Astrology And Evolution: The Rhino And The Butterfly

butterfly.jpgFor awhile there I was writing about feeling very dog-ish. I used to include this option in polls -> “Elsa, I have evolved beyond the animal kingdom”.

In contrast I am very aware of acting in a way that primal and ultra organic in many if not most circumstances. I couldn’t say if this is good or bad, it is just my way and the tendency certainly shows up in my chart. This weekend – It was intense. We saw a couple movies, we got those old pictures, etc.

“How do you think you turned into such a rhino?” I asked the soldier. “You are so closely associated in all ways, I just wonder how this happened. How do you think it happened?”

“Well, I just spent a lot of time in the woods and in the jungle. All that light and air,” he said, quoting a line from Apocalypse Now. “You stay out there long enough you do become like an animal in many ways.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, some of them become something like a butterfly but I became like a rhino.”

The chrysalis stage came to mind. “You mean some get out there and evolve and you… devolved?”


“Hmm. Well I sure like it. In fact I think it’s grand”

I’d say people with strong Scorpio, Pluto or 8th house signatures are simply going to operate in ways that are primal, especially in comparison to more intellectual types.

How animal-like are you? Can you imagine the level changing with conditions? For example, what if you are pregnant? Hungry? Bring attacked?

11 thoughts on “Astrology And Evolution: The Rhino And The Butterfly”

  1. oh, i went all mother-bear when i was pregnant. still do sometimes. have to watch out for that.

    i am an animal. a human animal. we;re not robots (and yay for that!)
    …and i find i’m a much happier wyrdling when i do listen to my instincts (as opposed to emotions) and there’s something very interesting about that… i make better choices for myself when i’m using my 8th house. (and maybe that trine to saturn. six of one, half a dozen of something solid? i don’t know….)

  2. When I was in labor, I totally felt like an animal in the jungle, maybe like a leopard or a lion. The one time in my life I did acid I thought I was a deer. When I didn’t get the results I wanted in court I felt like a fish flapping on a boat.

  3. Yeah, I scent out everything. I have a very strong thinking/philosophical bent and am a writer as well, but it all comes down to the nose. Logic-ing it out comes later.

    However, my Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio on the IC tends to be strongly contained by opposition to Saturn. So it took me years to realize that most of my philosophies were sourced much more in instinct than intellect.

  4. Yes, I am an animal, I haven’t evolved at all. The environment affects me immensely and I’m completely monopolised by my emotions and gut feelings. I was just thinking yesterday how I always think about myself first. It’s not that I’m cruel, I just can’t help it. Hey, I’ve got Moon Rising in Aries 😛

  5. I don’t really believe that humans are the most evolved of the animal kingdom. I tend to view associations with animals as more of a spirit guide kind of thing.

  6. There are the ones who get out and the ones who stay. And there are the ones who get out after staying, they won’t need to go back anymore. I’m a snake – at least that’s what I found in the Chinese horoscope 🙂

  7. We just all seem too darned civilised to act on our animal instincts. By the time we have worked out how to express any anger in a logical, intelligent, ‘I don’t really want to hurt you but I am miffed’ kind of way the moment has passed and so has our aggressor!

  8. With a packed 8th house and a Scorp sun and pluto conjunct it…I would say at times Im working a on primal level. In fact at this exact moment Im postively jealous that all these women are flirting with my crush… I feel awful about it but I cant help feel this way…yes primal!

  9. Yes, very much so. Current general default is the bison. As an attacked child I was a feral cat. Saved me. It’s still with me, though a much larger adult feline sensing, averting danger. Hungry, well I’m an 8th H Taurus so… LOL. Other creatures too.

    Like wyrdling – am a human animal & happier when i do listen to my instincts. I’m glad Satori knows just where to draw the line!

    Thank you for this post, it is very affirming.

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