Freak Accidents

freak accidentWhat is your take on the astrology of freak accidents? What planets are active to trigger the freak accident?

Fresh question. Thank you! Mars in combination with Uranus is the number one combination, known to cause unexpected accidents. It’s a sharp jolt.  If you have these planets in aspect in your natal chart, you’re probably accident prone.

Others have periods where they’re more likely to have accidents.  Mars transiting natal Uranus or Uranus transiting natal Mars.  If these two planets aspect each other in the sky, then everyone has a period of time where they’re more likely to suffer a mishap. So that’s the basic, but I don’t think it’s what you’re asking, necessarily.

If the accident causes death, or is particularly devastating, Pluto may be involved, but I would look at Jupiter as well.

If it’s a water thing, like a boating accident or you slip and get eaten by a shark; look at Neptune.

With decapitation, I would expect Algol to be involved.

Anyone else?

5 thoughts on “Freak Accidents”

  1. It has and will be a major Uranian year for me. In a few days Uranus at 19D Taurus will ease off the conjunction of my Asc (3 months) Then move to square my natal Mars at 20D Leo in the 4th H. Uranus by then is in my 1stH. From June to November 2024, I will have my one and only Uranus return at 25D Taurus.The time frame includes direct and retrograde. This coming week I will have my Jupiter return at 14D Taurus.

    Elsa, I natally have a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 14 Taurus. Is there any more impact with Saturn being part of the Jupiter return.
    The Saturn return isn’t until 2029. Thanks

  2. Oy vey! Uranus is conjunct the Moon, square Mars and conjunct Jupiter in the event chart for my colonoscopy later this week. I’m a frequent flyer on this procedure because of my history. May all go well….so I hope.

  3. Wonderful work! Thank you so much for sharing these astrological insights into freak accidents. After comparing my natal chart to the event chart, I noticed the following:
    A nasty transiting Mars (Aquarius) squares natal Mars in Scorpio.
    A transiting Sag Moon square transiting Mercury in Pisces.
    Transiting Sun exactly squares my natal Mars at 13 Scorpio.
    Don’t underestimate those squares!

  4. I have 1st Mars Aquarius square 10th Uranus Scorpio and I am always falling and hitting things. As a child I fell out the car several times from leaning on the car door. A few years ago, I fell and hit my head. Result was a TBI unfortunately. I have Saturn in 7th opposing, and square the two. I live very gingerly and have a pretty good idea what triggers cause me to be “air head” vertigo and overall unsteady. Gemini Moon, Cap rising..

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