Sagittarius Woman Says My Boyfriend Is Clingy!

Hi Elsa,

I’ve tried leaving my boyfriend of five years twice, and both times he wouldn’t let me go. I really want to breakup with him, but I am afraid that he will cling on again and not let me go. Do you see him out of my life?

Stuck with my Boyfriend

Dear Stuck,

Yes, I see him out of your life… as soon as you put him there! You’re 30-something years old and you get to choose the company you keep, particularly in your primary relationship!

Here’s the astrology: You have Saturn (responsibility) tied up with Venus (love) in your chart. I’m guessing you feel responsible for him. I’m also guessing he reinforces this erroneous idea and in effect, restricts you but it’s not real. In reality, you’re restricting yourself but hopefully not for long because your real responsibility to yourself. So here’s your answer:

Yes, he’ll be out of your life but not because he decides to stop clinging. He’s going to cling and you know it. You have to leave (a Sagittarius forte) but this time once outside, close the door firmly and run like the free horse that you are.

Freedom is that easy. Good luck.

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