Projection & Oppositions In Your Natal Chart

old projectorThe Moon is opposing Pluto. “Projection” is the word of the day!

First, a client mentioned this video: How Projection Sets You Up To Be Victimized.

Then redro started this thread in the forum – Projection (as a defense mechanism)

If you have oppositions in your chart, planets in Libra or the 7th house, you’re going to be particularly prone to projecting you own qualities.

We usually think of people projecting their negative qualities. They project their positive qualities just as frequently, as thisย short video illustrates.

Can you identify something about yourself, you tend to project?
Is there a particular person that you tend to offload your good and bad qualities on?
Have you ever tried to stop?

24 thoughts on “Projection & Oppositions In Your Natal Chart”

  1. Yep, reviewing further- moon oppose Mars, Pisces Saturn in the 7th, Libra Venus. The men in my life have gotten progressively worse, I suppose to knock me into reality. Wow. I knew thus, but the video really made sense.

    Funny thing is, as I think of the future, there is so much I would reject immediately, now that I’m aware of things. I am going to be very hard to please, lol. Oh well, better alone than in bad company, as the Italian saying goes. I think I have become very risk-averse, when before I would jump right in with stars in my eyes!

    I don’t think there’s a bigger lesson in my life than relationship stuff.

    Thanks for the post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It hard when people want to be loved so badly that they are willing to take on anything (even a sociopath). Perhaps one way to avoid this is to scope out your polar opposite and to find a balance within the middle.

    I dunno, I think too much like a Libra and believe in negotiating within a relationship.

    I have Aries in 7th house, but it’s an empty house. Most of my oppositions are from the 11th and 5th houses. I have a hard time understanding these houses. I think I project onto others my aggression against the status quo of the group but rebelling with my ego. Do that make sense?

  3. Woe, Elsa, every time you talk about something really tough in a chart it seems like I have it! Mars in 7th, check. Chiron and Jupiter in Libra, check. Uranus and Venus opposite moon, Chiron opposite Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, check.
    Then I was thinking about how cute you are in your video with your sparkly eyes, your smile and dimples!, your expressive eyebrows and curly black hair, and how well you express yourself. You’re my FB friend so you can see that I’m cute too! I constantly admire people who I interact with, and I interact with a lot of people. Is that projection? I’ll take it. I don’t want to look at the world and not see the beauty.
    Yes I have fallen prey to predators. They want my juice. I work hard to see the whole picture, read the signs, ask myself who I am and what I want, and be smarter instead of the first turnip off the truck.

    1. What I’m trying to say is I realize I attract people who look at the world through shit-colored glasses. My rosy view suits me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The people with the shit colored glasses take on my point of view and that makes the world a better place. I just have to be strong enough to replenish my stores and not let them take from me. That’s my job.

  4. I’ve mostly done this with men. I have struggled with co-dependency and love addiction all my life. “I’m madly in love with you so you must be madly in love with me, too. Let’s go to Vegas right now and get married then fly to Fiji and just screw and drink ourselves into oblivion.” Conversely, I become whomever I am with. He drinks, I drink. He gambles, I gamble. He lusts for other women, I lust for other women. Mercury in Pisces in the seventh opposing Virgo moon. Pluto and Uranus in Libra. Chiron and Eros in Aries. Venus in Aquarius. Neptune in Sagittarius.

  5. On the Full Moon in Gemini, just this last December, I met a man who wowed me with compliments and sweet words. It happened that the Moon was conjunct my Venus/Saturn/Uranus in the 1st/12th House, opposite my own Moon in Sag. in 7th House. Full Moon Madness, I called it! Since I have had similar men in my past, I really was skeptical. He brought up past trauma, for sure. In 2 weeks, by the time of the New Moon, he was gone. I was not buying into him, and he knew it. Finally learning!

  6. I’ve got a Libra stellium and I am the ultimate mirror. I actually don’t think this is entirely a bad thing. Sure, I can get lonely, but I also weed out those who aren’t compatible in a pleasant manner. *smiles*

    I had someone compliment me the other day; they said, “You’re not going to change who you are to suit someone else.” (And, yes, they meant it as a good thing.)

  7. I don’t learn about myself through others at all. At least I don’t recognize my doing so. I project Aquarian like ideals on to people. Any people. Whether I’m speaking with people at work. Harmonizing at home. With a friend or two. Look, people-I think to myself-I’m perfectly futuristic ,and this is the way it’s gonna be , so this is the way you should support or at least have positive opinion about. I magnify anything people say into a Pride Complex, so if you talk about work, or a relationship, or anything about you and irrelevant to me, then I will mark a bad grade on your social performance. When people talk on and on, with disregard to everyone else i think it’s pitiable, and I always mark those unfortunate ones in a loss column of life.
    I’ve been called crazy, weird, revolutionary, and enigmatic, but you know what, eventually every opponent loses the argument-whether it’s from my words (I don’t know very many) or from active life observed by their own eyes, which happens more often than me talking about it, because people generally remember things they see that changes their world view but they don’t [want to] remember being linguistically proved wrong on one random sunny day.

  8. venus opposite Neptune here-I think most people are basically good. I’m usually shocked when I hear of really evil people…

  9. This made me literally laugh out loud. I brag about my awesome husband all the time. It occurred to me when I read this that the things a bragg about him that I think are so awesome are the things about him that he and I have in common. How do you like that for a natal stellium in Libra (in the 10th house reinforcing his stellar reputation, also reflection on me as his partner lol lol lol)

  10. Do the orbs figure in this at all (smaller orbs being more projection)? I have a couple 8-9 degree orbs.

    Oppositions include Asc (14.56 Leo) opp Mercury (13.30 Aq); Mars (29.42 Aq) & Sun (00.18 Pis) & Chiron (13.35 Pis) opp Uranus (8.21 Vir); Moon (22.4 Tau) opp Neptune (17.50 Sco); Chiron opp Pluto (13.15 Vir); North Node (9.54 Can) opp Vertex (4.21 Cap)& PoF (6.41 Sco) opp MC (2.30 Tau).

    My 7th house includes Saturn, Mars & the Sun with Mercury conj the DC and Chiron in the 7th if using Equal house system (it’s in the 8th with Plac).

    Luckily(?) I don’t have anything in Libra.

    Not sure what I project or how severely, but I apparently have a lot projecting.

  11. I have sun (Sag) square moon (Pisces), sun square ascendant (Virgo) and moon oppose ascendent.

    I think I project an eager to learn, caring personality but often resent the teacher though I know I need them to keep me on the steady road of growth and knowledge. People want me, often, because I’ll do the emotional work; I’ll give but when I want to be given to I find my partner or friend doesn’t have the time for me and I resent that I’ve put things aside for them and now they will not put things aside for me.

    It’s hard for me to put myself first without feeling guilty but I want to make the other feel guilty when they do not put me first.

    Does this make sense in the topic of projection?

  12. Yes, I love to tell people they are beautiful. I guess that makes me beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜€

    On the negative side, I think it is through a person’s awareness of their own hypocrisy that the person learns and grows out of it.

    And on another hand, sad to say, it is often abusers who call out You Are Projecting. It gives the abuser a pass on responsibility.

  13. Wow Elsa- great video! Thank you for that.
    Many years ago I had a psychic reading with someone at a friend’s shop. They were recommended – wouldn’t have gone out of my way, I didn’t have any questions or big problems so just said what about a general reading. Give it a go! Well, I was told quite specifically about all this stuff that was going to happen to me, including leaving town, family sickness and troubles. Was astounded but didn’t take it seriously – shoulder shrug and forgot about it.
    A few months later I asked my friend who had the shop if the person was still doing readings there- no, they had to leave town and everything I had been told would happen in my life had actually happened to them!!!
    So I have mercury aquarius in the 12th house opposite Pluto-Jupiter Leo conjunction in 6th.

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