Even if you bag Mr. or Ms. Wonderful, it’s a matter of time before they drop the ball and act like a human. This mass disillusion makes no sense…until you ask yourself if it might be by design.

I think it is by design. You’re set up to pine for the love you can imagine. It’s an un-gettable thing. Your lover stares into you eyes, mesmerized – there are no farts in this fake world. If only you would fix yourself, you too could have what you see on TV.  Just buy some more makeup, zap your body fat, and become hairless.  You’ll also need higher heels, the correct sneakers, drip, drip, drip, and be sure to be seen with the right phone.  You should also learn some games to play, okay?

God forbid, you show up as a plain human being.  You have to do all these things and 100 million, endless more things. If you do, then you get dream love which is right around the corner, just outside your reach!  You believe it, right?

If you’re living this way, it’s a matter of time before it dawns on you – this is not working.  You may also realize it’s never going to work.  The whole idea is flawed.  What you’re trying to get does not exist. “This person does not exist”.

Chasing the illusion eats time and money and energy of all kinds. I have been helping people ground in their relationships for decades but this problem is so huge at this point, I want to try to reach more people because I’m pretty sure I have this stuff solved.

I’m not new to this. I wrote a lot about what “real love” in this workshop, geared to Venus Saturn problems.  The workshop is exceptional. It’s helped a lot of people, get real. But I’ve come to understand more about what’s going on. Namely, that you do not need a Venus Saturn aspect in your chart to be deprived of love! 

Find Your True Love & Soulmate – Workshop Transcript

I’m trying to figure out how to present this additional material. I also wonder how much interest there. How many people want to exit “the matrix” where you’re nearly guaranteed to fail?  It seems like it would be a lot but I’m not sure.  The point is to become deprogrammed.  There are precious few people, anywhere, who can and may want to help you with this. I’m one of them and I’m sure of this. I’m telling you, I understand it down to the fine hairs. I mean, DEEP.

Updating this post, I made this video to further explain my thinking.

We’ve all been traumatized over the last couple years. Whatever else it’s done, most people are humbled. This is good and I’ll tell you why.

Gods and Goddesses do not form relationships. Human beings do  Real people, who are vulnerable and have various needs and idiosyncrasies, can get together and learn to appreciate differences and come to understand it’s a complement between people, that’s most satisfying. Never mind all the practical aspects which are more important than ever.

Update – I’m pulling this up because I’ve just made my Finding Love With Astrology video class, available for free.  Playlist is here.

Also, since this publishing this post, there have been a number of people indicate they are ready to get serious about this; about partnering that is, as they realize they really have been misled in this regard.

What do you think of this? Can you see it?


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  1. I’m sure it’s worse now, but I’ve thought about how this factor in my formative years, in classic novels and films, really did “form me.” In my case it was the star-crossed lovers, feisty heroines, untamed heroes — from the ancient Greeks to Bogey & Bacall. Instead of focusing my efforts on an occupation that would satisfy my craving for meaning, purpose, and adventure, I searched for a man to provide it all, a leading man for my own private epic. I found a few over the years, but no fantasy relationship can thrive indefinitely on illusions. These days in the age of social media and selfies, the focus seems to be on something even less genuine, less sustainable — a high budget show for public consumption.

      1. I never read any of the modern blockbusters or the dime store “romance novels,” but the classics like Austen, the Brontës, Tolstoy, James, Galsworthy, Coward, even Shakespeare, not to mention Mom’s daily soap operas, all fed the fantasy. My all time favorite play, Noel Coward’s “Private Lives,” might be one of the best satirical illustrations ever of delusional romance.

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    Shimmering Light

    I have noticed this with Venus-Neptune aspects (the type of aspect doesn’t seem to matter much) and Neptune in Libra in 7th. And if Jupiter is part of the mix then it blows the illusion (Neptune) out of all proportion.

  3. It’s uncanny the way you put it — love is a stress test. Success depends on a bunch of little things that never show up in tv shows. Ratings can’t show a successful relationship, only a well-received facade.

    1. Yes, I agree re: the stress.
      TV does not show healthy relationships at all, anymore. No likeable characters anywhere. They model self-centeredness and psychopathy; also violence. None of that is good for a functioning relationship… and this is just what’s on the surface when this goes much deeper. The frog has been boiling awhile.

  4. Hi Elsa, thanks for replying to my comment with the link for this article. I have an 11th house stellium in Libra with Sun conj Saturn, Jupiter closeby, and Pluto. Mercury falls into the 12th. My Venus is in Scorpio in the 12th too but right on my ascendant. Pretty much everything is a relationship to me, but not really in the ordinary sense, although that too. It’s very challenging for me to verbalize this stuff, but I have a relationship with the invisible background of things, unseen and unspoken stuff hanging out there. I’ve been in a different reality and had different values than the people around me since I was born and it’s been a battle just to stick it out here. I got shut down so much when I was a kid trying to relate with my family. I’ve gone to sleep and woken up more than once metaphorically speaking. I’ve killed myself off so many times I couldn’t keep count (lifestyles of a Scorpio). I think relationships are interesting obviously with all that Libra and Scorpio energy, and I truthfully want a partnership and companions who are on the same frequency and who want to focus on true liberation from this place. If I’m going to be here I’m going to make it as good as I can, but I’m not convinced we aren’t living in hell. Since it’s a fabric reality which seems to respond to our thoughts, I want to be deliberate and cognizant about how I view it. Yet I’m not ok passively being a prisoner. I’m not interested in participating in the system and have been focused on the long path of working my way out of it in full. I’ve spent most of this last few years on my own but I refuse to give my time or energy to people on the ship of fools. I will make space for the real ones and trying to figure out what real relationships are about, but I do have a particular focus and it may be few who would align with that.

  5. having venus in 12th, i can’t live without romance. I’ve hung around my mother in law for years watching detective and having a routine, and all her tv series after dinner are all murder scenes and dark stuff, there’s no romance at all. she scoffs at it. she’s a cap sun with stellium and aquarius moon/jupiter and thinks men are more romantic than women. lol she has a point. Although i like detective shows and delving into the dark underworld of people’s motives. I will always love romance and it really makes me feel alive and all your troubles float away. It doesn’t but it does seem to help alot. Its like a catharsis, and it does help because being in darkness and depression doesn’t help anyone. It only helps to know the difference of dark and light and there’s balance and understanding and respect for both. I’ve been in rotten relationshps but for some reason i dont like to give up even if the past relationships were toxic and bad people entered my world. Giving up on the romance and magic is just not something i would ever do. Me and my husband love that stuff and we cry over romantic feel good films. ^^ and yes farts and all and bad breath. we are human after all and need all that too. xD

  6. Yes, I can see it. Very intrigued with the idea of romantic love as psyop, and I agree that it is time to deprogram! I might be interested in a class dealing with this. Loved today’s email (12/27).

    1. I’m also very relational, with a lot of planets in Gemini and Neptune in Sag almost at the cusp of my 8th house, so I see that part of what you are saying quite clearly as well.

  7. Lovely Astrojournalism Elsa!
    Could you perhaps add another string to your bow and act as an introduction agency for penpals to go ahead and communicate with each other by email? Each person could pay you a one-off fee. I’m a real person, no high heels, no fake games. Seeking interesting, authentic, honest communication. Mercury in Taurus exact square Pluto. (Not seeking marriage…that natal Pluto is in the seventh.) My pen pal of ten years died in 2022 while Pluto was going through my twelfth house and although he just couldn’t get his head around astrology, it was quality communication all the way.

    1. Thanks, Maria. It’s coming to this. We need to put people together.

      I had a client recently – a man – nothing wrong with him; he’s just been focused on his work life; he’s recently retired but working part time to stave off the boredom? He’s out there, playing pickle ball, trying to meet someone… he’s standing around on the beach. What the hell?

      I know so many women looking for a man like this, it’s ridiculous. Or how about my son? 22 years old, going to the skateboard park, daily, looking around. Nothing wrong with him. He’s a very good man with a very good job, a born provider and what the hell?

      If someone contacts me about you, Maria, I will do the exchange with no charge. I would not think to charge a person for introducing them to someone they might like.

  8. Oh forgot to say, that great pen pal of mine was a genuinely spiritual Libra who wrote the nook The Dawning and I have Venus in the 4th trine Neptune in the 9th.

  9. When a male owns his Anima – the IC – which is a combination of and conduit for the Moon, the Black Moon and Uranus – his appetite for projection, objectification of the feminine, and sexual obsession diminishes. All relationships becomes much easier.

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    I’m not in a relationship, but am interested in what you have to say.

    After 30 years of not dating I’ve decided I want someone to putter into old age with. To travel with.

    On the one hand I believe I’m an authentic person, but on the other I can recite a litany of reasons I believe I’m undateable. Programmed? I can make my chart prove it if I try…

  11. “I can make my chart prove it if I try…”

    This is another big problem. People harm themselves with astrology. This is so common, I’d say it’s epidemic. It’s seems like every other consultation I do is concerned with explaining to someone they are not irrevocably screwed.

    If you know you’re doing this, I would stop. I mean, you’re already being poisoned – it makes no sense to put your poison on top of theirs!

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      Gabriella L Garlock

      Thanks. =) Just saying, I know just enough astrology to be dangerous. And a Sun stellium in the 12th square Moon is mighty tempting!

  12. I’ve married young and he was the right man. I’m German and german girls don’t grow up thinking they are a princess waiting for a hero. All the women I knew were strong, earthy and proudly imperfect. I hear your narrative, Elsa, and I know it’s real but I haven’t lived it, nor did I raise my daughters that way. TV didn’t play a role in my life or my kids, rather books and movies.
    So, I said yes at 18 and it lasted until his passing when I was 50.
    Yes I would love to be partnered again, I had a travel mate with benefits for 7 years, nice times but corona and major changes at (my) home have put an end to it. Which is good, we never thought we should move in together anyway.
    If you would hold a class, live and real, I’d do anything to be part of it. I teach international groups online, via zoom, all the time. It works, it can be an amazing space to be in.

    I think I have a good grip on projection and illusion issues and how to descend out of the cloud in one piece. But I don’t want to wish my deceased partner back, I want something new. I want to reinvent myself. That’s not easy for a Sag who can’t travel.
    I’m sure you will be able to help, Elsa, Uranus is only halfway through my 8th.

  13. The world (me included) so desperately need a masters class in how to relate to our partners in a healthy way free of illusions.
    I would jump at the chance of any type of class on this subject.

  14. Yes I see it. Its been studied the infatuation period lasts 6 to 18 months. For me with my late husband it was 3 years. We both had many flaws yes, but the key is to love and not try to change each other.

  15. Oh, yes, I am here for a zoom class Elsa!

    My marriage balance/harmony, on both sides, has come down to one of us saying “Please stop listening to what I am NOT saying! ” Seriously! We have tapes in our heads playing when the other is talking. We change and our partner doesn’t see it.

    But, once we call it out …..ell, then there is a glitch to the matrix and we wake up. It’s work, hard work, but, when we do the work, it works out far better for us.

  16. Thanks Elsa. I’m up for a Zoom class, maybe 1:1 work too. I seem to be doomed in romantic relationships. I can see how I am set up for this (poorly aspected Venus) but I have Libra ascendant and would love to be married. If there is a way to break out of perpectual singledom I would very much like to learn about it!

  17. This is a fantastic idea.

    And don’t you think most things right now are a psyop? It’s like everything is fake and engineered.

    Have you heard about the Alien Love Bite/Dark Cupid stuff? It’s basically that people are manipulated together by an outside force (ahem) for the purpose of triggering them? Their hormones are triggered or there are circumstances that bring them together, and it’s not healthy, but it does create emotional distress the purpose of feeding off them by these beings in the unseen.

    Aside from that, I think dating is a huge waste of time. I am working through some childhood stuff and I am pretty sure I have an avoidant attachment style that I need to work through but I’m not sure this is the time for that.

  18. I can see it Elsa…..
    No one tells us how to have a relationship and yet relationships and understanding them is the most important thing in our lives.

    I am 74 years old and have seen people’s confusion about this increase over the years, not improve, as understanding the true meaning and purpose of relationships is nowhere in the media. People’s expectations are out of sight and tv and other media influence like advertising, has made it a million times worse.
    People are frightened of truly sharing and being vulnerable.

  19. By an interesting twist of fate, I (a 67 year old married woman) am deeply welcomed into the tribe of 30ish, queer, non binary, trans, polyamorous anarchists. Weird, but wonderful!
    I am seeing how different their expectations of love and sexual relationships are, and they are getting free of most of the enculturated junk you describe.
    I think of Jung, and the Anima and Animus. When people are actively embracing both sides of their nature, instead of projecting it outwards, romance becomes more about ” who are you really” instead of “can you fill my idealized need”
    A person like this is focused on themselves (and not in a bad way!) and mating for life takes a backseat to finding emotional authenticity and wholeness.
    I feel they are really on the cutting edge of breaking free of the Pisces Era’s emphasis on emotional victimhood and gender role polarity.
    Long live Aquarius and what its here to teach us.

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      Gabriella L Garlock

      58 years old and me, too! Guess I’ve always been bi, and bi. But I never realized till this year how much fun and comfy for me is the community. Which is why I’ve arrived at my comment above. Best of luck/fun!

      1. I made note of you, too, when you said Sun stellium in the 12th, square moon.
        I’ve got Sun, uranus, mars, jupiter, vesta in the 12th ( altho its uranus and mars that are doing the squaring. Moon in 9th, near the MC.

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          Gabriella L Garlock

          My Sun, Uranus, Merc & Pluto are all conjunct, so all square Moon. Saturn opposite Sun also squares Moon. So does Chiron! =D

  20. I’d definitely be up for it. As a fortysomething woman single by choice, I decided to try a ‘spiritual’ dating site last year as I felt ready to explore the possibility of meeting someone -it was hideous. My cap sun/moon and Scorpio ascendant couldn’t suffer all the phoney ‘peace, love and mungbeans’ crowd. I lasted 5 days on there. So many people buy into the pseudo spiritual lifestyle yet the majority act like teenagers in aging bodies, spouting platitudes and following the latest food fads. It kind of made me lose hope, it’s like trying to look for a lost mustard seed in the Gobi desert.

  21. I can see it and would enjoy a class like that. I turned my tv off 30+ years ago. So much psyoping going on everywhere! Starts young…Disney stories have not helped us over the years.

  22. Hi Elsa,

    The mechanics of what you describe are elaborated on in detail in a philosophical treatise called, Simulation and Simulacra by Jean Baudrillard. The precise process is termed, the Precession of Simulacra. If it could he boiled down to an Elevator pitch it would be something like: Our first experience of anything will serve as our model for whether our future experiences of the same sort of thing seem real or not, and thus in a Hyper-real world saturated with media our first experience of most of life, particularly relationships is an ideal Simulation of that experience rather than a real one, causing us to measure all further experiences against the Simulation we first experienced rather than a historically normal version of the experience. The effect of Porn on the dating lives of the young generation would be s perfect example

  23. Love is like an iceberg. You get a glimpse of how much others love you every now and then, but then you go about your life and forget. Every now and then, you may feel lonely and wonder, “will I ever be seen or truly known by another?” The answer is, you cannot ever truly know if someone else loves you, but you can know who you love. And that appears to be by design. Whenever you focus on something outside of yourself, then you can feel disillusioned. If you focus on loving instead of being loved, first loving yourself wholly and completely, then you cannot be lonely. A side effect is that it will leave you more open to receiving love also. The Four Agreements is an excellent book for how to live and sets the foundation for this. I believe this subject has been presented in many perspectives, but these are some principles that seem universal.

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      Gabriella L Garlock

      My head knows that what you say is absolutely true, but my heart is still healing its super self-sufficient trust issues. It’s easy for me to love universally from a distance…I hope your understanding has brought you peace and joy! Thanks for the assurance.

      1. Thank you. What I neglected to mention is that the, “first loving yourself wholly and completely” part is the most difficult. It means looking at all of the things that we don’t like in ourselves and realizing that we can change what we don’t like, or understand that we have challenge sides to each of our good qualities (e.g., I can be impulsive, but I can also be motivated – same trait, negatively and positively applied). Another trick is to discover that everything that we see that we dislike outside of ourselves tends to be something that we may not like to see in ourselves. I tend to dislike arrogance. Guess what, I can be arrogant! Once I realized this, it made me more patient with myself and of others with this quality. At the very least it made me more aware. It is a challenging journey, but one well worth it. Trust issues ultimately come down to our ability to trust ourselves. Once you are willing to see all of what you don’t care for in yourself, you will be much more aware of what is “real” outside of yourself. Or, conversely, whatever we are unwilling to see in ourselves will tend to blindside us in the external world. That’s my 2 cents worth. Hope it is helpful! You’ll succeed in your healing endeavors as long as you don’t give up and keep seeking all that has “wounded” you within. That is the final frontier in my opinion. The internal one. 🙂

  24. Don’t have much to add on this topic, haven’t had a romantic relationship in years. (Have Venus in Aquarius (Rx) conjunct Chiron in tenth, wide square to Neptune/Jupiter in seventh.
    Astrology has always been of interest, and I am an astrological ‘sticky beak’ and have found this Venus/Saturn thing is everywhere, almost all those who have it, find themselves partnered to another who have it. Their relationships look rather bleak to me, but I don’t go into it. I feel we all need to understand that the love a person can give and receive is similar to intelligence. Some have more heart than others, and we often make the mistake of believing that if we find the ‘right’ person we will magically unlock their hearts. I agree, there is way too much emphasis on the ‘one on one’ relationship, on being loved as a measure of worth and validation. It is very satisfying to feel a quiet love and gratitude for the beauty of others.

  25. I’m not sure if I self sabotage or not but it’s likely I am.
    The longer I remain alone the more thus continues.
    I have Libra ASC w/Neptune in the 1st house.
    I’ve found this tends to separate as opposed to unite because of my proclivity to fantasize about love and lovers etc.
    Further this Neptune trines the chart ruler, Venus in Gemini and sextiles Pluto in Leo.
    These planets encourage if not incite this ongoing behavior.
    I’ve not been in a relationship for 7 yrs now and there seems to be no end in sight.
    The longer I remain alone the less inclined I am to change because I’ve become so repulsed by rejection.
    It’s funny because ppl see me or see in me something which may or may not be there (Neptune in 1st) and constantly ask why aren’t I in a relationship?
    To them there’s no way I’m alone.
    I really don’t know what the hell is going on.
    Is this growth?
    Has my own personal development made me inaccessible to others?
    I wish I knew what the hell was goin on. I’m tired of being alone (Al Green)
    By the way I’m a Taurus Sun native with the Sun in 8th house.
    There’s been so much activity around my Sun including a re ent nn conjunction by transit.
    Yet no change.
    Can I be helped?

  26. What an interesting perspective. I would have thought this is what young, I experienced people might expect of love. I can’t say I’ve ever thought it was perfect or the answer to problems or that a marriage or relationship is all hearts and flowers. I have Venus in Capricorn lol.

    But I do know that only years, the experiences of life together, that we change, how we relate to the people, things, and ideas that matter to our partner…these are things I could not have conceived, imagined, as a younger person. And that’s neither good nor bad, for me and maybe others. We never get anywhere without all that. And there is a time when you end up sticking with it all, and you’re not entirely sure why, only that to throw it all away seems like the worse option.

    I’m glad I’m not single. I did pine for people in my past, when I was in love or lust or infatuated. And I think it was probably a blessing none worked out because I’m where I need to be. But also, I was never afraid I would never meet someone. I just set myself up to possibly be ok with being alone. But now I’m not and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    I’m a Libra♎️ with Libra♎️ Ascendant with 💅Venus in 🦂Scorpio in a 4 planet Stellium. L💘VE and relationships has been a lifetime study, my favorite 📺TV show is L💘VE Island 😅 which I’m fortunate to watch from different countries. At some point in my life I had this idea of creating an Astrology backstage engine that could be connected to dating websites and agencies so as to bring compatible people together, not just based on psychology and mundane criteria but also Astrology.

    In my humble opinion L💘VE is much more than a PsyOp, it is the biggest scam of life and the foundation of this Maya/illusion system, this after Humans were inserted this duality ‘eternal separation/divide to conquer’ mechanism called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil with its corresponding inner male/Adam and inner female/Eve all Humans have internally. These two are like an inch apart, they can feel each other but cannot touch as if they were on the opposite sides of the Universe. So all they crave is to merge together. This is the Human’s internal ⛓Marriage🔗🔒 and since it is impossible then all Humans try the closest possible thing which is to realize it through another Human.

    Freud basically postulated that everything revolves around sex, but I’m sure by sex he meant what’s commonly known as L💘VE.

    Go Forth And Multiply requires the ⚔️quartering of the Soul i.e. outputting the Mini-Me at 🌊orgasm💦 that will become one of the 👶🏼baby’s Souls. This explains why up until the 1920s doctors believed the woman to procreate needed to climax.

    Thus inner male/Adam is a piece of dad’s Soul described by ☀️Sun☀️ and ☄️Mars and the inner female a piece of mom’s Soul described by 🌔Moon and 💅Venus.

    Inner male and female are separated and blind to one another. If you’re born a woman you’re thus blind to your inner male, therefore you need a man to become possessed by and express him, vice-versa in his case. Get this: the mother-in-law possesses the woman. This explains a lot, does it not?!

    Because the man’s inner female is his mother now possessing his woman and his mom loves and wants him dearly, this pushes her to him. Vice-versa her dad, his father-in-law, possesses and pushes the man to her. This is how people fall in L💘VE, get infatuated, mesmerized. We now understand why the father of the bride surrenders her to the groom. Sealed with a kiss, sometimes just holding hands or saying ‘I really like you’, and this Soul Swap occurs — this is popularly known as “I gave you my 🍓Heart, handle it with care”. [This is the self-sabotage part given that no one should give any part of theirs to anyone just as much nobody gives off a limb for others to keep.]

    This Soul Swap means people can indeed “learn to L💘VE” someone else they don’t initially love.


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      Miguel Melchizedek

      Selfish pleasure sexual intercourse that leads to no procreation then definitely ⛓chains🔗 them to each other as each of them quarters and keep more and more portions of their partner. This is why it’s been scientifically observed that the more intercourse a woman has the more male 🧬DNA she gets.

      I believe that people actually need partners who engage deeply at the Soul level in order to evolve and Know Thyself through others in this process. This may be is a temporary thing, likely a 7 year 👹$aturn🪐 cycle. All relationships hit a crisis point at the 7 year mark and most don’t survive, if they do it’s because it has changed, renegotiated, turned into a new relationship. But both of them may have fulfilled their mission and require another partner to bring them other stuff to become Conscious of.

      We are already well into the ⚡️Aquarius♒️ Age that is not a duality sign like that of the 🌊🐟Pisces♓️💦 Age, this is likely why people are pushing, or being pushed, towards self-sufficiency/selfishness and to focus on the collective rather than 121 relationships. But ⚡️Aquarius♒️ is also the sign of Friendship which is the ultimate expression of love i.e. altruistic unconditional graceful love. In my humble opinion, there is still time for 121 relationships but watch out, they may be a lot of work and feel like they’re under attack. I would advise to keep it absolutely secretive, more so as many are suffering from being forced to be single and may throw the evil eye at those who seem to be happy in a relationship.

      It may be a time where polygamy may naturally start to happen, like with Islamic 1-4 wives type thing, but I don’t know if the more than one husband would work 😅🤔🤣

      If there’s some sort of collaboration or assistance I may provide you Elsa with regarding whatever you may do to match people up, feel free to tell me…

      Hints: IMHO, it is important to look at Progressed Chart, Composite and Progressed Composite, besides Synastry. If people are in different countries the Composite should be Medium Points Method, if same country then use Reference Place Method, ditto for Progressed Composite Chart.
      I used to also look into Chinese Astrology compatibility chart and it indeed worked, for instance a 🐍Snake doesn’t work with a 🐅Tiger😺 or 🐎Horse or Rat, only with other 🐍$nake, 🐲Dragon🐉 or Rooster, if I recall correctly.

      So much more to be said.

      Thanks Elsa 👏🏼, much ✨💪🏼Power⚔️✨ to you towards helping people, whatever I may be of service please tell.

      1. hmm that can be true, that people in ” general’ & not all, can hate those with happy relationships as many are forced to be single and alone. or maybe they dont mind being single. and throw these people the evil eye.thats horrible but the enviousness in some peoples hearts can brew darkly. trying to be happy for others is much nicer feel though.

        i think polygamy has been there and done that. and still here. lol mormonism was exposed in many tv shows and documentaries and those who abused their power to get more women as like a harem.those who are alone and then the mormon culture, the ones who were exposed to have many wives got themselves more than being single. thats super greedy & greed is a vice; more than one husband thing i think that has never really worked or ive never heard of it. maybe they had to be eunichs first.

        thats an interesting take on the soul swap^^

        1. Avatar
          Miguel Melchizedek

          Hi Elisa

          I recently discovered the Quran says a man can have up to 4 wives. There is a huge number (and growing) of Islamic / Muslim people in the 🌍World.

          I tried to understand how it works and of course it requires a completely different mindset than the western monogamous now feminism based mentality.

          Humans are so brainwashed and closed into little boxes that getting out of that and trying to understand a completely different box is a challenge to which most people just react with fear and denial. So I struggled a bit but I kinda understood how it can work from the 3D stand point. From the 🕊✨Soul✨🕊 perspective not yet. But if their God allows and sponsors it then there’s a way to do it. So this just to talk about of what is happening today and supposedly for hundreds if not thousands of years.

          But in the ⚡️Aquarius♒️ Age friendship will be the dominant frequency thus averse to possession and jealousy (⚡️Aquarius♒️ squares 🦂Scorpio). No one forbids a friend to have another friend. And another.

          So as Elsa has put it, many times it may be simply agreements to live together, collaborate, mutual support, etc. Someone else on this page talked about how lesbians and bisexuals are at the forefront of that type of new paradigm relationship. They surely have polyamory!

    2. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      In a man his 🌔Moon and 💅Venus describes his ideal wife/partner. In a woman, it’s her ☀️Sun☀️ and ☄️Mars that describes her ideal spouse.

      Mind you, this works still in homo/bisexual relations.

    3. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Selfishness and wanton are at its highest, ⚡️Aquarius♒️ really is NOT conducive to relationships other than friendships or being a lover of a married person type thing. Excitement/adrenaline addiction Tinder type thing. No tolerance, something happens and that’s that, no trying to make it work, just opening up to the next one in line.

      I believe that long term relationships in this day and age must be really on different terms. Trying to go about it traditionally may fail or not last.

      Twin Souls I think may make it work but operate on a brother-sister level much like Nefertiti and Akhenaten. It’s not that hard to attract a Twin Soul, there’s no attraction needed, just internal realignment, don’t look for it externally just internally and summon him/her up. Just saying what occurs to me.

  28. Sounds great Elsa … I think every couple should have a synastry reading in the early days so they can go into the relationship knowing the potential pluses and minuses’ but I also think every person in the world should be taught astro from birth!!! & we should adjust expectations & have compassion during our own and others tough transits! … anything that helps people work with what they’ve got (natally or in synastry or via transit) & to step away from any ‘ideals’ fed to us!!!

  29. This article seems to be describing Neptune in Pisces to a T. Note the polarity with Virgo too, the need for ultimate perfection (Virgo) in line with unrealistic ideals and expectations (Pisces) in a mate.

    Look at how people digitally alter their own faces on social media to look attractive, which ends up doing the opposite, becoming so distorted that they become unrecognisable.

    Drumroll…. Enter Saturn in Pisces! I think that sparkly pink bubble of unrealistic goals will be burst and deflated in a rather spectacular way.

    Time to close the bar and sober up!

    1. Love this!
      Neptune in Pisces isn’t getting a lot of attention from astrologers these days but you are so right about the way people are trying to create illusions about themselves. And let’s not forget “Fake News” and Alternative Facts. Neptune in its own sign is one powerful Force for falsehood.
      Bring on Saturn!!

      1. Exactly right! It really isn’t getting much attention from Astrologers, but when Saturn was drawing closer to ingressing Pisces, things started to fall into place and it’s now clearer to see the damage Neptune in Pisces has done to society.

        I think that’s the issue though. It’s viewed that planets in its domicile sign automatically = the good stuff. That we will be blessed with a cornucopia of rainbows. When really it just means the planet is at its most powerful, fully equipped with all its tools, for good and bad.

        Just look at Saturn in domicile in Capricorn/Aquarius. We had global lockdowns, can’t get more restrictive than that!

  30. Avatar
    Music of the Spheres

    ‘’There are some people who would never have fallen in love if they had not heard there was such a thing.” ― Francois La Rochefoucauld .

    17th century French philosopher, Sun Virgo, Moon in Libra, Saturn-Venus dominant.

    That was a man who saw very clearly. He doesn’t say there is no such thing as “falling in love” or even that people cannot “fall in love”. Simply that some people are convinced they have fallen in love because they had heard that was a thing. 😉 And I would bet it is more common now than in the seventeenth century, when fewer people had the option.

  31. …and the work of Geoffroy de Lagasneric where he suggests that we focus on friendships over relationships with the ‘one’ and family– as an act of Rebellion.
    I knew when l was 11yrs that l would never marry. I did not buy the fairytails and l dont watch Rom. Coms.

  32. Thinking about it more… although theres debate about when the ‘age of aquarias starts’ etc Diane’s comment sounds a lot like the ‘aquarian’ flavour to relationships that are likely to become more dominant over ‘time’… and only ‘strong’ higher octave ‘Leo’ based ones will go forward …or something to that effect 🤷‍♀️

      1. Is that re: the Saturn in pisces bit people are talking about above? Or general trend in relationships as ‘humans evolve …over the years e.g as go into so called ‘age of aquarius’ …the idea of having to pull together to survive?
        Re what you say …Is that still a bit like it could be hard out there, so people will pull together, realise what they’ve got and survive/ thrive … but sometimes when it gets ‘hard out there’ that can be the final straw for some people where the camels back is already to break … hopefully for most it will be a positive realisation that they gave got ‘higher octave Leo’ and as you say pull together?

  33. I am happily partnered but experience all of these things in the area of friendships. Somehow my husband did not trigger all those mechanisms, but every attempt at friendship blows up.

    I have stopped trying and started really looking at what is going on with me. It is all the same things you mention here: Putting people on pedestals, then knocking them down with criticism, then mourning their fall. I think it is all fear based.

    Giving up has helped. Maybe next time someone comes within orb I will just be my human, fallible self and let them do the same.

  34. I read a ton of romance books as a teen and so fell for the romantic psyop. I even naively said when I was about to marry my first husband that I didn’t care if we lived in a cardboard box on the street as long as we were together, he had just been fired from his job at the time. This was such a stupid statement you can’t just live off of love, you still have to live in the real world. I have Neptune conjunct my Sun & Mercury plus it Trines my Moon so maybe this is why I had such idealistic thinking. That husband turned out to be irresponsible and abusive as well.

    My second marriage I married someone older than me, Venus opposed Saturn? He’s older and also responsible and loving. I checked him out thoroughly, because I was not about to fall for another illusion, first marriage I was under an illusion the whole time until that dissolved and it was very painful.

    Also about the psyop part, I believe that all of what passes as “entertainment” is social engineering. Television,Movies, Popular Culture, Media, Advertising etc. is all about getting you to behave a certain way.

  35. I absolutely would love more info/workshop on these topics from you Elsa.I have been an astrologer since my 20’s, and a family background of metaphysical study and viewpoints, and I see everything in life through the lens of astrology.. so, at this juncture of my life,with the fallout and stresses of covid, age, illnesses, yes, my relationship is not the “knight in shining armour” fairytale it used to be (or never was)— Am married to my soulmate for 50 years..could use some ideas on refreshing things, and getting deeper, as we navigate elderhood and this crazy world,together. Old paradigms have fallen by the wayside.. we are exhausted!!! I need some new ways of looking at things.. thank you!

  36. I think I’d find the class/workshop very helpful with my strongly neptunian and Piscean chart.

    My marriage can benefit from it!

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